Best Cheap Longboard Wheels 2023 to Buy Under Budget

You might have heard the phrase, “Four wheels move the body, but the board moves the soul.” Longboarding is an exciting sport that has gained popularity in recent years. Longboard wheels play a significant role in the performance of your board. Fortunately, plenty of cheap longboard wheels offer excellent performance without breaking the bank.  

The best-listed cheap Longboard wheels are an essential component of a longboard that can significantly impact your ride’s speed, stability, and smoothness. However, finding the right longboard wheels for sliding, carving and cruising can be daunting, especially when on a tight budget.

Here are some of the best cheap longboard wheels that provide a smooth ride:

1# Cuei Killers Race Longboard Wheels

Cuei Killers Race Longboard Wheels

Are you familiar with the performance of Cuei wheels?

If not, I will tell you something new you have yet to learn.

The Cuei wheels are ideal for those who love to go on big mountain roads without hitting their pockets. The wheels are unique and available in two colors with a power urethane formula to make them roll fast. By offering unparalleled grip and stability, urethane wheels provide a smooth ride. 

Additionally, the durometer of the wheels is different for different diameters of wheels, as the feature is unique to elevate the quality and performance. Being a famous brand to offers cheaper wheels. The company is also working on keeping in mind riding styles and different types of terrain and offering wheels with harder durometers to meet the requirements of all surfaces. 


  • Different colors attract riders
  • Great grip due to responsive trucks
  • Longlasting wheels made with quality material
  • Best quality for the price


  • Soft materials reduce the life 

2# Orangutan Stimulus 70mm Free Ride

Orangutan Stimulus 70mm Free Ride

RAD Wheels are a perfect option for those with more excellent grip, fast rolling speed, and a larger core area in one place, as the core allows for the highest top rate and rolling momentum with a smoother drift.

The wheels are characterized by durable urethane and high rebound to offer easy sharp turns. 

Furthermore, to control your direction and speed, the wheel features the latest and advanced technology features for grip without sacrificing mobility and speed. Additionally, the all-purpose longboarding wheel is excellent for providing and maintaining momentum.  


  • Durable and versatile freeride wheels
  • High quality materials are used to make it durable
  • Perfect size to carry plenty of speed
  • High Responsive string and supportive core


  • Not ideal for long transportation

3# Bones  Wheels OG Formula Skateboard

Bones  Wheels OG Formula Skateboard Wheels

To offer long life and high performance, THESE brand is well known for making high-quality longboard accessories, including budget-friendly wheels for all riders. As compared to other brands, THESE wheels are the highest rebounded-made product. So if you plan to buy the best product at a reasonable price, there is no option other than THESE.

Moreover, the wheels are ideal for retaining momentum at the fastest speed and perform well on all types of longboarding tricks. They also offer responsiveness and maximum grip by fitting on the truck of longboards to move with a free and smoother ride.


  • Highly responsive and abrasion resistant
  • Fast speed due to the addition of bearings and spacers
  • Highest in performance at a price point


  • Not for commuting

4# Metro Motion Magenta

Metro Motion Magenta

For those longboard lovers who like the finest quality at the best price, Metro Motion wheels are the best choice because they have never been created. The downside is that these wheels are meant for something other than lightning and long slides, as I use them in my longboard, and they are reliably well performed at lower speeds. 

However, the wheels were a bit noisy and chatty as I went on harder and faster in my longboarding experience, plus they kept on the icing. You can flip them after they squeeze and come out more alive. Even though the option is is not easy to break and wear likely to be a cheaper wheel. Moreover, I like how they leave nice thane while I go on sunny days on my longboard. 


  • Longlasting due to center set core
  • Hook up easily anywhere
  • Slide nicely on rough surfaces
  • Quite controllable due to well-performed brakes


  • Not for steep downhill

5# Cult Converter Longboard Wheels

Cult Converter Longboard Wheels

The Cult converter wheels have a durometer of 78A and a contact patch of 55mm. They are significant for cruising and provide a smooth and comfortable ride. A good set of wheels can improve your board’s performance, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Cheap longboard wheels like cult converter provide a budget-friendly option, allowing you to enjoy longboarding without breaking the bank. For beginners, affordable longboard and their wheels are an excellent option to practice and improve your skills, allowing you to enjoy the sport without spending too much money.


  • Highly responsive with the addition of spacers and risers
  • Offset core ensures unpleasant leakage
  • Comfortable ride
  • Fast and smooth sliding


  • Limited warranty offered by company


What are the best cheap longboard wheels for cruising?

The best longboard wheels for all types of tricks are typically larger, softer wheels with rounded edges. Smooth wheels provide more grip, making them suitable for cruising and carving. A larger size will allow you to roll over cracks and bumps more easily.

Can I use cheap longboard wheels for techniques?

Yes, you can opt for cheap longboard wheels for tricks, but remember that softer wheels will have more grip, making it harder to slide and perform tricks. If you want to do tricks, you’ll want to opt for harder wheels with rounded lips. 


Finding the best cheap longboard wheels doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Considering factors such as durometer, size and shape, contact patch, and lip profile, you can find affordable longboard wheels with outstanding performance and durability. 

Our top picks for the best affordable longboard wheels are a great place to start your search, but always remember to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase. You can enjoy a smooth and exhilarating ride without breaking the bank with the right cheap longboard wheels.

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