Top Mount VS Drop Through Longboard Trucks: How to Choose One?

Are you ready to take your longboarding skills to the next level? Choosing longboard trucks can make all the difference in your riding experience. But fear not, fellow riders, for we are here to provide you with the ultimate solution! 

We will unravel the mysteries surrounding top mount and drop-through longboard trucks, helping you make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your riding style and preferences.

Top Mount VS Drop Through Longboard Trucks

So the apparent difference between the two is that in drop-through longboards, the trucks are mounted through the deck, whereas in top-mount longboards, the trucks are installed under the deck, which cut out holes to accommodate the trucks.

In reality, the truck mount can make a big difference in the performance of longboarding, so let’s dive into the role of Top mount and drop-through longboard trucks in detail.  

Difference Between Drop-Through and Top Mount Trucks

Difference Between Drop-Through and Top Mount Trucks

The key points that make this endless detail more conversating which one is the best mount style?

So the main difference between top-mount and drop-through longboard trucks lies in stability and responsiveness. 

In addition, the truck mount style plays a significant role in riding and affects its features and shape.

Comparison of the Drop Through and Top Mount Longboard Trucks

Comparison of the Drop Through and Top Mount Longboard Trucks

Choosing between drop through and top mount longboard trucks? It’s all about your ride style! Drop through trucks are the go-to for stability and ease, ideal for cruising and long-distance rides. They’re mounted through the deck, lowering your center of gravity, which means smoother, more stable gliding, and less strain on those legs. On the flip side, top mount trucks offer a classic longboarding experience. Mounted directly under the deck, they provide greater leverage and responsiveness – perfect for speedy downhill runs and sharp, snappy turns. Whether you’re a chill cruiser or a downhill daredevil, your perfect trucks await!

Key DifferencesTop Mount TrucksDrop Through Trucks
Mounting StyleTrucks mounted on top of the deckTrucks mounted through the deck
Ride HeightHigher ride heightLower ride height
StabilityOffers greater stabilityOffers enhanced stability at high speeds
Excellent for slide manoeuvresManoeuvrabilitySlightly reduced manoeuvrability
ControlProvides more control and responsivenessOffers a smoother and more stable ride
Carving & TurnsBetter for aggressive carving and tight turnsIdeal for long, sweeping turns
Slide PerformanceRequires more effort to pushingLess prone to wheel bite during slides
Deck FlexibilityDeck flex is more noticeableDeck flex is minimized
Pushing EfficiencyWeight is evenly distributed for improved balanceEffortless pushing and long-distance cruising
Weight DistributionMore weight on the deck for added stabilityWeight evenly distributed for improved balance
Recommended Riding StyleDownhill, freeride, and speedboardingCruising, freestyle, and commuting

Drop Through Longboard Trucks Pros and Cons

Drop Through Longboard Trucks Pros and Cons

Just rolled out on these drop through longboard trucks, and I’m stoked to share my experience! First off, the stability is a game-changer – cruising feels effortless and super smooth, like gliding on air. The lower center of gravity is a blessing for my legs, especially on long rides. Maneuverability is decent, though not as sharp as top mounts. But, let’s talk downsides. For speed demons, these might feel a bit too safe and less thrilling. And if you’re into tricks, the lower deck limits pop. Overall, for a chill, stable ride, these trucks are a solid choice.


  • Since the trucks in drop-through longboards are lower to the ground, they are easier to push and a good option for novice players. 
  • Because the trucks drop through longboards mounted through the decks and the hanger is below it. However, we noticed that the base plate on the longboard deck is more speedy and stable with the least wobbles. So the longboarders can ride speedily with the drop-through trucks. 
  • Drop-through trucks are featured with cut-out shapes with high wheel clearance. 
  • You can mount drop-through trucks in top mount decks if you want, but the opposite version will not work. 


  • Drop-through trucks are not very solid compared to top-mount lorries due to the cut-out truck holes; they can affect the structural resistance and weaken them. 
  • On a drop-through board, you cannot feel stable and can’t sit directly over the trucks, thus resulting in less leverage than the top mount. So it means that there is much lean needed to turn. 

Top Mount Longboard Trucks Pros and Cons

Top Mount Longboard Trucks Pros and Cons

Just took a spin on top mount longboard trucks and wow, what a ride! The control is unmatched – you really feel connected to the road. The leverage over the trucks makes for dynamic, responsive turns, perfect for those who love to carve and zip down hills. They’re a thrill-seeker’s dream, giving you that classic longboarding vibe. However, they’re not without their quirks. Beginners might find them a bit challenging, especially in terms of stability. And for those long, leisurely rides, they’re more tiring on the legs compared to drop throughs. But for adrenaline junkies and purists, top mounts are the real deal


  • Top mount longboards are featured with adjustable wheelbases, an excellent feature that makes them ideal for different riding styles and gives them a versatile appearance. They also have kick turns, kick tricks and kick tails for ollies.  
  • As in the top mount trucks style, these are belted below the deck, thus allowing you to put your weight and foot directly on the front trucks. This offers incredible responsiveness, tighter turns, and extra leverage over the trucks. 
  • Due to the lighter trucks, the top-mount longboards can quickly be transported from one place to another faster than drop-through longboards.


  • The apparent disadvantage of top mount trucks is that the trucks’ top mounts are placed partially on the top of the wheels, so the wheel’s clearance is restricted with the wheel’s wells. 
  • Secondly, the trucks in top-mount longboards are mounted under the deck, making them more unstable because they ride higher off the ground than drop-through longboards.

Top Mount or Drop Through for Distance Pushing and Commuting

As discussed earlier, the drop-through longboards are easy to push due to the low ride for long-distance pushing. So you will feel the clear difference while riding with the top mount while taking down the board in towns for 10 to 20 miles. 

Moreover, pushing for hours on top mounts will stress you more as your feet have to access lower to the ground.

In addition, with drop-through longboards, you will get added stability due to the soft bushings, which can make your ride more comfortable and stable.  

Furthermore, the drop-through is bulky compared to top mounts, making it tough to carry on trains or buses while commuting daily. 

Drop Through VS  Top Mount for Free Ride

They can work similarly whether you ride on top-mount longboards or drop through for free. Which one you opt for depends on the preferences and style of the rider. 

In the opinion of some riders, the top mount rides are more satisfying due to their high responsiveness and how they lean and turn. 

They also find that sliding with a top mount is smoother and even because of better capacity to put their weight directly on the trucks of the longboard.  

On the other hand,  the drop-through longboards are best for rotation slides and big stand-ups. Due to the low centre of gravity, drop-through longboards are easy to initiate. While most of the riders like to opt for top mounts because of better control while sliding and better leverage over the trucks.


What’s the Big Deal about Top Mount and Drop-Through Trucks?

The age-old question for longboard enthusiasts! Top mount trucks, where the truck is mounted directly under the deck, offer a classic feel with more leverage over the trucks, making them a go-to for downhill racing. Drop-through trucks, on the other hand, are mounted through the deck, lowering the board’s center of gravity. This makes them a dream for cruising and stability, especially for beginners or those who love long-distance rides.

How Do I Choose Between Top Mount and Drop-Through Trucks for Speed?

Wanna go fast? Top mount trucks are your need-for-speed buddies. They offer better traction and more responsive turns, ideal for high-speed bombing and carving. But, if stability is your game at high speeds, drop-throughs can be your steady companion, reducing the dreaded speed wobble.

Which is Better for Tricks, Top Mount or Drop-Through Trucks?

Trick enthusiasts, listen up! Top mounts are usually the winners here. They offer more pop and responsiveness, making them great for technical moves and slides. Drop-throughs, being more stable and closer to the ground, might not be the trickster’s first choice, but they’re not entirely out of the race, especially for beginners mastering their first moves.

Are Drop-Through Trucks Better for Long-Distance Riding?

Absolutely! Drop-through trucks lower the deck height, which means less leg strain when you’re pushing for miles. Their stability and ease of pushing make them a favorite among long-distance riders. Top mounts can be a bit of a leg workout in comparison, but hey, if that’s your thing, more power to you!

Can Beginners and Casual Riders Choose Either Type?

Of course! It’s all about what feels right for you. Beginners might lean towards drop-through trucks for their stability and ease of use. But hey, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to experience a more traditional longboarding feel, top mounts are totally an option. Just remember, it’s all about having fun and enjoying the ride, so choose what makes you smile the most!


So by analysing the pros and cons of top mount trucks and drop trucks, though, it is clear that both types of trucks java their specific features and characteristics. Some riders like to ride longboards with tp mount trucks, while others opt for drop-through trucks depending on their choices and preferences. 

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