Top Best Longboard Single Fins 2023

Are you looking to hang 10 on the nose and cut into your pocket?

Or are you tending to big drawn-out turns that leave lines down the wave face?

Whatever your objective is, having the right longboard with a single fin can be overwhelming in the longboarding experience. You might get confused with the wide variety of best longboard single fins available in the market. When it comes to separating with fins there are many sizes, colors, and designs that can work for the best. 

So in this blog, I will offer you a review of the top rated 9 best longboards with single fins with specifications, pros and cons, and a buying guide. 

So without waiting let’s have a look at all! 

#1. Aqua 9 Surfboard Fin inflatable paddle board

Aqua 9 Surfboard Fin inflatable paddle board

Aqua 9 surfboard is one of the top-rated options for water sports lovers who are looking to improve their tricks and techniques while surfing and go to professional level. Riders enjoy a high level of stability and balance with this typical surfboard because it is made with premium quality and highly durable materials.

Furthermore, the board is featured with a well optimised base of 7 inches and a total depth of 9 inches paired with a smooth edge and curved shark fin type. This board features with paddle board fin replacement offers you maximum balance and stability while doing steering manoeuvres.

Hassle-free installation and improved water breaking are the apparent features of this board and set it apart from other options.  


  • Super stability and control
  • Hassle free installation
  • Improve water breaking
  • Incredibly versatile and compatible


  • Not for typical longboarding tricks

#2. Santa Barbara Surfing SBS -9 Longboard Single fin

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS -9 Longboard Single fin

Santa Barbara is a surfing board with 9 inches fins and is an ideal solution for those who want to ride on standup paddle boards either with a single fin or one fin. This is a good example of a classic fin template specially designed for centre and paddle boards. 

The surfboard is incredibly versatile, suitable for all tricks of surfing and the package includes no any type of tools in it because the fins can be attached without them. The design of the surfboard is medium build and its foundation style is innovative to explore unique ways of paddling with water.   


  • Incredibly versatile for water surfing
  • Fin foiled paddles offer good hold
  • No tools are required for assembly
  • Highly compatible with other models


  • Wrong advertisement in a few features

#3. SBS 10 Surf SUP Fin 10-inch centre Fin longboard

SBS 10 Surf SUP Fin 10 inch centre Fin longboard Surfboard

The longboard introduced by Santa Barbara is an ideal surfboard with a single fin for those who want to get the most out of water sessions. The board is designed specially to execute beautiful turns, generate speed, and hang out in the pocket. In fact, it is the most elegant copied template of all the time.

Moreover, standard fibreglass construction is available in different sizes and colors to fit your needs perfectly. Length of 9 inches single fin works great for quick responses and unique turns during surfing tricks.  


  • Excellent for deeper waves
  • Generate speed with great grip and hold
  • Highly responsive to unique tricks in the water
  • Flexible to release during manoeuvres


  • Finish is not good

#4. South Bay Board Co 9 stealth single fin kit

South Bay Board Co 9 stealth single fin kit for soft board

South Bay is a longboard with a single fin that comes to your mind with the idea of traditional longboards.

A core template of the surfboard is built with the aim of meeting the all needs of those who want to dive into deeper waves. The board is featured with a glass fin with a medium base paired with a healthy amount of rake.

In addition, while surfing with this board you will find that this fin is best to take turns as compared to other models available in the competitive market. Moreover, taking turns and initiating unique tricks and techniques in water becomes easy with this option. 


  • Classic surfboard available in various sizes 
  • Perfect for small and mushy summer waves
  • Elegant style with a single fin
  • Made with pure fibreglass having medium base


  • Limited warranty by company

#5. Santa Barbara Surfing SBS -9 Longboard

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS -9 Longboard & SUP sin Center fin for surfboards

No matter what the model introduced by Santa Barbara, the single-fin surfboard is ideal for standard paddle boards and longboards either with 2 fins or a single fin.

The board is best for nose riding, surfing, and flat water touring as the option is pre-assembled and ready to place your foot and go into the water.

Despite all the features, the surfboard is a direct fit for all standard fin boxes of surfboards and longboards with single or tri-fin setups. For the category of SUPS, all packages come with famous paddle boards available on other outlets and REI.

The board features with single fin that comes with innovative features and can be a good idea for the gift of your friends having free stickers as well as all the free hardware. 


  • Easy installation of fins
  • Offer good hold in deep water
  • Classic fin templates ideal for all tricks


  • Some specifications are wrong advertised

#6. 3D FINS Longboard Fins Go Hard Series

3D FINS Longboard Fins Go Hard Series

If you want an innovative and unique experience in your longboarding and surfing journey, taking along a 3-D fins surfboard will be a great option. However, its features a patented dimple technology that is well known for less dragging up to 15%, as these are the fastest fins in the competitive market.

In addition, the surfboard is made with strong and durable material, and the unique GLASS formula is perfect to offer you high performance in the deeper waves. The board is greatly recommended by professional players due to Goharf’s soft fins and is suitable for all skill-level riders. 


  • Great quality at a reasonable price
  • Best for all skill levels
  • Soft and flexible fin to hold and grip


  • Does not fit into the standard fin box

#7. Aquabona Single Tab and Double Tabs fin

Aquabona Single Tab and double Tabs fin for longboards

The most important and innovative feature of the Aquabona brand is to offer high-quality products made with reliable and durable materials. That is the reason why this surfboard is very lightweight and responsive as it can provide good support, turn well, and offer great balance. Furthermore, the board is well known for support in flat water strokes in folding and pivoting.

In addition high permanence design ensures great responsiveness in deeper waves because the company is famous for offering every type of fin from entry-level to plastic made with ultra-light and strong carbon fibre fins to perform any trick to perform.


  • Multi-stylish fins in many colors
  • High-quality surfboard fins
  • Available in many colors and designs
  • Ideal height and angle offer more fun


  • Height of the rubber affects the strength of the fin

#8. Saru Surf 9 longboard Paddle Board

Saru Surf 9 longboard Paddle Board US Box centre Hard fin for Race

The Saru surf longboard is a great replacement and alternative when you want to give it to your friend as a gift. The board is the best option for racing, cruising, river sup, and touring across deep waters.

Besides, the reliable and durable construction of the board consists of hard nylon , plastic, and almost as hard as fibreglass to make it more sturdy and available at a cheaper price lightweight.

It is well known among beginner to professional players for its superior design with raked foil to cut through weeds and help you keep on paddling. This option is best for those who want to save money for screws because screws are not included in the package for fins.  


  • Super design with nylon and plastic
  • Good replacement for a gift
  • Great for beginners to learn tricks
  • Stand up paddles to offer grip and control


  • Screws are not given in the package

#9. Santa Barbara Surfing SBS

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Single fin longboard

Santa is one of the best options inspired by the Greenough 4 A single fin category, the most iconic and functional longboard in the competitive market. A template of surfboard is featured with a stiff base with a moderate rake. A high-performance fiberglass-made longboard comes with medium flexibility in the narrow tip to offer comfort to the rider. 

In addition, most of the riders are super satisfied with the performance of the board in terms of the quality and durability of the swim fin. It’s a great fin all round surfboard with a high-quality finish and the best quality for its innovative features. 


  • Tracks well and turned around
  • Easy set up of centred fin
  • Excellent control in executing sharp turns
  • Best features at a reasonable price


  • Packaging is not good

Ultimate buying guide of longboard surfboard with a single fin

When it comes to longboards with single fins, there is a lot to discuss because choosing the correct board with the best design, color, and specification can play an important role and make a huge difference.

Like how your board surfs in the water and how your overall experience in water comes with it. So making the right decision at the right time is important. 

Longboard fin size

In regard to the size of the fin, the general rule of thumb is to get the board features with 1 inch of fin for every foot of board length a 9-foot board should have a 9 ‘’ fin whereas 5 feet should be paired with 5-inch fin. 

Moreover, the more flexible fins range comes with generally bigger fins, but some fin sizes also offer half an inch more than the real size such as 9.5 so you can really fit in. 

Longboard fin positioning

It depends on your chosen fin and the type of board you are riding on. You might want to know about the tweak of the fin positioning to fine-tune all of its features. 

According to my personal experience, if the fin of your sets more towards the nose of the board will loosen up the feel while its position is more towards the tail will offer you more hold and control. 

So it is best to start with the neutral position at the centre of the fin box and then make the adjustment according to your requirement. 

Types of fins

There are various types of fins for surfboards aimed at different types of characteristics and functions. 

D Fin

These fins are ideal for those who are looking for the traditional feel and want to ride on bigger boards. 

Pivot fin

Pivot fin is a type of fin that is liked by those who really want to have a grip with cross stepping in and nose riding. 

Hatchet fin

Hatchet fins are very pretty in shape with unique designs and come with instantly recognizable shapes. These fins come with a lot of hold and grip on the board with better control.

Flexible fins

For those who want the best and plenty of performance while doing different types of tricks, flexible fins would be the best option. In fact, this fin is inspired by tuna fish outlines. 

All round fins

As the name suggests the all round fins are for those who want everything perfect in their riding experience. These fins are perfect in design, performance, control, stability, and grip and hold to offer fun and entertainment to the rider.


Why do longboards have single fins?

A longboard with a single fin comes with one pivot point and it extends the way further into water and is well performed as compared to standard performance fins. 

Are single fins harder to ride?

If you want to do a quad or thruster with your longboard then yes single fin longboards are harder to ride on because over manoeuvring a single fin will result in falling on your face. 

Is it harder to surf with a single fin?

The longboards with single fins are bigger in size as compared to the longboards with 2 fins. Most surfers are not used to longboards with single fin set ups so they face a hard time to face the game. 


Well, that’s all about the best longboards with single fins!

These were our best options in longboards with the single fins in the competitive line of 2023.

There is a fin out for everyone, no matter what riding style you opt for. Whether you want to start with the upgrading of a modern fin or go through the plastic one we helped you to find the best selection. 

Thanks for your valuable time to read out and will hear from you soon in the comments section!

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