Best High-Performance Longboard Surfboard 2023

Surfing with longboards is great entertainment and recreation, whether you are a beginner or a professional player. The aspect that every skill-level player of longboarding wants is good performance, as this is key to success in this game. The market has top-rated surfboards with good performance, durability, and innovative features. 

So, being a professional surfer, I have gathered the top best High-performance Longboard surfboards for ease of use after researching. So, if you want an honest review, explore the best high performance longboard surfboards below

#1 South Bay Board Co 8 Premium Foam Wax Free Soft Top Surfboard

South Bay Board Co 8 Premium Foam Wax Free Soft Top Surfboard

SBBC Verve is one of the best and top-rated picks for beginners, as it comes with a patented design, wax-free textures, and a beginner-friendly style with the triple stringer and bamboo body Armor system.

With its 80-litre volume, the board can easily support the weight of a 200-pound rider. In addition, this cheap board has a rounded nose for extra floating and a nose rocker to prevent nose-diving. To do easy pop-ups, a longboard is featured with a windered chest and a wider, round tail for better stability. 

Moreover, to offer extra speed and control, there is a double concave bottom deck on the side of the board. Further, longboards are equipped with a patented heat release valve, wax-free fingerprint, foam grip, and EPS closed cell foam core to prevent lamination.


  • Size: 8 verve
  • Color: South Bay Board Co
  • Brand: South Bay Board
  • Material: foam
  • Age Range: Adult


  • Fingerprint textured wax-free soft top 
  • Beginner friendly shapes
  • A great board for beginners
  • Bamboo body armor system


  • Broken fins

#2 WAVE Bandit Gravy Pro EZ  Rider Surfboard

WAVE Bandit Gravy Pro EZ  Rider Surfboard

EZ Rider endorses Wave Bandit Gravy surfboards, with an egg-shaped board that is great for advanced surfers and beginners.

The board has dapple maple wood stringers with a smooth, slick bottom and EPS core. The package includes all necessary accessories like fins, leash plugs, and pop-through TPU 4.5-inch tri-fin set up for a smoother ride. 

Moreover, it is a great way to enjoy high maneuverability and catch small waves with this best surfboard. Also, a longboard is best for beginners and professional players because of the stiffness of a standard fibreglass board, but it has all the benefits of a soft board. These boards are great weather-wise, from boat wakes to river waves to ocean swells.  


  • Size: 9.0
  • Color: white
  • Brand: Wave Bandit
  • Material: foam 


  • High density slick bottom
  • Lrash plug included in package
  • Composite core made of high-pressure construction
  • accessories are included
  • Dual wood stringers


  • Needs wax for surfing not included

#3 WAVE STORM Classic 8 Surfboard

WAVE STORM Classic 8 Surfboard

Wavestorm brand is well known for making quality products related to longboarding, including longboards and surfboards. Surfboard is a well-known soft material and stand-up paddleboard brand in the United States of America.

With years of extensive experience in manufacturing, we create all-performance surfboards with the perfect balance of materials.

Likewise, every surfboard design is meticulously crafted to meet the requirements of beginners and professional players and embrace fun and enjoyment. Wavestorm is a brand that inspires your day at the ocean, pool, or lake while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The brand is innovative in making technology-based designs with the efforts of a global team, thus making each conception relevant, self-expressing, and eye-catching. 


  • Size: 8
  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: wave storm
  • Material: foam
  • Sport: Surfing


  • Durable material with traction textured pad
  • EPS foam core with 3 stringers
  • HDPE slick bottom skin
  • Soft foam bottom deck


  • Not for steep hills

#4 Storm Blade, 8-Foot Surfboard

Storm Blade, 8-Foot Surfboard

The longboards and surfboards introduced by Storm Blade have been developed and refined over time by top shapers, year after year. The company has added rounded rails, increased volume, and progressive outlines, making the collection of surfboards completely fun to learn and pushing the limits of expressive surfing

In addition, the key to the success of this company is to pay attention to refined construction technology and real-time innovative research on details, which is a vital requirement for surfers. The boards are characterized by superior quality EPS core with three marine-ply stringers. The package also includes an extruded barrier skin deck and high-impact bottom.  


  • Package weight: 11 pounds
  • Brand: Storm blade
  • Manufacturer: AGIT


  • High density polyurethane formula
  • Superior core EPS grade
  • 5mm EBS extended barrier skin deck
  • Bolt thru leash plug for fin area
  • 3X4.5 bolt thru fit set


  • No warranty from company

#5 California Board Company Surfboard

California Board Company Surfboard

California surfboards are an excellent example of a well-made product for longboards, as these boards are equipped with a full graphic deck, bottom, and high-density EPS foam core.

For better grip, the board is equipped with a traction pad. The package includes a new fin system with three fins and a 6-pound surf leash. 

Moreover, the fins on the surfboard are fragile but have held up through a few sessions so far. This type of board is an excellent option for kids who want to feel comfortable on bodyboards before surfing. Further, the matte board is excellent in price but still has a small, aggressive shape. 


  • Size: 8 feet
  • Color: Assorted
  • Brand: California Board Company
  • Item weight: 3.88 kilograms
  • Material: wood


  • High density EPS foam core
  • Three new fins included 
  • A surf leash is included
  • 6.5 pounds for heavy riders


  • Weak fins


What is a 7-foot surfboard known as?

These boards are smaller versions of longboards known as Mal or Malibu surfboards. These boards have similar properties to longboards but are shorter than the adult size range. 

Why are surfboards so expensive?

The price of a surfboard depends on many factors and reflects the shaper’s reputation and the construction’s quality. A board with a big name has a heftier price tag.

What is the difference between a soft board and a hard board?

A soft board is made with wet, welted wood fibre panels,  which are pressed into panels

 under heat and pressure. While hardboard is constructed with steam-cooked and pressure-moulded wood fibres.  


So that’s all about the review of best performance longboard surfboards. All the models are innovative and have their own specifications regarding size, color, and weight. These boards are constructed with high-grade materials to provide all the accessories included in the package at affordable prices to meet the needs of all levels of players. 

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