How to Longboard Down a Steep Hill in Easy Ways

Longboarding down a steep hill can be dangerous if you do not know the right way. While it can be accessible by practicing over and over again at different game sessions. The steep hill can be an innovative style, especially if you are an intermediate longboard searching for a challenge downhill. 

Downhill steep hill is a type of non-competitive skating in which skaters ride down steep hills at fast and higher speeds. The main aim of going downhill down a steep hill is to get the fastest speed by completely controlling your board. To achieve this, some longboarders can overcome a speed of over 85 miles per hour. So the increased risk of injuries and high speeds qualify downhill skateboarding as an extreme sport.  

In this blog, I am here to guide you through some easy tricks to follow, but others can be a smidge harder.  

How To Longboard Down A Steep Hill?

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Longboarding down a steep hill can be risky, and it’s crucial to take it soberly. Always categorize safely and know your limits with the right accessories, procedures, and practice. You can enjoy an exciting and safe longboarding experience. You should improve your techniques and expertise before becoming the fastest downhill skateboarder. 

Tucking Downhill

You compress as much as possible in a specified place to effect maximum speed. When you tuck onto your board, decrease wind resistivity and balance your body, shape your body to modify air resistance so you can function accurately.

Control Your Speed

Use your body weight and foot placement to command your speed. You can also use the mold method to decline by making a series of S-shaped turns. You must have the strength to control the speed of your longboard.

Finally, the essential trick all experts follow is to be daring, as it is a risky sport. If you understand the basic rightly, you must believe in your talent and go all out.

Longboarding downhill can be exciting but can be dangerous many times due to many reasons. The tips and preventive measures can be beneficial for you to take on steep and slippery surfaces.  

Learn To Stop

One of the most well-known and safe strategies to learn downhill longboarding is foot braking to stop on the board.

Revoke your back foot from the slat and drift it on the ground before resting. Before you even begin resounding, you explore to know who to pause your longboard if you get into danger deep down.

Various methods for performing this include anchor, trailside, and heel slide. 

Become Adept At Turning 

You must make a doubtful turn while traveling along a straight line. However, there is an incredible thrill and risk of turning at such high speed. Your protection and safety greatly depend on your capacity to right safely and how much you take precautionary measures while longboarding on a steep hill.

You can enjoy a safe longboard down a steep hill ride with the following two methods.

  • Pre -drifting 
  • Foot stomping

Predrifting can be defined as lightly drifting before you turn.

Protective Tips Accessories On Downhill Longboarding

When you get involved in excessive sports, having the appropriate safety apparatus to help reduce your chance of injury gives you the faith to push yourself even further. You will need some crucial protective equipment to participate in the downhill longboarding. Following of the steps are given below:

  • Avoid using it during the wet season. The board will take in humidity and become muggy and sticky, making it unsuitable. 
  • To enhance the efficiency of the longboard, clean the bearings and surface the longboard wheels. So that they can travel faster and with less effort as compared to skateboarding.
  • Preventive measures like wearing a helmet and other protective gear are necessary. Because when the speed is very high, you cannot control the speed of the longboard.

Keep An Eye On Barriers

Always watch for other barriers on the hill, such as strollers, cars, or passengers. Always advertise with other passengers by hand signals and ease up to the walker so they do not face any issues.

Keep Your Weight Centered

Curve your knees on the board with your feet and shoulders straight.

By doing so, keep your weight in the middle of your board. Escape tendency too far forward or backward can cause a go ape.

Best Downhill Longboard

At most, some boards are suitable for downhill longboarding. Have a deck that is not simply rough but also suitable. Your board should be curved to support your feet from sleeping. The grasp should be in good condition to give the best possible grip.


What speed requires a longboard down a steep hill?

Downhill longboarding (also assigned as downhill skateboarding or speedboarding)  is usually done with the comfort of gloves with slide prankster as a point of stability. Its quality speed is faster than one can push, generally between 20 and 80 miles per hour.

How do you slow down when skating down a hill?

Foot braking is a crucial skill for downhill skateboarders foot braking is a method where you softly touch your back foot to the ground to give rise to friction with the paved path, helping you slow down to a stop. The controlled slide is the most efficient way to command your speed downhill.

How fast can a longboard go down a hill?

Longboards are typically faster than skateboards because of their larger wheelbase(span between trucks) and giant wheels. Longboarding pace typically ranges from 6mph when sailing to 50-60 mph when downhill riding. 


To some up how to longboard On A Steep Hill, there is no denying that without practising and learning the right tips, you can not be a professional player. Learning the game from scratch with the best protective gear and preventive measures is essential to achieve the perfect cornering line.

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