Best Cruising Longboard Wheels In Depth Review in 2024

Your longboard’s performance is greatly influenced by its cruising wheels. When selecting wheels, look for the correct diameter, durometer, and form for your riding style and terrain. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and rotating your wheels, is crucial for maximum performance and longevity.

However, the best cruising longboard wheels are made for cruising, commuting, and long-distance travel. These wheels offer a smoother and more comfortable ride on various surfaces than regular skateboard wheels because they are larger and softer.

They are ideal for people who want to travel farther and unwind during the voyage.

Best Cruising Longboard Wheels

Selecting the best wheels for your cruising longboard can dramatically enhance your riding experience. The ideal cruising longboard wheels offer a perfect blend of smoothness and durability, allowing you to glide effortlessly over various surfaces. When choosing wheels, several key factors come into play, including size, hardness (durometer), and shape.

Larger wheels, typically ranging from 65mm to 75mm, are preferred for cruising because they roll over obstacles more easily and maintain speed better than smaller wheels. This size range strikes a great balance between speed and maneuverability, making your rides smoother and more enjoyable, especially on uneven terrain.

The hardness of the wheels, measured by durometer, affects how the wheels grip the surface. For cruising, wheels with a durometer between 78A and 86A are ideal because they offer a soft ride that can absorb vibrations from rough surfaces, providing a comfortable experience without sacrificing grip. This softness ensures that the wheels can conform to small pebbles and cracks, reducing the chance of sudden stops or falls.

Shape also plays a critical role. Wheels with rounded edges are often recommended for cruising as they allow for smoother transitions and easier carving. This shape helps in navigating through tight spaces and making quick turns.

Top Cruising Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Fat-Free 65MM Freeride Wheels

Orangatang Fat-Free 65MM Freeride Wheels

Leading longboard wheel producer, Orangatang is renowned for its premium urethane composition, which makes for a smooth and pleasant ride. They offer an excellent fit for every longboarder with their wide selection of sizes and durometers on their wheels.

One of the best options available is the Orangatang Kegel cruising longboard wheels. They have a smooth and quick ride because of their high-rebound urethane construction. The Kegel wheels’ 80mm diameter and 77a durometer make them perfect for riding over uneven terrain.


  • Wheel profile: wide
  • Size: 65mm
  • Durometer: 77A
  • Surface: stone, ground
  • Purpose: cruising longboard distances


The greatest momentum for high velocity

Fastest wheel due to spacers and risers

Durable, made for longevity

Less friction on slippery surfaces


Very expensive due to unique features

MBS All Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS All Terrain Longboard Wheels

Among longboard fans, MBS is a well-known brand that makes a variety of wheels in different sizes, forms, and durometers. They enable the most speed and agility possible while providing a comfortable and smooth ride.

Another great option for cruising is the MBS all terrain longboard wheels, as they have a smooth and comfortable ride because they are manufactured of high-quality urethane. These wheels are excellent for cruising and carving because of their 70mm diameter and 78a durometer.


  • Wheel profile: narrow
  • Size: 52 mm
  • Durometer:92mm
  • Purpose: cruising short distances


Many sizes to fit on different types of longboards

Durable, made with off road capabilities

Super rebound urethane formula for a smooth ride

Able to move on sidewalks and pavements


Bad for rough roads

Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawg Wheels

Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawg Wheels

A well-known brand among longboarders, Hawgs makes high-quality wheels that offer a comfortable ride and superb grip. They are ideal for cruising and commuting because they come in various shapes and durometers.

The Hawg’s Fatty cruising longboard wheels are known to be strong and adaptable. They are constructed with a high-rebound material that provides a comfortable and smooth ride while still being able to tackle uneven terrain. The 63mm diameter and 78a durometer of the Fatty wheels make them ideal for cruising and commuting.


  • Wheel profile: Wide
  • Size: 55mm
  • Durometer: 78mm
  • Surface: smooth


Great cruiser wheels for rough surfaces

very manageable for cruising and carving

Durable material for longevity

Responsive with fast speed


Not suitable for doing tricks

Seismic HOT SPOT 81a longboard Wheels

Seismic HOT SPOT 81a longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels made by Seismic are well-known for their high-quality urethane composition and smooth, comfortable ride. Their wheels are ideal for long-distance cruising, and they come in a range of sizes and forms.

The cruising Hot Spot longboard wheels from Seismic Speed Vent are built for performance and speed. They have a smooth and quick ride because they are built of high-rebound urethane.

The Speed Vent wheels are excellent for cruising and downhill riding because of their 85mm diameter and 77a durometer.


  • Wheel profile: wide
  • Size:70mm
  • Surface: smooth
  • Purpose: cruising longboards depend on a durometer


Highly responsive on rough and uneven surfaces

Durable and great for cruising

Smooth ride due to accelerated spacers


Not for downhill longboards

Powell Peralta clear Cruisers Green 63mm wheels

Powell Peralta clear Cruisers Green 63mm wheels

The reputable company Powell Peralta produces longboard wheels of the highest caliber. They come in various sizes and shapes, and their superb grip and control make them ideal for longboards used for cruising. They are a favorite of many because of their urethane formula, which guarantees a comfortable ride. 

The Powell Peralta Snakes longboard cruising wheels are made for comfortable and slick cruising. They have a smooth and silent ride because they are made of soft urethane. The Snakes are excellent for carving and cruising on challenging terrain because of their 66mm diameter and 75a durometer.


  • Wheel profile: wide
  • Size: 69mm
  • Durometer: 75mm
  • Surface: smooth 


Durable material specially designed for professional skaters

Polyurethane formula to make it durable 

Superb performance due to innovative features

Great for beginners and kids


Wrong color advertised

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Cruising Longboard Wheels

Do you intend to purchase longboard cruiser wheels? If so, you must do your research to make a wise purchase. Your cruising experience—including the speed and comfort of your ride—can be dramatically impacted by using longboard wheels.

Choosing the best reels for your needs might be overwhelming with so many options. This purchasing guide will assist you in comprehending the selection criteria for cruising longboard wheels, the various options, and the leading manufacturers.

To assist you in making an informed decision, we will also offer maintenance advice for your wheels and reviews of the top cruising longboard wheels.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cruising Longboard Wheels

The performance and feel of your longboard will be significantly influenced by the wheels you choose. The right wheels guarantee your safety while giving you a smooth and comfortable ride. The proper wheels can also make you ride more quickly and effectively while minimizing the vibration transmitted to the board and your feet.

Wheel Width and Diameter

Your longboard’s speed and maneuverability will be based on the diameter and width of its wheels.

Smaller wheels give excellent stability and manoeuvrability, whereas larger wheels often move over rough surfaces more quickly and smoothly.

The width of your wheels will also impact your grip and control when turning.

Wheel Durometer

A durometer measures your wheels’ hardness; the greater the number, the more complex the wheels. Soft wheels (between 78A and 85A) are best for cruising longboards because they offer a pleasant and smooth ride by absorbing road vibrations.

Harder wheels (between 90A and 97A) are preferable for cycling in the streets and parks since they provide more control and traction.

Patch of Wheel Contact

The area of the wheel that is in constant contact with the surface is known as the contact patch. Larger contact patches offer better stability and grip, making them an excellent choice for longboard wheels used for cruising.

But it might also make your board move more slowly. A more minor contact patch makes faster acceleration and simpler sliding motions possible, but stability may be compromised.

Wheel Core

The portion in the center of the wheel that supports and holds up the urethane is known as the core of the revolution.

While a smaller core offers better grip and control, a larger center allows for more speed and smoother rolling.

Wheel Form

Depending on the terrain you want to ride on, different wheel designs can impact how you feel while riding. Square-lipped wheels work better for sliding and downhill travel than rounded wheels for cruising.

There are many styles of longboard wheels for cruising

Cruising on Tough Wheels

Hard cruising wheels in the 90A to 97A range are fantastic for riders who prefer a little more control and speed.

They offer exceptional grip in tight turns and are ideal for long-distance cruising on smooth ground.

Hybrid Cruising Wheels

The best of both worlds are combined in hybrid cruising wheels, which balance comfort, speed, and grip. They are adaptable for many terrain types because their standard durometer ranges from 86A to 89A. They are ideal for anyone who prefers a balance of smoothness, speed, and control.

Your longboard’s performance is greatly influenced by its cruising longboard wheels. When selecting wheels, look for the correct diameter, durometer, and form for your riding style and terrain.

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and rotating your wheels, is crucial for maximum performance and longevity.

More FAQs

What cruising longboard wheels are recommended for beginners?

We advise soft cruising wheels with a durometer of 78a and 85a for beginners because they provide a smooth ride with sufficient traction for cruising and carving. The Hawgs Mini Zombie or the Orangatang Stimulus are both suitable alternatives.

For cruising, should I acquire larger or smaller longboard wheels?

Larger wheels are typically preferable for cruising since they can roll over uneven terrain more readily and keep their pace better. Smaller wheels, however, might be a better choice if you’re looking for a more responsive ride for carving. In the end, it comes down to your riding tastes and style.


We reviewed the top cruising longboard wheels and found the Orangatang Kegel wheels to be the most reliable, comfortable, and adaptable. Nevertheless, depending on your riding style and the terrain, the Abec 11 Flashbacks, Hawgs Fatty, Seismic Speed Vent, and Powell Peralta Snakes are all fantastic options. Remember that for the best performance and safety, you should routinely maintain your wheels and replace them as needed.

Choosing the appropriate cruising longboard wheels can significantly alter your riding experience. You can select a set of wheels that meets your demands and preferences by considering variables like diameter, durometer, and contact patch. To ensure your wheels last as long as possible, keep them well-maintained. We hope you’ve found this buying guide helpful.

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