What Style of Longboard Should I Get for Dancing?

You can try some of the basic techniques and tricks on any type of board, but to be an expert in some of the more complicated steps, a special type of dancing board can make things easier. Most boards come with average size and have enough deck space to get a grip on many dancing tricks. 

Even more basic steps are a lot easier to learn on roomier and longer longboards for dancing, like lush longboards, Radian Free Ride longboards, Loaded Bhangra V2 dancing longboards, and loaded Meta Hari Dancing longboards.

While drop-through and drop-decked longboards generally don’t have much space for dancing,

This informative article will discuss which style of longboard I should get for dancing. 

What is longboard dancing?

Longboard dancing can be defined as a type of technology that comes with a stylish smooth, and expressive form of freestyle skating. However, you can incorporate huge variations of steps, grab tricks, turns, and even slides. 

What is longboard dancing

What are the best dancing longboards?

Here is the list of the best dancing longboards in 2023.

1. Lush Longboards Radian Freeride

If you want to dance on a longboard but are more interested in freestyle tricks and flips, look no further, Radian will go to help you out with no problem because it comes with more than enough space for cross-stepping and more tricks. 

Wheels, trucks, and bearings

What are the best dancing longboard

Radian will not be your typical dancing longboard as it is far more option to deal with freeriding and downhill longboarding. Considering this, Radian offers its Elite build kit and package with the Cuilt creator wheels and super sideways trucks.

So if you are looking for dancing longboards to embrace the flip tricks, the smaller wheels are a good option to get off the ground. 

The decks

The radian has a super ergonomic 41 platform because of its concave and 3D rocker mold, as the wheels are featured with arches that offer bigger-sized wheels for the long run to avoid the risk of wheel bite and are characterized by different markers on the soles of your feet. 

When you feel the subtle curves of pockets underneath your toes and heels, you don’t have to look down. Due to this feature, you know exactly where you can concentrate on what is important for riding and where your feet are.

How does it go?

The board is a more technical and smaller version of the Lush board. Radian is the best choice if you want to try different styles of longboarding tricks to monitor what appeals to you most of the time. The board is more compact in its design with reduced dimensions and lighter than any other longboard to enjoy a nimble ride while your feet get enough space. 

2. Loaded Mata Hari Dancing Longboard

Continuing with the elegant and legacy Loaded dancers, the Mata Hari comes with the evolution of a new era of freestyle and longboard dancing with the embracing progress.

Lightweight construction, compact dimensions, a range of wheelbase options, and poppy cocktails make the Mata Hari the upgraded model for those who like to get the challenges possible on a dancer longboard. 

Wheels, trucks, and bearings

Like all other dancing longboards, Tony Danza has an elite-built kit and exclusive pro accessories. The Pro kit includes Sabre 180mm trucks and Vandana value Abec 5 bearings.

Loaded Mata Hari Dancing Longboard

At the same time, the Elite built steps up to Sabre Labyrinth 65mm cult chronicle bearings for a faster and smoother ride for dancing. 

The deck

Loaded longboards have pulled out all the stops and features on this one. In this model, duel vertically laminated bamboo cores are sandwiched between the triaxial fiberglass to produce a strong and light poppy platform paired with CNC wheel wells that permit you to reduce the risk of wheel bite and running loose trucks. 

How does it work?

Mata Hari is considered the all-rounder with the 44-inch platform that Radian and Tony  Danza have, but it is more than Stratus and a longer legend. These features make it a greater choice whether you are a beginner in dancing or a professional and advanced skateboarder. So treat yourself to a new option.  

3. Loaded Bhangra V2 Dancing Longboard

Loaded Bhangra is an original dancing longboard and an upgraded option with more advanced features to create a refined longboard for carving, freestyling, cruising, and downhill.

Wheels, trucks, and bearings

Like all other brands and options, the longboard has innovative and advanced built-in features like 180 mm trucks and Vandam Value Abec 5 bearings for an even, faster, smoother ride. 

Loaded Bhangra V2 Dancing Longboard

The Deck

Bhangra longboard is featured with directional, mellow kicktails to pop up the board for kick turns, shuvits, ollies, flips, and other tricks of longboards.

However, the board is available in two flexible options, but it is good to opt for the board according to your weight; as the deck is aimed for cruising and dancing, you should not need any other stiff deck. 

How does it ride

Featuring bio-resin, bamboo, and unique cork a dancing longboard is amazingly lightweight and compact. It features with concave and flat profile as compared to a lot of modern options, although it is more concave than Bhangra V 1, which makes it a little different for footwork and dancing tricks. 


How do I choose a longboard for dancing?

If you want to have stable a ride as possible, whether by doing tricks or cruising, 46 inches Longboard will be your best pick. 

Can you dance on a longboard?

Dancing longboards are usually much longer and fall between 40 to 48 inches long so you should have a better room to put your foot on it. 

Can you dance on a stiff longboard?

Riders who want to combine freestyle tricks with dancing may opt for stiff boards for more pop-like ollies and kickflips. 


So it is beautiful to feel that you walk into a shop, spend your valuable time on many options, and finally pick up the accurate setup for dancing and assemble your first masterpiece. 

Therefore always check for durable wheels, well-made decks, and trucks to enjoy a smooth, comfortable, and entertaining ride.

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