10 Best Beginner Longboard Surfboard 2023 – Top-Listed

Want a longboard that is ideal for surfing? Look no further than the beginner longboard surfboard options!

When buying the best beginner longboard surfing, it’s not hard to imagine a laid-back surfer trying to catch an idyllic wave somewhere in the tropics. While seasoned surfers think it easy, the truth is that surfing is quite a hard trick to learn, and only some can do it with practice, especially beginners. 

Unfortunately, learning to surf is not magic, but it will take a lot of work for most of us. It’s a long process and a source for bracing yourself for many awkward moments; luckily, you can make surfing with a longboard easy if you have the right tool. So, for beginners. Beginners’ longboarding is an excellent option to practice because it makes the tricks of surfing easy.

#1 Catch Surf ODYSEA LOG X


Catch surf longboard is a soft type well known for this innovative trick that takes the world by storm. The board length is 8 to 9 feet and comes with quite a significant volume compared to any other board on the list on Amazon. So, you will not get exhausted on the paddle out because of the curve in the nose of the board, in case you find yourself in any collisions.

These features make this board innovative, different from others, and great for beginners. In addition, narrow rails in the board mean it has amazingly more maneuverability, and the tri-fin configuration is for higher stability.

The maneuverable, voluminous, and sturdy construction, with dual composite core and reinforced stringers, are the advanced upgrades on one of the best boards. 


  • Look pretty with graphic slicks
  • Constructed with high-quality material
  • Fun egg shape, great for beginners
  • Double maple wood stringers
  • EPS core with a smooth, slick bottom


  • Heavy boards are hard to carry

#2 Professional Land Surfboard SS Beginner

Professional Land  Surfboard SS Beginner

If you want a longboard that is best for surfing, then there is no excellent option other than a Professional land surfboard. The board has a volume of 60 L, is 8 feet long, is ideal for beginners, and is super stable. Once you master the basics of surfing, you will be pleased to know all the innovative features, from extra control to the pintail it has when you move on to the splashy waves.

Moreover, the board features a 4 to 1 fin configuration, which means you can strap on one side if you want to increase the speed of your board. You can also test some maneuvers by doing extra tricks and tips to check the board’s sensitivity.

On top of the list, the board is made with eco-friendly materials like epoxy resins, recycled foam, and hemp. 


  • It’s super easy to catch waves
  • Durable with a sturdy and stable deck
  • No assembly is required
  • Well performed in waves
  • 32 32-inch long deck easy to ride


  • Expensive due to unique features

#3 Modern Surfboard Falcon PU Surfboard

Modern Surfboard Falcon PU Surfboard

Learning to surf is easy for most riders, as it is all about standing on a board and catching a wave, which is the game’s name for less than a month.

At the same time, some players want to progress a little quicker than expected and are ready for more giant waves and maneuvers in no time. For all these things, a modern surfboard will be your best option. 

Moreover, the board features enough volume and length for beginners, but one of the most innovative features other models lack is that the board is more pronounced than any other learner board.

It combines tri-fin configurations; you can easily start working on your surfing tricks and maneuver the most significant waves you have ever seen.


  • Easy to learn for hard tricks
  • Increase trim stability from a central stance position
  • Buoyant and easy to turn on a smaller wave
  • A streamlined nose offers a contemporary vibe
  • Smooth ride with trial transition


  • Needs a roof rack to move around

#4 Kona Surf CO Malibu Beginner Surfboard

Kona Surf CO Malibu Beginner Surfboard

The Kona Surf longboard is all-in-one in terms of features but a little shorter than an adult beginner board, while the thickness remains the same, thus offering buoyancy to support young surfers weighing 100 lbs.

So buoyancy is excellent for beginners to practice for smaller waves, and width is ideal for kids to practice for pesky pop-ups. 

So, on top of the features, round fins and foam construction make this model a super safe option for all beginners. Plus, the Board is integrated with a handle attached to the deck to allow you to sit back and have time for relaxation.

In addition, wooden stringers offer reinforcement as the board is not made with hard materials like plastic, foam, and wood.


  • Added control and easy padding
  • Affordable for all levels of riders
  • 9 to 10 inches fins with many colors
  • Fins with great flexibility and durability


  • Hard to duck-dive

#5 Dakine Recon Double Surfboard

Dakine Recon Double Surfboard

If you want a laid-back experience and aren’t an adrenaline junkie, surfing will be more challenging. If you are new to surfing with a longboard, then the Dekine Surfboard is an excellent option. With a length of 9 feet, any skill-level rider can catch even smaller waves from the deck. 

Moreover, features like a fiberglass wood bottom and soft foam top reinforced with dual wood stringers were added to the board for more durability. At the top of the list, heat-release valves and layers of bamboo protect your commission from the sun’s heat for good performance. 


  • Responsive in high waves
  • 600 diamond ripstop top for lightweight durability
  • Sidewall lash points for tie-down straps
  • Heavy-duty YKK molded zipper
  • Padded, removable shoulder strap


  • Two hybrid boards barely fit

#6 Wavestorm 15th anniversary Edition Soft top Foam surfboard

WAVE STORM Classic 8 Surfboard

Wave Storm is a well-known brand for beginners in the competitive market because of its durability and low cost. As it is a beginner longboard surfboard, 240 is a pretty good bang for your buck, in my opinion. It is the best longboard that can last for years if you take care of its wear and tear. 

Furthermore, a board is made with foam material to make sure there is no chance of damage if it gets into a collision. Wavestorm is best for tall beginners and professional players because of its 8 feet length. But the company also offers many lengths and styles ideal for all riders.


  • Strong EPS core with 3-stringer system
  • Hight density slick bottom
  • Exclusive new sunburst color
  • Graphic art deck
  • Ankle leash traction pad
  • Tail pad for better back foot traction


  • Wrong color advertisement

#7 Kona Surf 5-5 Surfboard for Beginners 

Kona Surf 5-5 Surfboard for Beginners 

The board is innovative in all features, with eye-catching design and top-of-the-line modeling. Kona Surf CO Longboard is one of the best longboards for beginners in the world of longboarding. The surfboard is very easy to carry compared to other surfboard models because of the handle attached to the middle of the board.

Plus, it is a high-performance longboard surfboard that is constructed with copolymer foam, which makes it completely waterproof to withstand harsh weather, and you can easily use it in the rainy season. When it comes to durability, this is the best one to ensure that you can use it for a longer time. In addition, the board is a little pricy for the support the company is paying for and its high quality.


  • Enhanced shape and size for all skill levels
  • Sleek design, easy to carry
  • Removable fins to change it from surfboard to bodyboard
  • Slick bottom optimized for speed and protection


  • Not reliable for deep waves

#8 South Bay Board CO 9’6 Hybrid

South Bay Board CO 9’6 Hybrid Longboards

South By is a well-known and famous brand that makes high-rated longboard surfboards that are 7 to 9 feet long. This means that, according to your height, you can easily choose a board that perfectly fits you. Plus, you will get many innovative and positive features for 380 to 580 dollars.

Similar to Positive Warrior surfboards, the board also has a handle in the middle of trucks for improving the efficiency of beginners and for easy transportation.

Also, the foam material used in this board allows you to pop up on your new board and do quick paddles with your leash included in the package.


  • Premium beginner surfboard
  • Great step-down soft top
  • Wider profile chest section
  • Average rails tailored for more paddle power


  • Gets waterlogged after single use

#9 Modern Surfboard longboard Highline PU

Modern Surfboard longboard Highline PU

Another surfboard option in the head of longboards is the modern surfboard, as these are well known for the incredible range of softtops and funboards for ages 6 to 8 and beyond. By using this board, no matter what model you use, you will be able to grow your ability to turn and have no problem catching heavy waves. 

The good news about the brand is that if you are unsatisfied with the package warranty, you can get it back with the money-back guarantee and the payment plan.

Modern surfboards are very buoyant, so it is easy to paddle. The flat rockers help the board paddle quickly into waves and retain speed in deep waves.


  • Double concave shape to offset the extra width
  • Easier rail to rail transitions
  • Require less effort to catch waves
  • Smooth ride due to responsive trucks


  • Not for deep water

#10 Ochine Classic Softboards

Ochine Classic Longboard Softboards

The company has struck with Ochine longboard surfboards with quality materials. It is famous for offering a quiver of three boards with different sizes according to the height and weight of riders, from 66 to 8.0’. A super surfboard’s volume and shape make it perfect for beginners who want to start longboarding. 

Another feature that sets this board apart from other boards is its rounded tail and its incredible width. This offers additional stability and durability; you will feel an enhanced, balanced ride while standing on the deck.

Like other surfboards, it is made with classic foam material to offer increased volume and allow you to float on the water’s surface. 


  • Wrist and wrist rope design
  • Made with high-quality EPS core
  • Its light weight makes it easily portable
  • Weather and impact-resistant
  • Tail arc increases comparability


  • Cannot bear the weight more than 200 pounds


What board should I get as a beginner?

A surfboard measuring 7 to 9 feet long is the best for beginners because it is better for catching small waves. 

Is it worth buying a beginner surfboard?

Once you stand up on a board to learn to surf, buying a good level of surfboard is worth it because it is a slightly significant investment.

What shape longboard surfboard should I get?

Flat longboards are easier to manage if you are a beginner rider on a surfboard because they enable you to go faster while you paddle, and waves are not so steep. 

Bottom Line

So starting your journey with surfing is equally challenging and exciting, especially when trying to determine which surfboard model will be the best option for you from the list of beginner longboard surfboards reviewed above.

As a beginner surfer, I recommend you select one of the options listed above because they all feature advanced and innovative features. But at the end of the day, the choice is yours, and you will prioritize it during your experience.  

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