10 Top Best Longboards for Dancing in 2023

Dancing longboards represent a distinctive and aesthetic component of the longboarding community by fusing rhythmic footwork, fluid motions, and fashionable tricks. These specialized longboards allow dancers to express their creativity while floating effortlessly around the board. 

The appeal of this riding technique, the qualities of the best longboards for dancing, and the fun they bring to riders who want to infuse their longboarding with a bit of dance and expression will all be covered in this article.

1) Retrospect Quip Mini Cruiser longboards

Retrospect Quip Mini Cruiser longboards

Retrospic longboards are probably constructed from rigid materials like bamboo, maple, or a combination. These materials provide a solid yet flexible variety. Kicktails allow for more straightforward maneuvering and acrobatics, while pintails are fantastic for cruising and carving.

In addition, to give the rider a stable footing, the top of the deck is wrapped with this material. Reliable trucks made of aluminum or a combination of materials may be included with retrospect longboards.

In this innovative and advanced longboard, the trucks significantly affect the stability and reactivity of the rides. Retrospect longboards can have medium to large wheels, depending on the model.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Responsive
  • Fast speed


  • Not for carving

2) Whom longboard skateboard 31

Whom longboard skateboard 31 small Longboards for adults

The Longboards are constructed from sturdy materials like maple, bamboo, or a mix of the two, which provide a balance of strength and flexibility. The board is highly spacious and offers enough space for all skill levels of players to provide comfort during the riding experience. 

Despite all the features to give the rider’s feet a non-slip surface, the top of the deck is wrapped with this material. Longboards often have solid trucks, crucial for stability and responsiveness during rides.

These trucks are composed of aluminum or a combination of materials. Depending on how the longboard will be used, the wheels’ size and durometer (hardness) can vary, providing varying degrees of traction and smoothness for different riding techniques.


  • Professional brand
  • Durable board,
  • Responsive


  • Not for downhill

3) New Olym longboards and skateboards

New Olym longboards and skateboards

Olym Longboards are well-reputed for quality and performance, constructed from resilient materials that balance strength and flexibility, such as bamboo, maple, or a combination of the two. Olym longboards are featured with various deck forms, such as pintail, kicktail, drop-through, and double-drop, each appropriate for a specific riding style and use.

In addition, to give the rider’s feet a non-slip surface, the top of the deck is typically wrapped with this material. Longboards have solid trucks, crucial for stability and responsiveness during rides.

These trucks are composed of aluminum or a combination of materials. This model’s wheels are characterized by various sizes and durometers (hardnesses), offering varying degrees of traction and smoothness for varied riding techniques.


  • Perfect for all skaters
  • smooth, speedy ride
  • Strong
  • stable


  • Not for tricks

4) Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboard

Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboard

High-quality materials, including bamboo and maple, which provide an excellent blend of strength, flexibility, and beauty, are typically used in constructing magneto longboards.

They provide a variety of deck shapes, including pintail, drop-through, and kicktail models, to accommodate various riding techniques. Each form is made to offer particular riding qualities and advantages.

Moreover, high-quality grip tape wraps the top of the deck, giving the rider’s foot a safe and non-slip surface. Magneto longboards include responsive, durable trucks that are made of aluminum alloy.

These trucks provide stability and maneuverability when riding. Magneto longboards come with various wheel sizes and durometers depending on the model and intended application, allowing riders to select the best combination for their riding.


  • Flexible deck
  • Graphics 
  • Firm material
  • Medium stiffness


  • Stress cracks

5) Andrymax longboard skateboard

Andrymax longboard skateboard

Andrymax longboard boards are well known for using and making quality longboard materials.

The company uses 8-ply maple wood in layers for maximum stability and safety for users, especially for dancing tricks. These standard longboards make carving downhill and others very easy and exciting.

The boards use non-slip, waterproof sandpaper above the skateboard deck, making the rider feel safer and more secure. Therefore, the panels exhibit high-quality PU wheels for smoother and faster speeds with strong grip and easy fit on all types of roads. 


  • Wrapped deck design
  • Flexible tuning
  • Control the balance
  • Reduce the shake


  • The nose is narrow

6) Loaded Bhangra Longboard

Loaded Bhangra Longboard

Bhangra brand is well known for making high-quality longboards and skateboards and remains undisputed among the dancing longboards. It comes within the range of $360, as it is pretty worth it according to its features. It is a special dancing board; the decks are 48, 5 X 9.5, with a huge place to stand comfortably. 

The board’s mellow concave shape offers edge control for fluid carving without diving into walking. What you want in terms of flexibility is the bamboo construction, which gives you more flexibility.

For riders, it comes in a range of flexibility options, and for riders, riders’ iflexibilityility2 option gives you more responsiveness for carving. 


  • Drop through carving machine
  • Functional design is best for all tricks
  • Strong construction and lightweight
  • High performance and flexibility


  • Expensive and limited warranty

7) Loaded Matahari Longboard

Loaded Matahari Longboard

The latest version of the dancing longboard is the Loaded MataHari longboard, which is significantly more compact in shape and lighter to carry around. The board is very flexible with its 44.5 x 9.25 width and combination of aggressive kicks.

It is a fantastic freestyle dancing machine for poppy tricks and techniques. Besides its freestyle abilities, it has an actual dancing shape with a comprehensive platform for foot placement. 

Furthermore, thanks to its street-style kicks, small and concave foot pockets, and compact style, there is no doubt that it is a very versatile option in the line of dancing boards. Therefore, the board is fantastic in every aspect, like cruising, carving, pushing, pumping, flipping and popping, walking and spinning, and many more tricks. 


  • Epoxy resins and bamboo veneers 
  • Wide range of options for tricks
  •  Poppy platform for dancing
  • CNC wheels allow for smooth


  • Not for steep downhill

8) Landyatchz Longboards

Landyatchz Longboards

The size of Landyatchz longboards is a little smaller than other models. Its measurements are 45.5 x 9.25, with a weight of around 4 pounds, which makes it very easy to transport and carry due to its maximum wheelbase of 29.5 inches. It’s very straight from one place to another. 

The longboard has a flat, big platform for standing and foot placement for doing dancing tricks. As its construction is Holloetech, made with fiberglass and wood around the deck, it appears hollow in the core so that you can easily pass through the deck in the sun.

The tails of the board are constructed with wood to make it more durable and robust enough to do some pop tricks. So, when you are doing a dance on longboard, this product will assist you to reach your aims.


  • Tails have powerful grips for control
  • It comes in two flexible options
  • lightweight to carry
  • Pure dancing deck


  • The deck has no grip between the trucks

9) Rayne Whip dancer Longboard

Rayne Whip dancer Longboard

The board is specially made for board walking and dancing, focusing on style and flow with the 31-wheel base, 9.5-width, and 47 length.

Compared to other models, this one is stronger and lighter thanks to its hybrid deck and vertical bamboo construction. Its triaxial fiberglass material makes it responsive, lightweight, and durable for every type of rider. 

In addition to the features discussed above, Whip longboards are symmetrical in shape with rounded edges to reduce the risk of damage while riding.

Also, it has subtle rockers in the deck and a micro drop that helps dancers know where they have to place their feet and be positioned without interfering with their footwork. 


  • Innovative components to enhance deck durability
  • Ideal board for freestyle 
  • Concave shape for deep carving
  • The shape is symmetrical to make you comfortable


  • Limited warranty from the company

10) Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard

Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard

The Dervish longboard is a dedicated dancing board and has its place on this list. It is the most versatile option because it is an amazing board for distance pushing, commuting, pumping, and carving.

With a deck of 42.8 X 9 feet, it is the smallest in the list but still offers plenty of foot space for spinning and walking. 

It is a lightweight option, making it easy for all skill levels to do more trick-oriented riding. Though the wheels are large and there are enough cutouts specially designated for dancing, this board is more versatile for dancing.

So, if you are in search of a dancing board at a low price, you can get more out of it. 


  • Super versatility due to huge wheels
  • Excellent flexibility makes it highly responsive
  • Easy to push and dance
  • Plenty of space for foot placement


  • Not for surfing


What distinguishing qualities do dancing longboards have?

Dancing longboards typically measure 40 to 48 inches long, providing enough room for dancing and footwork.

Because the decks are frequently symmetrical, riders can easily ride in both directions, encouraging a smooth and continuous dance flow.

Some flex may be present in dancing longboards, making them more comfortable and responsive to dance moves.

What appeals to longboarding aficionados about dancing longboards?

Longboard riders can uniquely show their creativity and craftsmanship on the board by using dancing longboards. The most attractive features are the fusion of stunts, dance-like moves, and innovative tricks.

What kinds of maneuvers and tricks are done on dancing longboards?

On dancing longboards, riders can perform cross-stepping, pirouettes, spins, manuals, shuvits, and other freestyle maneuvers. Combining these motions and the dance-like footwork results in a mesmerizing and rhythmic performance on the board.


So that’s the end of the best longboards for dancing, as riders who ride dancing longboards enjoy a thrilling and expressive ride that combines longboarding, dance, and artistic expression. The elongated decks, symmetrical curves, and adaptable designs of dancing longboards allow riders to express their creativity and distinguish themselves from the crowd. The longboarding community will continue to value and love this dynamic riding style as it develops, enabling riders of all ages to move, dance, and uniquely express themselves on the board.

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