9 Reasons Why Skateboarders Hate Longboarders

Skaters were considered out-class and unbeatable before becoming the mainstream and official Olympic sport. Connected to hip-hop and punk rock, most skateboarders were locked down due to many things, including longboarders. 

So to date, many skateboarders still presume that it is the universal sport. But if you look at many reasons, it is not true. While not all skateboarders hate longboarders some do because longboarders represent mainstream culture, longboarding is more accessible and does not look cool. So if you want to know why skateboarders hate longboarders, contact us for the reasons. 

Why skateboarders hate longboarders

Do you ever think skateboarders hate longboarders or longboarding as a game?

The simple answer to this question is both. Because some love to hate everything for any reason. 

So there are the following reasons why skater-boarders hate longboarders and do not appreciate them. For your ease, I have dug out why this bad attitude happens.

Skaters are tribals

Skateboarders love to dislike everything that doesn’t fit their worldview but not, of course, and do not like to change. In the skateboarding subculture, a small part of the tradition is invested. That’s why it is considered to be tribalism.

If you wear a T-shirt and jeans from a skate brand, you will be considered a poser. In addition to this, wearing Nike shoes is also a reason to moral your compass. 

Longboarding is too easy

Skateboarding is a game of practice due to the smaller deck size and wheels, while longboarding is easy to learn, especially if you are a beginner in this field. 

So this is the common reason why skateboarders hate longboarders.

Why skateboarders hate longboarders

But in my perspective, longboarding is a great way to learn the basics of the game and how to ride on a board. Great to balance, Pull, and push without any risk of falling, especially for old skaters. 

Longboard does not observe Etiquette

Longboarding in a skatepark is often rarely sighted, and they need to obey the rules of skate park etiquette. While some longboarders get in the way, their recent encounter positively affected the game. Many skateboarders make the same mistakes, but some longboarders get more hate when they do not follow the unwritten regulations of park rules. 

Rules like not knowing the lines, not snaking and occupying a bowl for way too long, and hanging out are ignored by longboarders. 

Longboarding is too dorky

Reasons Why Skateboarders Hate Longboards

Anyone can be the best skater in town and streets and do ridiculous tricks, and no one can pull them off, but if you have a bad style, you will not appreciate it.

Skateboard is about style and how you make the longboard trick very easy. Like longboarding, skateboarders look very dorky same as scooters but to a significantly lesser extent.

Sometimes they are as big as everyday riders but look very awkward. But this is a wholly stupid reason and subjective to hate longboarders, as many skateboarders do not like the appearance of it. 

Longboarders are posers

For skateboarders, posing is a common insult as wearing thrasher shirts while you do not walk around on a skateboard instead of riding or hanging out.  

Most of the time, the longboard players want to pose them and act as cool as skateboarders. At the same time, there is a slight contradiction to addressing longboard as a poser because it does not involve much risk or practice and is easy to learn. 

So this is another reason why skateboarders hate longboarders.

Longboarding is not so popular

Although longboarding is becoming the sport of ordinary people and gaining popularity day by day because the community is relatively small, because of this, you will not see the longboarders riding in groups very often because it is all about lost soul mind with their own business. 

Some skateboarders base their lifestyle and entire personality o skateboarding. The weirdest reason to hate longboarding is just enjoying it as a hobby, and longboarding doesn’t want to take risks and are quitters. 

Longboarding tricks are limited

Why Skateboarders Hate Longboards

Regarding skateboarding, there are so many tricks to learn, as some don’t have names from experts. While longboarding has different disciplines and styles, as their arsenal of tricks is very limited. Longboards are characterized by tails and noses that make it difficult to pop a longboard. 

Therefore learning tricks on a longboard is quite difficult than on a skateboard. The lack of cocktails and concave makes them hard to trick because they are heavy, less elegant, wide, and long. 

Longboarding is commercial

Although skateboarding is more famous than longboarding, it is becoming somewhat mainstream, but it’s still a subculture. Most apparently, skaters like to ride on smaller brands, and shops like too commercial. It leads to summoning the wrath of skateboarders. 

Starting any skateboard brand will only work if you are an expert skateboarder and well-known in this industry. Skaters hate Adidas and Nike because they are not well-known in the miniature industry. 

Longboarding is for women

Women are becoming more in the game of longboarding and getting on more percentage than skateboarding. The sad thing is that in a recent study, female skaters indicated their genders still judge them.


Why do people like longboarding?

Other good reasons for obtaining a longboard include getting about town fast and easy, connecting to a new social group, owning an excellent hobby for you and the family, and getting into an athletic, fear, or chasten discipline.

Why do people hate longboards?

A few understand skateboarders hate as opposed to longboarders, proceed from doubt, a herd mentality, and the requirement to be relaxed and unique. These things make looks skaters look down on people who call themselves skaters ultimately by their are on a skateboard.

Why is longboarding looked down upon?

Since longboarding is so much more burdensome than normal boards, most longboarding tricks look unnatural and clumsy, and t very small number of longboarding tricks should be weighed stylishly from a skateboarder’s viewpoint.


There are apparent differences between longboarding and skateboarding, but hate is unjustified. I am pretty sure that longboarders also loathe skateboarders for many untold reasons. And can’t forget the hatred attitude from skateboarders. 

So no worries, they are also hated by longboarders, but I do not hate skateboarders for many reasons because skaters even hate each other for trivial reasons.

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