Can You Use a Longboard at a Skatepark?

You might have heard about longboarding that can be done only in mellow carving around neighborhoods and streets or cruising on steep hills and bombing boardwalks. But many people have yet to learn about longboarding in skateparks, and when people see you longboarding in a skatepark, they get surprised. 

The answer to the question can you longboard at a skate park? Yes, longboards are allowed in the majority of skateparks. However, paying attention to the park’s rules and regulations is essential as some parks may not permit them on certain obstacles or jumps.

However, it depends on the type of skatepark you’re visiting. Many public parks have rules regarding what kind of skateboard is allowed inside their facility. Generally speaking, longboards aren’t explicitly prohibited from most parks, but some discourage their use due to safety concerns.

Are longboards used in skateparks?

Yes, longboards can be used in skateparks as the name implies.

While longboarding in a skatepark, a beginner or professional rider tries to use the skatepark features to build and maintain a fast, accelerated speed using momentum, weight, and pump for cruising around all areas of skateparks. 

Moreover, the vert sections and banked turns on the most advanced and latest skateparks permit riders to carry on their momentum at high speeds on the walls. Then, keep the fast speed through all corners of the skateparks. 

Can you use a longboard at a skate park?

Ensuring you know their regulations before riding is essential if your local park allows longboards. For example, some parks may require that you use protective gear such as a helmet and pads.

Longboard At A Skate Park

Additionally, certain tricks and stunts might be prohibited to make the park safer for all visitors.

Longboard Features for Skatepark Riding

Not all longboards are created equal. Before visiting a skatepark on your longboard, you should consider the features that make it suitable for park riding.

Generally, you want to look for boards with smaller wheels and trucks designed to provide excellent maneuverability and control.

Additionally, some manufacturers offer unique park-specific models that feature shock-absorbing materials to help protect against hard landings from jumps.


A regular longboard has two kicktails on each side of the longboard deck. The kicktail on a skateboard is vital to dropping in and also helpful to the rider to take turns sharply. Most of the longboard models have shapes with cocktails but not on the back of them. This feature makes a significant difference on the front and back of the board. 

So while longboarding in a skatepark may experience themselves riding on a wall or a ramp and then going back in the other direction. If it happens, it will be acceptable to have a longboard that cannot differentiate between the front and back of the board. 


Flexibility is the most important consideration that any rider should count for while longboarding in a skatepark.

This is essential because flexibility in a board will help to pump through smooth transitions and turns as well. The feature improves the twist in the moves and turns while taking directions. 

Therefore, longboarding in a skatepark can be easy because wheels and trucks are at two different angles simultaneously. 


Small pieces of plastic or rubber, known as risers, are between the trucks and longboard decks. These pieces and accessories are an excellent addition to improving the height of your longboard.

Because of the increase in the height of the longboard, you could have more clearances, which will be good for smoother rides in skateparks. 


To longboard in a skatepark, the more prominent and softer wheels will offer a smoother ride, but you can slip if the skatepark’s surface is silky or dusty. At the same time, harder wheels and smaller sizes make them fast and quick in skateparks. 

How to longboard in a skatepark: 10 easy steps

Skate parks are the most fun places for longboarding as you can find many skateparks scattered worldwide because each park has its community with unspoken rules and regulations. 

So let’s jump into how to longboard in a skatepark.

Choose the right longboard

After visiting your skatepark, choosing the proper longboard setup is essential. Skateparks have different types of obstacles, and any regular type of board is not ideal for the different sections. 


If you plan to longboard in a skatepark, you have to wear proper clothes, as this is an essential part of the longboarding game. However, if there is any other item that I recommend, the shoes for longboarding. Skate shoe shoes are specially designed for longboarding in skateparks. 

Protective gear

If you are a beginner, then it is part of a progression that you can get injured and fall. It will be best to wear all protective gear, like a helmet and extra pads for protection during the game. 

Find your skate park

longboard in a skate park

If you want to play in the skatepark, just find the skatepark according to your skill level, as there are many types of skateparks made for beginners and professional players. 

Stay to the side 

Many people come to the skateparks for longboarding and if you see the crowd just stay on your own side to avoid injuries and accidents.

Avoid crashing

While longboarding in a skatepark, just remember to see the other people and what are they doing the tricks around you. You should keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings as small crashes between the skaters are inevitable. 

Wait for your turn

longboarding in a skate park

Normally when there are more than one skater in the skatepark doing tricks on one obstacle you should take turn with the other longboarders. Without considering the other skaters if you take your turn and cut the line it is known as snaking and that can be dangerous.  

Avoid obstacles

About putting a wx on the obstacles you should be cautious without first asking the other longboarders who are using them.

Wax is important to make sure that the obstacles slide and grind. It can be bad to cause unexpected speed for those skaters who are not expecting it and can be dangerous. 

Avoid long runs

In the skateparks, when you notice that many longboarders are waiting for their turns, you should consider how long you can practice on your longboard on a single obstacle. 

Get back when you fall

While trying to do the trick, get back to push up especially if other skaters are waiting for their turn. It might give you a feeling of relief to just lay down on the ground after you take a fall but get out of the way first and sit down. 

Why should you longboard in a skatepark?

Doing longboarding in skateparks can be beneficial in many ways. Most people practice longboards on streets and roads where there are a lot of crowds regarding pedestrians and vehicles.

Why should you longboard in a skatepark

So there are so many hazards and chances of accidents. In the United States, infrastructure is made for the ease of people or all major sports, as longboarding is one of the most played games among teenagers and has less dedicated areas. No doubt charm is there but not fun and entertainment. 

Moreover, if the riders do longboarding in skateparks instead of streets and neighborhoods, the risk of injuries would be reduced, and it will be a much safer game than ever. Additionally, there will be no leaked oils and dangerous poles and pillars in skateparks, so the structures and areas will give you more thrill and entertainment than you want. 

Therefore skateparks are the answer to many problems related to longboarding. 


What type of longboard is best for a skatepark?

It depends on what type of terrain the park offers. Generally, boards with smaller wheels and trucks will provide more excellent maneuverability, ideal for taking on tight transitions or street courses with many obstacles.

What is the best way to learn tricks at a skatepark? 

The best way to learn tricks in a skatepark is through practice and repetition. Start by focusing on perfecting your form and take on small jumps or obstacles until you feel comfortable enough to progress to more difficult ones.

Are longboards allowed at indoor skateparks? 

Most indoor skateparks allow longboarders to ride on their premises. However, it is imperative to check with the park before riding as some may have special regulations for longboards or require a helmet for entry.


In conclusion, while there is no universal rule about whether or not you can use a longboard at a skatepark, it’s essential to be aware of the regulations at your local park before riding.

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