Longboard Bushings Guide: How Do You Choose Longboard Bushings?

Longboard bushings are essential longboard components that allow for fine-tuning and control of the ride. They provide stability, dampening, responsiveness, and shock absorption for a comfortable riding experience. Bushings come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of riding styles or types of boards.

Knowing longboard bushing is essential; most bushings have two parts: an inner core and an outer sleeve. The size and shape of the bushing will determine how it behaves when put under pressure from weight loads or turns on the board.

Softer bushings will provide more cushioning, while stiffer bushings will be less forgiving and handle better when turning faster and sharply.

All About Longboard Bushings

longboard bushings guide


The hardness is measured on a durometer scale (ranging from 0 to 100), with higher numbers indicating a more rigid bushing.

Shape of bushings

There are different shapes of longboard bushings that you’ll find on longboards, cone, barrel, step, eliminator, and short and tall cone bushings. The shape of the bushing is crucial to the overall performance of the longboard and can also be tailored to suit your riding style or preferences.

Barrel bushings

Barrel bushings are cone-shaped and have an even pressure distribution throughout the turn, allowing smooth carves.

Cone shaped bushings

Cone bushings provide more support when turning but make sharper turns easier than barrels. Step bushings offer a combination of barrel and cone shaping, providing great response and making initiating turns easy.

Step Shaped Bushings

Step-shaped bushings offer a combination of barrel and cone shaping, providing great response and easy initiation of turns.

Eliminator Bushings

Eliminators are different from traditional bushings as they incorporate two parts that allow you to customize the degree of stiffness.

Combining a soft cone and a hard barrel bushing makes it easier to transition between turns, giving you better control over your board.

They also provide shock absorption for smoother rides, even at high speeds. When choosing the proper eliminator setup for your longboard, consider the weight of the rider and the type of riding style you prefer.

Short and Tall Cone Bushings

Short and tall cone bushings are great for those who want to customize their bushing setup. Shorter coned bushings give you more control when turning, while taller ones provide better shock absorption.

Depending on the rider’s size, some riders may prefer a combination of short and tall cones to get the perfect balance between turn response and shock absorption.

longboard bushings buying guide

When setting up your longboard with short or tall cone bushings, remember that the softer they are, the easier it is to initiate turns, but more pressure must be applied when reaching higher speeds.

Height of bushings

Bushings will also come in different heights, affecting how much they compress when weight is put on them during turns. Taller bushings are better at shock absorption, while shorter bushings are better for turning response.

Finding the proper bushing setup for your longboard is essential to ensure your rides are comfortable and responsive.

Experimenting with different bushings will help you find the ideal shape, height, and hardness combination that best suits your riding style. You can control your board with suitable bushings and enjoy every ride.

What Longboard Bushing Hardness Should I Get?

The hardness of the bushings on your longboard will depend on your weight, riding style, and personal preferences. Heavier riders should use slightly stiffer bushings to avoid bottoming out, while lighter riders can get away with softer bushings.

What Longboard Bushing Hardness Should I Get

If you’re more of a casual rider who enjoys cruising, then a softer bushing will provide more comfort and dampening. On the other hand, if you prefer faster speeds and sharper turns, a harder bushing may be better suited for you.

Ultimately, it comes down to experimentation. Try different combinations until you find one that works best for you.

Finding the Right Bushing Setup

It all comes down to experimentation for the perfect bushing setup for your longboard. Try different combinations to find the best for you and your riding style. Height, shape, and hardness will affect how your board performs.

You can take complete control and enjoy every ride with the proper setup. Ultimately, longboard bushings are essential for controlling the ride, and they should be chosen carefully to ensure a comfortable and responsive experience.


What is swapping the bushings?

Swapping the bushings refers to changing the old bushings for new ones, which can be done if you want to customize your longboard.
This often involves removing the trucks and putting in freshly lubricated or newly purchased bushings. It’s essential to ensure that your bolts are correctly tightened when reassembling your vehicle so as not to cause any damage.

How do I know what hardness of bushing is right for me?

The hardness of the bushing you choose will depend on your weight, riding style, and personal preferences. Heavier riders should use slightly stiffer bushings, while lighter riders may be able to get away with softer bushings.

What will stiffer bushings do?

If your suspension bushings are more robust, you should expect a quicker response when cornering, accelerating, or decelerating. But if you stiffen up too much, the ride will be smooth and quiet.

Do bushings improve comfort during rides?

Car bushings are tiny suspension components that reduce metal-to-metal contact. Because they are constructed of materials that absorb shock, usually rubber or urethane, they are vital to delivering a comfortable ride.
They are frequently the prime suspect, even though they are not the primary reason for your car’s trembling.


I hope this guide helps you find the perfect bushings for your board. With an excellent bushing setup, you’ll maximize the performance and control of your ride and enjoy every session with confidence!

Remember that experimentation is critical in finding the best arrangement for you, so don’t forget to test different combinations until you find the ideal one!

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