8 Best Longboards For Beginners (Top Listed Board Reviews 2024)

Beginner longboards are the best option for those passionate about thrilling and well-liked activities like longboarding that allow participants to cruise and carve on a longer, more stable skateboard as it is an excellent way for novices to get started in the skateboarding world and enjoy the outdoors.

To ensure a safe and comfortable ride as a beginner, it’s essential to understand the fundamentals and pick the correct longboard. 

This blog will offer crucial details, respond to commonly -asked questions, and assist beginners in selecting the best longboards for beginners with knowledge.

Best Longboards For Beginners

In 2024, the quest for the best longboard for beginners centers on stability, ease of control, and durability. The top picks include the Atom Drop-Through Longboard, renowned for its exceptional stability and smooth ride, making it perfect for those just starting. The Quest Super Cruiser stands out for its mix of quality and affordability, offering a robust maple deck and excellent maneuverability. Lastly, the Playshion Freestyle Longboard is celebrated for its versatility and forgiving ride, thanks to its flexible deck and reliable grip. Each of these boards offers unique features suited to newcomers, focusing on safety, comfort, and a gradual learning curve, making them ideal choices for anyone looking to dive into longboarding.

1) Magneto Bamboo Cruiser longboard

Magneto Bamboo Cruiser longboard

Longboards made of bamboo are renowned for being eco-friendly, lightweight, and flexible. Bamboo offers a comfortable ride and a natural appearance.

Longboards in the cruiser shape often have a narrower and shorter deck than longboards in the classic form. Their features make them more manoeuvrable and ideal for cruising and commuting.

Depending on the particular type and brand, the length of the deck might vary, but it is generally between 28 and 42 inches. High-quality trucks that offer stability and smooth turning are frequently included with cruiser longboards.

Compared to regular skateboards or longboards intended for tricks, cruiser wheels are often softer and more prominent. Larger wheels provide a smoother ride over uneven terrain, while softer wheels offer better traction and vibration absorption.


  • Perfect shape for a smooth riding experience
  • Strong and flexible deck for durability
  • Best for beginners as it is easy to use
  • Ultimate cruiser with plush flexibility


  • Limited warranty offered by the company
  • Look out for stressed cracks

2) Loaded boards Omakase bamboo longboards

Loaded boards Omakase bamboo longboards

The Omakase Bamboo Longboard is made with a deck that combines bamboo and fiberglass for a balance of flex, responsiveness, and durability. Deck Shape: The Omakase has compact and surf-inspired shape wheels and board. It’s relatively short with a comprehensive platform, making it highly maneuverable and perfect for carving.

In addition, the deck is typically around 33 inches long, making it simple to carry and transport. The model may have eye-catching and distinctive artwork on the bottom of the deck since Loaded Boards is renowned for its artistic and visually appealing designs.

Moreover, loaded Boards pair Omakase with their premium carving trucks, which improves the board’s carving capabilities. The Omakase Bamboo Longboard has soft, grippy wheels that offer a comfortable ride and excellent traction for making tight turns, and quality bearings are used to provide a quick and comfortable ride.

The grip tape is applied to the top of the deck to increase traction and provide a secure footing when riding.


  • Functional design is best for many tricks
  • Super stable and comfortable for long commutes
  • Stiff and durable deck for durability
  • Lightweight, easy to carry 
  • The short deck length makes it responsive and nimble


  • Expensive due to innovative features

3) Sector 9 Jammer Rips longboards

Sector 9 Jammer Rips longboards

The deck of the Sector 9 Jammer is typically composed of solid and resilient materials. Bamboo, maple, and fiberglass may provide a nice balance of elasticity and stability.

The Jammer has a medium-length, symmetrical deck. An asymmetrical deck is helpful for various riding styles because it allows for standard and switch (opposite) postures.

Moreover, Jammer’s deck measures between 34 and 38 inches long, compromising portability and stability. The deck may have a mild to moderate concave to offer a stable base and improve control while carving or sliding.

The innovative board might be fitted with cocktails, which are elevated parts at both deck ends. 


  • Best for flowy wheel bite-free carving
  • Comfortable ride due to responsive wheels and trucks
  • Beautiful bamboo and maple construction
  • The bottom graphics make it look elegant
  • Deep foot pockets for a controlled and secure feel


  • Not for downhill and rough roads

4) Loaded boards Coyote Longboard Skateboards

Loaded boards Coyote Longboard Skateboards

Bamboo and fiberglass are used in the construction of the Loaded Coyote. Flexibility, responsiveness, and durability are all balanced by this construction. The Coyote’s deck design, which is shorter and broader, is frequently referred to as a “mini-cruiser” or “micro-cruiser.” It is incredibly portable and maneuverable due to its small size.

Moreover, Coyote, as its name would imply, has a deck length of about 30 inches, which makes it a practical option for commuters and riders who want a smaller board.

The deck may have a slight to moderate concave, which aids in foot locking and enhances riding control. The longboard has a kicktail in the back, making it possible to perform tricks and maneuvers and move around more easily.


  • Functional design is best for unique techniques
  • A classic layup with a twist
  • Durable with the use of high-quality wood
  • Comfortable due to responsive wheels


  • Poor quality of graphics

5) Lanyachtz Drop Hammer White longboard

Lanyachtz Drop Hammer White longboard

Various materials, such as bamboo, maple, carbon fiber, and fiberglass, can create longboards.

Each material has unique qualities, including flex, toughness, and weight. Various longboard deck forms include pintail, drop-through, double-kick, and cruiser. Each state is made to fit particular riding preferences and styles.

Furthermore, longboard decks range from around 30 to 44 inches; shorter boards are more maneuverable, while longer boards provide excellent stability for faster speeds. The curve along the board’s width, called concave, can vary in intensity for longboard decks.

While riding, concave offers improved control and foot lock-in.


  • Durable material that lasts for years
  • Comfortable due to smooth wheels
  • The low effort is required to get a fast speed
  • Sturdiness and ease of assembly
  • Smooth ride due to spacers and risers


  • Carving might be challenging
  • Heavier than regular skateboards

6) Retrospec Rift Drop Through longboard

Retrospec Rift Drop Through longboard

All the features of the Retrospic longboard, like the deck’s dimensions, composition, and design, are innovative and advanced, as different shapes and materials can impact the board’s performance, stability, and flexibility.

Look for unique characteristics that improve the riding experience, such as wheel wells, drop-through mounting, or flared wheel arches.

Despite all this, if the deck has any distinctive or eye-catching visuals, pay attention to their layout and style. Research the board’s wheels’ size, toughness, and shape because they can affect how well the board performs on various surfaces.

Modern longboards, like retrospect longboards, have reverse kingpin trucks for increased maneuverability.


  • Ready for speed and reliable grip
  • Drop-through shapes are best for beginners
  • Reverse kingpin trucks for durability
  • Smooth sailing due to responsive wheels


  • Gets dirt easily
  • The deck is hard as a rock

7) Arbor Martillo longboards

Arbor Martillo longboards

The Arbour Martillo longboard was generally renowned for its superior build and design, and riders favored its adaptability and performance across various riding styles.

Besides, the Arbour Martillo longboard has several characteristics, including The trucks are mounted through the deck, which lowers the center of gravity for the Arbour Martillo’s conventional drop-through deck design. 

Moreover, it is simpler to push and slide because of this design’s steadiness. Materials for the deck are very durable and sturdy, as Arbour is renowned for employing eco-friendly materials in its products.

The Martillo’s deck may have used green elements like bamboo or recycled glass and was most likely constructed from numerous plies of maple wood.


  • The material comes from sustainable Canadian maple
  • Polyurethane wheels for a smooth ride
  • Whisky formula to manage fast speed
  • Best on rough surfaces


  • Not for carving on rough roads

8) Quest Roshack longboard

Quest Roshack longboard

To be honest, kids’ interests should be at the top longboard with wheels in the list of 2023, as their preferences change with the weather. For that reason, it’s not a good option to rely on for a child’s first longboard.

With this in mind, the Quest longboard is functional and safe for beginners. The board suits kids due to its low profile, narrow width, and shorter length. 

Despite all this, the board’s deck is a good combo of bamboo and maple, making it durable and offering high flexibility. The components in constructing longboard boards include reverse kingpin trucks and 70-mm polyurethane wheels for an easy riding experience and steady go. Moreover, the model is suitable for learning various tricks and cruising on milder hills and rough roads


  • Best for kids due to shorter length and narrow width
  • Steady and easy riding experience
  • Cold water hardwood to make it water-resistant
  • Rugged 6-inch trucks for durability


  • Loose trucks
  • Wheels do not go free-rolling


What length of longboard would be best for a beginner?

Longer and broader longboards often provide better stability and a bigger platform to stand on. Thus, novices should generally choose these. Most beginners can wear clothes that are 38 to 42 inches long and 9 to 10 inches wide.

Which wheels are ideal for longboard beginners?

More extensive and softer wheels are suggested for beginners as they offer a smoother ride, higher traction, and are more forgiving on uneven surfaces. Wheels with a durometer (hardness) of 78A to 87A are ideal for most beginners.

Are safety gear and longboarding necessary for beginners?

Yes, safety ought to come first. To protect themselves from harm, beginners should wear a helmet, knee, elbow, and wrist protection.


To conclude, best longboards for beginners Longboarding is a fun and accessible sport for novices who want to learn more about skateboarding in a more secure and relaxed environment. For a satisfying experience, picking the appropriate longboard based on preferences and requirements is essential.

Beginners can position themselves for longboarding success by selecting the right kind, size, and wheels. Always put safety first by donning safety gear and developing your skills steadily through regular practice. So grab your longboard, hit the streets, and relish the ride’s excitement!

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