5 Best Longboard Wheels 2023 Reviews

Longboard wheels are essential to your setup as they directly affect your riding experience. They attach to your longboard trucks and allow you to roll and maneuver your board on different surfaces.

There are many shapes of longboard wheels for various longboards for riding freestyle, carving, cruising, downhill riding, and many more. So, in this blog, I will review the best longboard wheels with their overview, specifications, pros, and cons with the buying guide. 

Here is the list of the best longboard wheels in 2023.

1# Landyyachtz Supreme Hawgs

Landyyachtz Supreme Hawgs

As the name of this longboard wheel is a luxury, the company is well known for making all types of longboarding accessories, including wheels. The items are featured with high-quality materials and thus come with a higher price. While for this brand, you pay for it as they provide an elite riding experience. 

The wheels are closer to the middle of the road in terms of the durometer and are on the larger end of the spectrum at 70mm. The specifications of this wheel offer a harmonious balance among control, grip, speed, and slides. 


  • Highly gripped
  • Best power and control
  • Balance wheels
  • Rolling experience


  • Limited Warranty

#2 Seismic Longboard Wheels

Seismic Longboard Wheels

Seismic is one of the best top-rated brands in making different types of wheels for longboards. However, the wheels are expensive but have unique features with few drawbacks. Seismic is driving all the wheels for freestyle and carving boards. These wheels are at the best in terms of performance and comfort for the riders. 

Moreover, the company allows the riders to opt for their needs and requirements by offering different types on one platform. The wheels are featured with a contact patch different from others in size and diameter.


  • Use skateboard trucks
  • Excellent design for stability
  • Longlasting
  • Heavy and lightweight


  • Lack weather sensitivity

3# Shark Wheels

Shark Wheels

Shark wheels are one of the best products of this company, as the wheels are best for performance and stable longboard on rough roads. The company has offered different shapes of wheels to provide more speed, grip, control, and ability. Moreover, with a winded wheel, the friction is reduced, with a smooth and stable ride. 

Furthermore, less friction provides a quicker ride because shark introduces the sine wave design in them. The shiny wave design of the wheel paired with three lips allows a more excellent grip and long-lasting ride as well. These wheels are made in an innovative design that permits the rotation of a thin contact area. 


  • More grip and control
  • Durable wheels
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Perfect for any surface


  • The finishing look is not good

#4 Venom Magnum Wheels

Venom Magnum Wheels

This wheel is the newest creation of Venom with a cannibal shape. The wheel is wider and taller, best for the racing style designed especially for racers. The wheels are best to offer rolling grip and extreme grip. The off-set wheel placement and the surface are smooth to offer stability in riding.

Moreover, the square lip profile of the wheel offers more grip and sacrifices traction on most rough surfaces. They provide more balance to the rider and can generate more high speeds. So, it’s the perfect option for those who want to get a high-grade grip while rolling fast on uneven surfaces.


  • Extra grip
  • Shiny finish
  • Stable surface
  • High speed for sliding


  • Designed for high-speed racing, it can be dangerous

5# Aec 11 Free Ride Wheels

Aec 11 Free Ride Wheels

Abec wheels are specially made for cruiser longboards, built for long-lasting performance. The wheel is characterized by innovative features for having stability and high-grade performance for cruising-style riding. Furthermore, wheels are best to provide high comfort and maximum grip on the board while free riding and carving.

Moreover, the wheels have more incredible rolling momentum and smoother drift. Due to the larger core area, it is best to feature top speed and grip while taking turns on sharp corners. They also offer maximum stability on the pavements without compromising the mobility of rates. 


  • Better grip
  • Stability
  • Durable made
  • Rolling spin


  • Not good for beginners

Buying Guide for the Best Longboard Wheels

Any longboard setup must include wheels, which significantly impact the riding experience. It can be difficult for a newbie to traverse the world of longboard wheels because there are many things to consider, including size, hardness, shape, and substance.

This buying guide will explain how to choose the best longboard and wheels.

Parts of a longboard wheel

The core, the urethane, and the contact patch are the three components of longboard wheels. The core, which is the center of the wheel, can have various sizes and shapes. The urethane provides a grip and smooth ride, the wheel’s outer layer. The area of the wheel that makes contact with the ground and offers traction is known as the contact patch.

Size and Diameter of Longboard Wheels

Size and diameter are frequently used interchangeably when discussing the best wheels of a longboard. They refer to several metrics, though. While diameter only refers to the urethane portion of the wheel, size refers to the whole diameter of the wheel, including the urethane.

For tricks, smaller wheels with a diameter of 60 to 65 mm are preferable, while larger wheels with a diameter of 70 to 75 mm are preferable for cruising and downhill riding.

Durometer and Hardness of Longboard Wheels

The urethane in the wheel’s durometer is a unit of measurement for hardness. It is indicated by greater numbers on a scale from 0-100 mm longboard wheels.

The correct hardness depends on your weight, riding style, and the terrain you’ll use. Harder wheels with a durometer between 85 and 100 are better for smoother roads because they offer more speed. However, softer wheels with a durometer between 75 and 85 are the best for rougher surfaces because they offer more grip.

Shape and Profile of Longboard Wheels

Round, square, and beveled are just a few examples of wheel shapes and profiles. This best cheap longboard wheel’s performance depends on its shape and how it is used.

You should choose the correct shape and profile depending on your riding style and your performance. While square wheels are excellent for sliding and freeriding, rounded wheels are better for cruising and carving. Round edges on beveled wheels make it simpler to switch between slides and turn.

Material and Quality of Longboard Wheels

Material and quality are the two most important factors for the best longboard wheels. The strength, speed, and grip of a longboard wheel will depend on the material used in its construction. The durability and performance of the wheel will depend on its quality.

Urethane, polyurethane, and ceramic are used most frequently in longboard wheels. The most used materials are urethane and polyurethane because they provide an excellent balance of sturdiness, speed, and grip. Less prevalent but offering better acceleration and a smoother ride are ceramic wheels.

The accuracy of the manufacturing process and the materials employed determine quality. Look for the cast, rather than poured, high-grade urethane or polyurethane wheels. 

Large and Soft Wheels

Making the most of your ride requires selecting the longboard wheels for your riding style. Wheel sizes, forms, and durometers (a measure of a wheel’s hardness) must vary depending on the style.

Larger wheels with a comfortable ride and decent traction are ideal for cruising and commuting. Wheels with a durometer in the 78A–85A range should be chosen because they offer a comfortable ride and proper traction on most surfaces.

More minor, rigid wheels with a sharp lip are better for downhill and freeriding. This makes it easier to manipulate and slide. Look for a crisp lip and a durometer between 80A and 85A.

Larger wheels with a softer durometer are great for freestyle and dancing. Better shock absorption and a smoother ride are made possible as a result. Search for


What diameter and size wheels should I use for my longboard?

Depending on your riding style, you should buy longboard wheels with a 54-59mm size and diameter. Smaller wheels are more maneuverable and ideal for tricks and freestyle riding, while larger wheels are better for commuting and cruising. Speed and stability are similarly influenced by diameter, with larger diameters offering higher rates and better equilibrium.

What is a durometer, and why are longboard wheels required to have one?

A material’s hardness can be measured with a durometer, with higher numbers indicating more rigid materials. A longboard’s wheels’ durometer is crucial for selecting appropriate ones for your riding style.

How often should I change the wheels on my longboard?

Longboard wheels have a lifespan that is affected by riding technique, usage frequency, and maintenance. With the proper upkeep, longboard wheels typically endure for several months or even years. It could be time to replace your longboard wheels if you detect considerable wear and tear, flat patches, or diminished performance. Your wheels’ lifespan can be increased by regularly examining them and keeping them clean.


While mixing and matching longboard wheels from several brands is possible, staying with wheels from the same brand and model is typically advised. Different brands and models may have shape, size, and durometer variances, impacting your longboard’s overall performance.

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