Can You Put Longboard Wheels on Regular Skateboard?

Yes, you can put longboard wheels on a regular skateboard!

While regular skateboard wheels are typically smaller and harder, longboard wheels are larger and softer, designed for a smoother ride and better stability.

Although it is possible to fit longboard wheels on the skateboard, there are some essential things to know, like what are longboard and skateboard and the steps to do the same.

So if you want to place the wheels of a longboard on a skateboard, you will remove the skateboard trucks, change the hardware, slide up the riser pads, put the trucks back, and install the longboard fins, if you want. 

Can you Ollie a Skateboard with Longboard Wheels?

You can, but ollieing a skateboard with longboard wheels can be more challenging compared to using regular skateboard wheels. Longboard wheels are typically larger and softer, which can affect the pop and responsiveness required for executing an ollie.

The larger size of longboard wheels can make it harder to get a quick snap off the ground, which is crucial for generating the upward motion needed for an ollie. Additionally, the increased softness of longboard wheels can absorb some of the energy and make it more difficult to achieve the same level of rebound as with harder skateboard wheels.

Can You Put Longboard Wheels On a Regular Skateboard

Indeed yes, you can fit longboard wheels on a regular skateboard. If the wheels come under 70mm in diameter and if you have ½ inch of riser pads. Any more giant wheels fitted into the skateboard will be too near to the skateboard deck; thus, it will be tough to turn without getting wheel bite. 

So assume you have a pair of wheels with 70 mm, preferably from 60mm to 65mm diameter. Let’s break down the story of how to put longboard wheels on a regular skateboard in the following steps. 

How to Put Longboard Wheels on Regular Skateboard

How to Put Longboard Wheels on Regular Skateboard

Before you get started with the process of putting the wheels on a skateboard, you will need the following:

  • ½ inch riser pad
  • Longboard wheels 60mm to 70mm.
  • Skateboard trucks
  • A skate tool socket with a Phillip screwdriver
  • Skateboard hardware
  • Bearings
  • A new or old skateboard deck

Remove Both Trucks From A Skateboard

First, you will remove the trucks from a skateboard replace all the hardware, and mount riser pads on it. With a skate tool and ⅜ socket, fix the socket on one of the nuts that will hold the trucks on the skateboard’s deck.

Now take the screwdriver, put its counter on the head on the relevant bolt, and place a grip tape on the side of the deck. To lose the nut from the bolt, rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction.   

Repeat the same process for installing the remaining bots on your trucks. Once you finish all the procedures, lift the trucks from the hardware and set them aside. 

Replace Existing Hardware

Most models of skateboard decks come with hardware to install the trucks. But adding riser pads into the trucks will be too short. Fixing all the remaining bolts in the deck and replacing them with the new hardware/pig Phillips head hardware would be the best option for these trucks. 

Fix Up The Riser Pads

Place all the riser pads over the bolts, as all of them are sticking through the deck. Ensure that the smooth side of the riser in the deck is against your deck. 

Install The Trucks Over the Riser Pads

Now is a good time to mount the skateboard trucks. You will complete the steps by adding the nuts to tighten them into the right place and threading a baseplate through the bolts. 

Once again, use the socket or a skate tool and Phillips’s head to fix the bolt in place while you tighten it.

Fix Bearings Inside Longboard Wheels

Once you mount the trucks with the riser pads, take the longboard wheels and mount the bearings. You can also use a bearing press on a skeleton for this installation process.

So make sure that the bearings are correctly seated in the skateboard wheels and will not stick out from the bearing bore. 

Mount The Wheels On Trucks

After fixing the bearings into the wheels, place them into the skateboard, ruck the axles, and tighten them with the axle nut.

You should ensure a speed washer on any side of the wheel to prevent damage to the bearings. If you have not removed the washers previously, these washers should be already on your trucks. 

Mount The Wheels On Trucks

While tightening the wheels, they have two wiggle rooms to ensure they rotate smoothly and freely. In addition, if you use bearing spacers tight, the wheels become snug. 


Can I use longboard wheels on a skateboard?

It is possible to put longboard wheels on a skateboard. However, it has many drawbacks. It may be hard or even impossible to fit up the longboard wheel with a large diameter into a regular skateboard truck due to the width of the wheel. 

Can you put longboard cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard?

You can put the cruiser’s wheels on regular skateboards because small and softer wheels will help you roll over much more terrains and enjoy a smoother ride. 

Can you ollie a skateboard with longboard wheels?

Yes, you can do tricks or ollie, but cruiser longboards are not designed for tricks and ollie because cruisers and longboards have bigger and softer heavy wheels. So these features make them very unstable and bouncy when you land on Ollie.


That’s about whether you can put longboard wheels on a regular skateboard.

Although the best way to install the longboard wheels on a skateboard is somewhat tricky, you can do this with your efforts and time. You should test the setup by standing on your board with your wheels mounted and wiggling it. 

If you find your wheels too loose, add more spacers to make them tight enough to be fixed in place. 

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