Best Soft Top Longboard Surfboards 2023 – Budget-Friendly

Surfboards are crucial equipment surfers use to glide and ride ocean waves, producing an exciting and adrenaline-filled experience. These specialized watercraft the best soft top longboard surfboards are available in various forms, dimensions, and materials to accommodate varied surfing techniques and ability levels.

Surfboards have changed from conventional longboards to high-performance shortboards, utilizing novel designs and materials to improve the surfing experience.

In this investigation of surfboards, I will look at the best models of soft top surfboards, their design, and their role in the thrilling world of surfing. As a professional surfer, I Have done a lot of research on this essential gear.

TopLAD Soft Foam Construction Classic

TopLAD Soft Foam Construction Classic

Due to its stability and simplicity in catching waves, a classic longboard typically measures around 9 feet long, making it an excellent option for new and intermediate surfers. Soft boards have a smooth, resilient bottom and a soft foam deck.

The delicate design minimizes the possibility of injuries from the board’s impact, making it safer for novices and the best choice for learning. Longboards feature rounded or pointed noses, facilitating effortless wave catching and gliding. 

Moreover, a traditional longboard often has a lot of width, adding stability and buoyancy and making it easier for surfers to balance and stand up on the board. Longboards feature rounded or pointed noses, facilitating effortless wave catching and gliding.

TopLAD Soft Foam Construction Classic Reviews

A surfboard with a soft top often has a lot of width, adding stability and buoyancy and making it easier for surfers to balance and stand up on the board.


Perfect core for a smooth ride

Durable material to make it long-lasting

Comfortable experience due to responsive wheels


Not for deep waves

Classic Surfboard Soft Foam Longboard

Classic Surfboard Soft Foam Longboard

Generally speaking, the soft foam surfboard’s deck is built of smooth, buoyant foam, which offers good stability and reduces the possibility of injury to the surfer and other water users. Additionally, beginners can hold the board and keep their balance more quickly because of the soft foam.

Surfboards are typically manufactured with a slick, sturdy substance on the bottom that helps the board glide easily. Soft foam longboards have larger shapes that increase their stability and make it simpler for beginners to stand up and surf waves.

In addition, classic longboards feature a rounded or pointed nose, which improves their capacity for catching waves and gliding effortlessly. The rails (the board’s edges) are frequently full and rounded on soft foam longboards, adding stability and facilitating forgiving turns. Classic longboards have a single-fin design, while some versions may come with extra side fins for better control.


Comfortable ride due to increased control

More stability with nylon-centered fins

High density due to soft top

Personalized customization


Not for carving

KONA Surf CO Malibu Beginners Surfboard

KONA Surf CO Malibu Beginners Surfboard

The Kona Surf soft longboard rails are frequently fuller and more forgiving than typical fiberglass longboards. This promotes stability and enables more fluid turns. Traditional longboards often had a single fin design, while some could also incorporate side bites for more stability and control.

The single-fin layout makes it possible to surf traditionally and effortlessly. A leash plug is frequently mounted close to the tail of soft foam surfboards. 

These racks can transport paddleboards, kayaks, and other boards and surfboards. The Kona Surf Soft Racks’ building materials are frequently weather-resistant, enabling them to tolerate exposure to sunlight, rain, and other environmental elements.

Soft racks typically require no special tools and are easy to install. They are a well-liked option for surfers who constantly swap automobiles or rent cars because they are simple to install.


Enhanced size for all skill level riders

optimized for speed 

Sleek design to deal with waves

Lightweight, easy to carry

Slick bottom


Packaging is not good

Wavestorm 15 Anniversary Edition Soft Top

Wavestorm Classic longboard Surfboard

Wave Storm surfboards are characterized by their soft foam structure. The deck’s soft, buoyant foam construction offers exceptional stability and lowers the danger of injury for novice and advanced surfers.

The surfboard’s bottom often comprises a rigid, slick material that allows the board to glide over the water’s surface easily, boosting performance. 

Moreover, Wave Storm surfboards are available in a range of lengths. Still, they frequently provide an excellent selection of beginner-friendly sizes, including longer boards that offer better stability for newcomers.

These surfboards often feature a more comprehensive design, which increases their strength and makes it simpler for novices to stand up and ride waves. A rounded nose makes it easier to catch waves smoothly and keeps the board from damaging itself.


Durable due to highly constructed components

Glide riding due to classic shape

Great traction with foamy goodness

Responsive wheels with spacers and risers


Wrong color advertised

CORONADO Island, Surfboard Fence

CORONADO Island, Surfboard Fence

In the soft-top category, the Island from Coronado is a definite step in the competitive market for longboards. With no necessary soft top and a 2+1 fin system, this is the best choice, and anyone can rip on it.

In contrast to hard top longboards, the rails of this surfboard are a little top, have robust epoxy construction, and are loose, which impacts performance due to the foam cover on the top. 

In addition, the features of this model are solid, and the shape is ideal for beginners. You can easily cruise through smaller areas and do many other tricks in comfort. It’s the perfect board for you to stroke and have in your gear for years to come. In other words, you have barreled into this unique and innovative thing. 


Great shape for beginners and advanced surfers

Durable epoxy construction

Interchangeable fins

Significant volume for a shortboard


It can be hard to find and out of stock everywhere. 

Catch Surf Odesea Log

Catch Surf Odesea Log

Ah, what an easy way to enjoy summer with these logs!

Catch Surf is good because of its features, is liked by everyone, and has been around for a while, from beginner to professional player. With the elegant foam construction through the deck, it is ready to let kids romp around on and charge shore break. The 9 feet version is best for giant riders and those who want more longboarding glide. 

In contrast to heavy riders, its 8-foot version is best for average-sized riders, especially beginners looking for fun on smaller days. Moreover, the 7-foot log is long enough to act as an excellent catching machine and short enough to fit in a trunk when not in use. The board is a tremendous step down from an 8′ as one progresses from more minor to more giant boards.


Multiple sizes to match the progression

It has great style and is impossible to break

High-performing but shrill, soft


Not for heavy riders

Wave storm classic Inline

Wave storm classic Inline

With an original soft top, it is the best surfboard ridden first by professionals, then later by absolute rippers, and now by everyone. This surfboard is now available in blue, white, and rasta colors in the consumer market. While its 8-foot construction is the best option, it is the most well-known and comes in all shapes and sizes all over the map. 

Wave Storm classic surfboard features a strong EPS core with three marine-ply stringers, a soft crosslink top graphic deck, and a textured grip to have good control in deep water. The bottom slick is HDPE that offers stiffness to maintain board shape.

Vital bolt-through components and textured traction pads make it a reliable option for beginners learning skills to dive in heavy waves.  


Tried and tested model

Great round longboard shape

Ideal price and extensive range of options


Not a good choice in more significant options

More FAQs

What materials are used to make surfboards?

Surfboards can be made from various materials, but foam and fiberglass are the most widely used. More experienced surfers like traditional fiberglass boards for their performance and responsiveness, while beginners favor soft-top foam boards for their buoyancy and safety features.

What variations exist between surfboard sizes and shapes?

Many different shapes and sizes of surfboards are available, all made to meet different surfing situations and methods. While longboards are usually more extended (commonly 8 to 10 feet) and provide stability, shortboards are often shorter (about 5 to 7 feet) and are excellent for manoeuvrability and high-performance surfing.

When did surfboards first become popular?

Ancient Polynesian societies are where surfing first emerged and can be traced back hundreds of years. Solid wood, such as koa or balsa, was used to construct traditional surfboards. In the 20th century, lighter substances like fiberglass revolutionized surfboard manufacture and produced more inventive and maneuverable designs.

In what manner are surfboards made?

Modern surfboards are often made from foam blanks molded in fiberglass and covered in fiberglass and resin before use. The board is shaped by carving its outline and adding features to obtain the appropriate performance qualities.


To wrap up, the best soft-top surfboards are used by surfers all over the world to go on the ocean waves for a fantastic experience and represent adventure, freedom, and being closer to nature for their utmost recreation. The design and construction of surfboards have drastically changed over time to accommodate various surfers and surfing situations. 

So, the ideal surfboard is waiting for you, prepared to take you on countless amazing rides across the water’s surface, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just learning to catch your first waves. So take your board, head out on the water, and dive into the thrilling surfing world!

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