8 Best Electric Longboard 2023 (Premium Choices)

As a cutting-edge and creative way of personal transportation, electric longboards combine the exhilaration of skateboarding with the practicality of electric mobility.

Beginner or professional riders may smoothly glide around urban settings, parks, and campuses thanks to these motorized skateboards’ powerful electric motors, rechargeable batteries, and remote controllers. 

Electric longboards are becoming increasingly popular among commuters, thrill-seekers, and leisure riders due to their smooth acceleration, simplicity of usage, and environmental friendliness. So, for the ease of users, I’m here to guide you about the Best electric longboards in every aspect.

Best Electric longboards

#1 Meepo V5 Electric Skateboard Remote

Meepo V5 Electric Skateboard Remote

A solid electric motor will probably be built into the back wheels of the Meepo V5. The longboard is made of solid maple wood to make it long-lasting. In addition, acceleration and top speed are essential features of Meepo electric longboards and are defined by the motor’s power and torque.

It would have a lithium-ion battery pack, which is typically swappable and enables you to carry extra batteries to increase your range.

Depending on the rider’s weight, the terrain, and the speed, the Meepo V5 could travel between 8 and 20 miles on a single charge. The top rates across the board could vary, although they could be as high as 15 to 25 mph.

Besides, the handheld remote control for the Meepo V5 should allow you to regulate the acceleration, braking, and speed options.


  • Smooth braking system for easy control
  • Safe charging due to long-lasting battery
  • Service and customer support with a warranty
  • Smooth ride due to spacers and risers


  • Actual range less than 11 miles

#2 JKing Electric Skateboard Remote 

JKing Electric Skateboard Remote 

A powerful electric motor built into the wheels is probably a feature of the JKING Electric Skateboard. The board’s acceleration and top speed depend on the motor’s power. A lithium-ion battery pack, which is often rechargeable, would be present. The skateboard’s range on a single charge depends on the battery’s capacity. 

In this specific model, the rider’s weight, the terrain, and the pace play an important role, as a specified range on a single charge that ranges from 8 to 20 miles is significant. The motor and battery parameters would determine the JKING Electric Skateboard’s top speed.

However, it could typically attain speeds of up to 25 mph. It would include a portable remote control that enables the user to control the speed. However, this electric longboard brake can also be controlled by its remote. Therefore, enjoy a ride on the best affordable electric board.


  • Lightweight, easy to carry and transport 
  • Motor power and speed for good performance
  • Secure ride due to wheels, spencers, and risers
  • High quality for a reasonable price


  • The brake is hard and harsh

#3 Caroma Electric Skateboard

Caroma Electric Skateboard

The wheels of the Caroma Electric Skateboard most likely have an electric motor built in. The board’s acceleration and top speed depend on the motor’s power. A lithium-ion battery pack, which is often rechargeable, would be present. The skateboard’s range on a single charge depends on the battery’s capacity.

Depending on variables including rider weight, terrain, and speed, the Caroma Electric Skateboard may have a specific range on a single charge, often varying from 8 to 20 miles.

The motor and battery parameters will determine the Caroma Electric Skateboard’s top speed, although it can typically travel at 15 to 25 mph or more.


  • Unique design with durable material
  • Sturdiness due to the use of hardwood
  • Easy to use, best for beginners
  • Responsive wheels offer a smooth ride


  • The battery stops charging after 20 seconds

#4 Teamgee H20 39 Electric Skateboard 

Teamgee H20 39 Electric Skateboard 

The Teamgee H20 will likely have two hub motors built into the back wheels, giving it strong acceleration and a comfortable ride. It would have a top-notch, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.

Besides, battery capacity determines the skateboard’s range on a single charge. The skateboard may have front and rear LED lights to improve visibility and safety when riding at night.

The portable remote control may have an LCD that provides essential information like speed and battery life. Depending on several variables, the Teamgee H20 electric skateboard may travel 18 to 25 miles on a single charge.

Depending on the terrain and the rider’s weight, this model may reach relatively high speeds with a high level of performance.


  • Detachable and responsive motor wheels
  • Adjustable, speedy wireless remote control
  • Powerful 1200 W hub motor
  • Wheels offer a smooth ride
  • Fast speed due to the addition of bearings


  • High replacement cost
  • Non Replaceable one-piece tires 

#5 ET Electric longboard

ET Electric longboard

Electric motors are built inside the wheels or deck and are an innovative feature of electric longboards. The motor’s design and power affect the board’s high-rated performance and speed.

Besides, the electric motor is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack included in the longboard’s package of longboard. The battery’s capacity determines the length of the longboard’s range on a single charge.

The range of an electric longboard varies depending on factors such as battery capacity, rider weight, speed, and terrain. Typical ranges can vary from 8 to 20 miles. Electric longboards can reach speeds ranging from 15 to 25 mph or even higher, depending on the model.

Riders use a handheld wireless remote control to accelerate, decelerate, and control the speed of the electric longboard.


  • Ultra long range and high top speed
  • Eco Friendly innovative design
  • Unique truck system
  • The headlight is extremely bright
  • Solid aluminium CNC accessories


  • Disappointed less battery life

#6 Backfire Zealot S Belt Driven Electric Longboard

Backfire Zealot S Belt Driven Electric Longboard

Backfire is considered one of the best options in the electric longboard category. With its striking purple lighting system, people will be amazed to see you riding on a Zealot longboard. They must be zoomed past due to casting smoothly up hills because of 250-watt belt-driven electric motors. 

While this model is complex in your pocket, it makes your life more accessible due to its innovative features.

Some riders think the cost is higher due to increased prices, but they can and beat well and are protected from wear and one for their commute to work. For easy commuting, the range of Zealont comes to 22 miles, which is big enough to consider. 


  • Two belt drive motors
  • Wide range, up to 22 miles
  • Large wheels with 96-diameter


  • 180 days warranty

#7 Meppo shuffle V 5

Meppo shuffle V 5

Meepo is advertised as a beginner-friendly electric longboard with enough space for advanced riders, as it has gone through a couple of revisions to reach today’s version. The model will take a bit of work for some features by some users. The charging time for this board is 28 minutes to be full, and the charging speed is around 8 AMP. 

The board is well known for its durable construction because of 8 layers of maple plus one layer of fiberglass and responsive trucks. But if one is looking for a carbon fiber option, it is also available with Meep Hurricane, as it is expensive.

However, this proffesional longboard might not be a good option for beginner riders, but others are happy with its speed, timing, and quick braking.


  • Responsive braking system for control
  • Top speed with 29 mph
  • Great power efficiency
  • Easy swappable construction


  • Issues with charging and remote
  • Unresponsive customer service

#8 Teemgee H5 37 electric longboard

Teemgee H5 37 electric longboard

If you are looking for a regular electric longboard, Teem Gee has an integrated battery that keeps the board three inches off the road due to the battery built into the actual board. The board is known for its excellent stability due to its lower center of gravity, which keeps you under control and at a lower level. 

Regarding the charging time of the battery, it is about to be completed in a maximum of 2 hours, which is fair for an average electric board. Most of the reviewers say that using a remote USB would be the best option to make the charging time quicker.

Generally, only some riders are pleased with its speed and distance covered on a single charge. Also, we can say that beginners can ride this longboard easily.


  • Quicker charging time than other models
  • Thin board with integrated battery
  • Go fast on up hills


  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Lackluster remote
  • Stipp board 


How do electric longboards work?

Electric longboards feature a wheel-mounted electric motor that receives power from a rechargeable battery pack. The motor’s remote control allows Riders to accelerate, brake, and control speed.

How far can electric longboards go? 

Electric longboards’ range varies depending on various elements such as battery size, rider weight, surface, and speed. They typically range from 8 to 20 miles on a single charge.

How fast do electric longboards go?

Electric longboards can reach speeds ranging from 15 to 25 miles per hour, depending on the model. Some high-performance boards can even exceed 30 mph.

Are electric longboards safe to ride?

Electric longboards can be safe if used responsibly and with the appropriate safety equipment. However, motorcyclists should always use safety equipment like helmets and gloves, drive according to the law, and watch out for pedestrians and other obstructions.


So that’s all about the best Electric longboards, as they have transformed personal transportation, providing a fun and effective way to get around. However, responsible riding and adherence to safety guidelines are essential to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. With ongoing technological advancements, electric longboards will likely continue evolving, providing even more fun and efficient ways to get around.

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