What is a Wheel Bite on a Longboard? (Explained)

Like all gaming equipment, longboarding is a game where you can face many problems for many reasons. However, wheel bite is a common issue you can have in your longboards and be stuck in the middle of the game. 

So the question arises what wheel bite? Wheel bite is very ordinary in most skateboards when the wheel flakes opposite to the deck while chiseling, taking arise, or landing a set in the stairs. Expert skaters earlier know about the problem and know how to fix it.

What is Wheel Bite?

Wheel bite refers to a situation in skateboarding or longboarding where the wheels come into contact with the board’s deck during a turn or manoeuvre. It occurs when the wheels make contact with the underside of the skateboard deck, causing the wheels to stop or slow down the board’s motion abruptly.

What is wheel bite

Thus, sometimes wheels come to a stop moving and suddenly block. As a result, the longboard loses balance, and you can even fall from your board.

Reasons for Wheel Bite in a Longboard

As I said earlier, wheel bite on the longboard is very common and happens when the wheel comes in contact with the board. 

However, there are many reasons why wheel bite on your longboard that we can not discuss in short. To explain better, here are the reasons why wheel bites happen.

Big Wheels

When the longboard comes with bigger wheels, there is less wheel clearance. So you don’t have to lean down too much to have wheel bite.

Trucks are too loose

Wheel bite can happen if the trucks are too loose and articulate with the wheels and touch the longboard decks. 

Don’t have a wheel Well

Longboards without wheel wells can face wheel bite many times in the middle of the game. 

So when you have learned what wheel bite is and the reasons behind it, now discover how to fix it.

How do you prevent a longboard wheel bite?

Some factors are given below by which you can fix wheel bite in your longboards. 

How do you prevent a longboard wheel bite

Truck Profile

You can go for a high truck with more gaps between the truck’s axle and the deck. This will give more room for the wheel to move around. Piso trucks are mide profile trucks; we have yet to get high trucks.

Similarly, there are low trucks which are great for stability and control. As the centre of gravity reduces, tricks are easier to execute. 

Riser Pads

This is my personal experience of getting the ride you want. Riser pads sit between the truck and the deck. So by installing riser pads, you can increase the gap between the wheel and the deck by just enough so that there is enough room for the wheel’s movement while carving/taking turns.

Replace the bushings

Opt for different bushings when riser pads and tightening your trucks do not work. This factory is often overlooked, but it is an essential factor. 

The best longboard bushings have a feature that can quickly carry your weight. A heavy longboard requires hard bushings and wheel bite occurs when a longboard cannot bear your weight.

Combination of a deck with wheels

Adding riser pads and replacing wheels can be a good option for a good longboard performance. In this way, you will maintain control and stability of your longboard. Due to the lower centre of gravity, you will have more strength and power. 

Get smaller longboard wheels

Sometimes bigger wheels in your longboard can cause wheel bite in your longboard. That’s why there is no clearance between the deck and the wheel. When you ride with 60mm wheels without the addition of risers, you can experience wheel bite. 

So it is best to consider wheels between 50 and 54 mm, preferably to prevent wheel bite. 

Why should we avoid wheel bite?

Not having the wheel bite in your longboard will offer you a smooth and even ride for cruising and carving on the longboard. 

You can easily turn and dive as challenging as you want without worrying about any issue related to wheel bite in your boards. 

It is good to boost your confidence and make your longboarding journey enjoyable and safer. 

Avoiding wheel bite is the best option to increase the stability and durability of your deck, saving you money and strength in the wheels. 


What does wheel bite do?

Wheel bite happens when the wheels of the longboard touch your board. Due to wheel bite, many players get hurt most of the time. 

Is wheel bite common?

Wheel bit is widespread in longboards due to the heavy weight of riders and when wheels come in contact with the bottom of the longboards. This results in the stopping of longboards by losing their balance in longboards. 

Why do I keep getting wheel bite?

There are many reasons for wheel bite, like when the bushings are too soft and trucks are too loose. 


In the blog on what wheel bite is, you know much about the actual issue and how to fix it well, and you will get rid with some simple tweaks. 

Landing these tricks on your longboard can often result in minor problems related to wheel bite. If you don’t notice on time in your longboard wheels, you cannot prevent it from happening. 

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