How to Longboard Dance: Beginner’s Guide

Like other longboarding techniques, longboarding dance is a cutting-edge form of entertainment and enjoyment. A longboarding workout that combines fluid motions, balance, and creativity is known as longboard dance.

It enables longboard riders to express themselves through dance-like routines that involve graceful movements and elegant gestures. We aim to answer some often-asked questions and offer insights into longboard dancing, whether you’re a novice wanting to get started or an experienced rider hoping to enhance your dance skills.

How To Longboard Dance

You will need to practice a variety of complex maneuvers and tricks that are easy to learn if you want to learn how to longboard dance.

I’ll lead you through a few common longboard dancing moves with step-by-step instructions to get you started.

Moving Aside

Longboard dance relies heavily on the cross step, which involves deftly gliding your feet over the board.

How To Longboard Dance


  • It would help if you started out longboarding at a comfortable pace.
  • Your front foot should be raised just enough to cross the board and land on the other side.
  • It would help to shift your weight to your rear foot to stay balanced as you travel.
  • Lift your back foot and cross it over the board once your front foot is in place.
  • Now, continue crossing your feet back in this fluid manner.

Peter Pan 

The Peter Pan is a fashionable maneuver in which you sweep your feet like you were painting an arc.


  • Your feet should be parallel to the length of the longboard as you ride it.
  • Now, put a little of your weight on your rear foot.
  • You should lift your front foot, extend it away from the board, and swing it out semicircle.
  • To spin your body toward the swing, simultaneously pivot on your back foot to follow the motion made by your front foot.
  • Bring your front foot back to finish the arc and plant it firmly on the board.
  • Swing your back foot in the opposite direction and repeat the action.

Non-Compliance 180

A simple trick or move that gives your dancing performance a spin is the No Comply 180.


  • To follow this step, ride your longboard with your feet in a relaxed stance.
  • Lift your front foot off the board, then drive the board’s tail down with your back foot.
  • Your body and hips should instantly pivot 180 degrees as the bottom rises off the ground.
  • As it ends the spin, reposition your front foot on the board.
  • It would help if you landed with your original riding stance and both feet.


Glides and manuals require riding on two wheels while balancing on either the front or back wheels of the dancing board.


  • To start a manual, you should ride at a steady pace.
  • Put more of your weight on the front or back foot.
  • Lift the opposite wheels off the ground gently while balancing on just two of them.
  • To keep yourself in control and on balance, do small weight transfers.
  • Return your weight to all four wheels to complete the manual, then quickly transition into your following action.


Your dancing on the longboard gains a spinning component with the pirouette.

how to longboard dance


  • Start off longboarding at a comfortable pace.
  • Put your weight firmly on your back foot.
  • Lifting your front foot will allow you to pivot on your rear foot and begin a fluid spin.
  • To maintain balance and control the spin, use your arms.
  • After finishing the rotation, put your front foot back on the board and face the new direction.

Just a few examples of longboard dancing moves are discussed above. You can play with combining these techniques, making transitions, and developing your special maneuvers as you gain comfort and confidence. The secret to mastering the art of longboard dancing is practice, perseverance, and a willingness to learn from successes and failures.


What tools do I need to practice longboard dancing?

A good longboard explicitly made for dancing is required; these boards are often longer and more flexible than typical skateboards. Putting on safety-related protective clothing, such as a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads, is essential. It’s also advised that you wear the appropriate skates and dress comfortably.

How do I master the longboard dance moves?

Longboard dance moves require patience and repetition to master. Complete simple exercises like manuals, cross-steps, and Peter Pans to get started. You can hasten your learning by attending local dancing classes, watching online videos, and working with more accomplished dancers.

Is dancing on a longboard dangerous?

There are risks associated with every sport and physical activity. These dangers can be decreased by using the appropriate protective gear and practicing in safe settings. Begin with easy movements and advance gradually as your confidence grows.


So that’s all about how to longboard dance.  

Riders can express themselves while developing a unique set of skills by longboard dancing. The combination of longboarding and dance is appealing. Longboard dance is an enjoyable and exciting experience thanks to the flow of the routines and the technical accuracy of the feats. Anyone who prioritizes safety, and engages in regular training can join the longboard dancing community!

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