What are the Best Selling Longboard Brands?

When it comes to longboarding, there are many aspects that beginner to professional players have to look for. Especially for newbies what is the the best longboard brand? It is a very cumbersome task as the market is full of many options with many good features. 

In this blog, I will discuss best-selling longboard brands with best-performing products, value for money, and lightweight and durable trucks and decks. These include, Arbor, loaded, globe, magneto, sector atom, and Duster longboards.

8 Best-Selling Longboard Brands

Best Selling Longboard Brands

Following are the best-selling longboard brands for 2023 based on our expert players and their experience. 

1. Arbor longboards

Like all competitor brands, Arbor is one of the best and top rated brands of longboards. With roots date back to 1995 in Venice Beach CA, as it is the origin of this innovative brand. Ever since the brand has been well known for its highly durable and performed longboards. 

Moreover, Arbor is aimed to manufacture a truly eco-friendly product of gaming and supports groups that retain nature and forests, as it has built up its goodwill. Arbor Collective is the best platform to gather designers, artists and ordinary people to contribute brand’s sustainable objective to make environmentally friendly and durable attractive longboards. 

2. Globe longboards

Globe is the largest brand, distributor, and manufacturer in the world. Their lineups of cruiser longboards are impressive, well-performed, and durable in terms of variety and model range. Quality materials and craftsmanship for their durability and well-made are the apparent features of this brand. 

Further, they aim to focus on cruiser boards with a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs. Similar to Arbor, the longboards made by Globe are available at very reasonable prices, and a common man can easily afford them because of their smooth ride and beautiful designs.

3. Loaded longboards

Loaded longboards are widely opted for by beginners to professional players because of their high-ended styles and performance. The brand aims to make durable longboards with the best materials so the output is super robust and lightweight, high-quality riding gears.

Furthermore, the loaded longboards are famous for technical performance, innovative shapes, and features for a smooth and even riding experience. The company especially emphasize LDP, freestyle, carving, downhill, free riding, and much more urban commuting slashing. 

4. Magneto longboards

What are the Best Selling Longboard Brands

The Magneto longboard brand is a young longboard originating from California as it has a historical background in cultural tradition.

It is then brought back from the UK through the team of product engineers who successfully introduced it in the USA. In addition to other features, the brand has shining experience in product management from airplanes to golf clubs. 

The magneto longboard are concentrating on making innovative, latest technology-based longboards at very reasonable prices. These longboards are the best options for beginners for relaxed riding. The standard length of this board is 42 inches, as it’s the ideal measurement to start on. 

5. Sector -9 longboards

Sector 9 brand is based in California and has been in the competitive market for almost 30 years. It is one of the best and largest quality longboards in the world. but, how much does a sector longboard cost?

While their complete versions are very solid and durable, come in between $130 to $230, with which you can enjoy a smooth and even ride. 

Most longboard brand models are beginner-friendly, as they are US-based longboards with highly tough materials. They involve extreme testing processes like diving a truck over boards and shooting longboards with a gun. It’s launching an impressive number of longboards each year to cater to all levels of longboards for different types of players. 

6. Madrid longboards

Madrid longboards were first made in 1976 in Huntington and became an essential part of the longboard history. Over the years Jerry helped out the benefits of iconic longboards to produce innovative styled longboards with cutting-edge technology. 

Moreover, the brand is continuously working on concave-shaped longboards  Santa and Cruz skull longboards. In contrast to this, other longboard brands are also using CNC machines for beginners and professional players. Besides street trucks and decks, the Madrid brand has launched a wide range of rich longboard lineups with comprehensive designs and styles like mini cruisers, top mounts, drop-throughs longboards. 

7. Duster longboards

Duster California is a well-known longboard brand to makes cruiser longboards with high-quality materials with durable components. Besides introducing functional longboards for all types of longboard rides like commuting and cruising in parks and streets.   

 In addition to all this, Duster aims to create highly innovative designs with extremely polished fit and finish. The company cooperates with different groups to introduce renowned street, graffiti, and contemporary artists. The result is colorful, astounding, and a dream range of designs for the unique collection of longboards. 

8. Atom longboards

Atom Longboards is based in Colorado Springs and has been creating top-rated longboards since 2005. The products are innovative with high-quality materials and offer affordable longboards in the competitive market. These boards are cheaper than other brands while maintaining good constriction and quality raw materials.

They come with cut-out shapes like drop-throughs and pintails made with unique quality materials with trucks and decks. Atom also offers a wide range of all-terrain longboards at affordable prices. It provides good value for money products keeping low prices without being compromised on quality to avoid unnecessary market costs.

Final words

So the primary purpose of writing the blog of best longboard brands is to give awareness to those who primarily like to buy China-made products. 

Therefore the longboard brands discussed above are all best quality and made with durable materials, and you will not be stuck in the middle of the game anyway. 


What longboard is best for beginners?

The expert suggests opting for drop-through, kicktail and pintail longboards for beginners to enjoy smooth and even rides. 

What are longboard brands?

Atom, Arbor, Duster, Sector, 9 Prism, and Globe are the best well-known brands in longboards.

Why some brands are so expensive?

The reason behind the high cost of longboards is the quality of material used, and the amount of it used in the longboards.

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