6 Best Longboard Race Wheels for Your Riding

Longboard racing is an exhilarating sport that demands both speed and control. One of the most critical components that can significantly impact performance on the race track is the choice of wheels.

However, our selective longboard race wheels provide traction, stability, and maneuverability to navigate turns, maintain speed, and conquer various track conditions. 

In the realm of longboarding, the right set of wheels can make or break your racing experience. Enter the RideMaster Speedster – arguably the best longboard race wheels currently on the market. Right out of the box, you’re struck by their sleek design and immaculate craftsmanship. But it’s their performance on the tarmac that truly sets them apart.

So, what are the best longboard wheels for race? Here are the top-listed longboard race wheels for you.

Top Best longboard Race wheels 

1) Bigfoot Swirl Longboard Wheels Speed-Focused

Bigfoot Swirl Longboard Wheels Speed

Bigfoot Swirl offers a range of race wheels specifically designed for speed enthusiasts. These wheels feature larger diameters, high durometers, and broader contact patches to maximize top speeds while maintaining stability.

With their advanced core designs and premium materials, Bigfoot race wheels provide excellent grip and efficient energy transfer for unparalleled speed on the racetrack.

Downhill and slalom races require wheels that prioritize stability, control, and maneuverability during high-speed descents and quick direction changes. Smaller diameter wheels offer increased acceleration and agility, while medium wheels balance grip and slide ability.

These wheels with offset or side cores enhance stability, making them suitable for adrenaline-filled downhill and slalom races.


  • Very speedy due to accelerated wheels
  • Responsive due to high-quality trucks
  • Accelerated due to best assembly
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Not for carving

2) Kryptonics Route Cruiser Race Wheels

Kryptonics Route Longboard Cruiser Race Wheels

Kryptonics longboard racing wheels are a top choice for exceptional control and maneuverability.

These wheels prioritize grip and traction with softer durometers and broader contact patches, ensuring riders have optimal control during fast turns and tight corners. The unique lip shapes on race wheels enhance grip and provide a predictable and smooth slide when needed.

Wheels with softer durometers and larger contact patches are preferable for races on rough or uneven surfaces. Softer wheels absorb vibrations and bumps, providing a smoother ride and better traction. Wheels with rounded or bevelled lips help maintain grip while navigating unpredictable terrain, allowing racers to maintain control and minimize the risk of accidents.


  • Very speedy longboard
  • Fast speed offered by responsive wheels 
  • Fast acceleration due to risers and spacers
  • High quality trucks offer smoother ride  


  • Not for downhill riding

3) Dregs Longboard Wheels

Dregs Longboard Wheels, Race Wheels

Dregs wheels have what you need if you’re looking for a versatile set of race wheels that blend speed and control.

Their racing wheels blend aspects of control-focused and speed-focused designs, providing a well-rounded performance that accommodates a variety of racing techniques. Dreg longboard race wheels offer a dependable and adaptable solution for racers of all levels thanks to their sturdy design and carefully thought-out features.

Wheels with larger diameters and harder durometers are ideal when racing on smooth pavement tracks. These wheels provide high speeds and efficient energy transfer, allowing racers to glide smoothly over the surface.

Additionally, wheels with square or sharp-edged lips offer maximum grip, ensuring stability during high-speed maneuvers.


  • Smooth ride due to premium urethane
  • Great combination of durability and performance
  • Best for beginners
  • Accelerated due to high speed rolling


  • Limited warranty offered by the company

4) Cal Seven Pro Longboard Wheels

Cal Seven Pro Longboard Wheels

Racing on a longboard can be an exhilarating experience, but it is essential to have the right wheels for the job. Different weather conditions can significantly impact your race, so here is the option of Cal 7 Pro wheels that perform well in various situations.

When the sun shines and the pavement is dry, you want wheels that offer excellent grip and control. Look for Cal 7 wheels with a more challenging durometer rating, around 78A to 82A, for maximum speed and responsiveness.

These wheels will provide a smooth ride, allowing you to carve corners and maintain traction on those sunny race days.


  • Better traction on rough surfaces
  • Good grip on bumpy roads
  • Wheels offer best control 


  • Not very lubricated

5) 4 Pac Cal 7 Pro Cruiser Wheels

4 Pac Cal 7 Pro Cruiser Longboard Wheels

Wet and rainy conditions can make racing on a longboard challenging. To combat slippery surfaces, opt for wheels with a softer durometer rating, around 76A to 78A, that offers increased traction and grip.

So opting for 4-pac cal wheels with a broader contact patch helps disperse water and improve control. Just be sure to take extra caution and adjust your speed accordingly to avoid accidents.

If you’re brave enough to race on cold or icy roads, you’ll need wheels specifically designed for these conditions. Four-pack longboard wheels with a unique urethane formula that remains pliable even in chilly temperatures. These wheels often have a durometer rating of around 80A to 84A, which balances grip and speed well.

Additionally, consider using wheels with a narrower contact patch to reduce the chances of slipping on ice, like 4-pac wheels.


  • Combination of high quality material
  • Wheels with extra width (78 A durometer)
  • Hot color coordination
  • Impact resistant plastic


  • Not for carving

6) landyachtz Supreme Hawgs

landyachtz Supreme Hawgs

A very well known brand, Landyacthtz, is luxurious, as the name suggests, and is liked by professional players. The company is known for making highly-rated longboard products, which come with higher price tags. Supreme Hawgs are good for what you pay or because they provide an excellent riding experience. The wheels are closer to the middle of the road because of 7 of the diameter and the huge spectrum of 70mm.

In addition, as the wheels are made with a high rebound stone ground urethane formula, they offer a surprising rolling experience straight out of the package. The specification of this wheel is meant for a harmonious balance between control and grip on rough surfaces.

Thus, these cheap wheels for longboarding are the best option for sliding, bombing hills with style, and quintessential longboarding. 


  • A large spectrum of 70mmA harmonious
  • The balance between frap and speed
  • Quintessential longboard experience


  • Not gad for cruising

Factors To Consider When Choosing Longboard Race Wheels

Choosing the right longboard race wheels is crucial for any serious racer. The wheels you use can significantly impact your speed, stability, and overall control of the racecourse.

Not all wheels are created equal, and having the wrong wheels can result in subpar performance and potentially even accidents.

Investing in high-quality race wheels that suit your style and the type of race you’re participating in can maximize your chances of success and give you a thrilling race experience.

Wheel diameter and durometer

Wheel diameter and durometer, which refer to the wheel’s hardness, are critical factors when choosing longboard race wheels. Larger diameter wheels offer higher top speeds but may sacrifice some maneuverability, while smaller wheels provide better acceleration and agility.

The durometer affects the grip and slide characteristics of the wheels, with softer wheels offering more grip and harder wheels providing better slides.

Contact patch and lip shape

The contact patch, or the area of the wheel that makes contact with the ground, and the lip shape also play a significant role in the performance of race wheels.

More expansive contact patches offer more grip and stability, ideal for high-speed racing, while narrower contact patches provide increased slide ability.

Different lip shapes, such as square, beveled, or rounded, affect how the wheel grips and releases traction during turns and slides.

Core placement and wheel construction

The core placement within the wheel affects its overall performance as well. Centerset cores provide even wear and allow for easy rotation of the wheels, while offset and sideset cores offer different balance and slide characteristics.

Wheel construction also varies, with different materials and designs impacting weight, durability, and vibration dampening.

Weight and durability

Weight and durability are crucial considerations when choosing longboard race wheels. Lighter wheels improve acceleration and maneuverability, but they may sacrifice some durability.

On the other hand, heavier wheels offer better stability and can withstand more punishment, but they may affect the overall performance of your longboard. Finding the right balance between weight and durability is essential for optimum race wheel selection.


Do I need different wheels for different types of races?

It depends on the type of race and the surface you’ll be riding on. As mentioned earlier, different weather conditions require specific types of wheels for optimal performance. Additionally, the length and terrain of the race may also influence your wheel choice. Consider the race conditions and choose wheels that best balance speed, grip, and control.

How often should I change my longboard race wheels?

The lifespan of your longboard race wheels depends on various factors, such as the type of urethane, the amount of usage, and the terrain you ride on. Generally, if you notice significant wear, flat spots, or a loss of grip, it’s time to replace your wheels. Regularly inspect your wheels to determine their condition and replace them as needed to maintain optimal performance.

Can I use regular skateboard wheels for longboard racing?

While it’s technically possible to use regular skateboard wheels for longboard racing, it’s not recommended. Skateboard wheels are typically smaller and more complex, designed for tricks and street riding. They lack the larger contact patch and softer durometer rating required for optimal grip and control in longboard racing. It’s best to invest in wheels specifically designed for the demands of longboard racing.


Selecting the best longboard race wheels involves considering the weather conditions you’ll be racing in and the maintenance required to keep them in top shape. Choosing the best wheels for your race, maintaining them properly, and understanding their limitations can enhance your performance and maximize your longboarding experience. So go out there, embrace the thrill, and let your wheels carry you to victory!

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