Best Longboard Wheels For Sliding (Top Listed) in 2024

Any longboard setup must include sliding longboard wheels, especially if you enjoy freeriding and sliding. However, selecting the best set of wheels can be challenging, given the abundance of options on the market. 

Regardless of your riding experience, this article will help you to get the best longboard wheels for sliding and advice on how to pick the ones that best suit your riding tastes and style. Everything you need to know to make an informed choice will be covered, from the materials to the size and design of the wheels.

Top Best Longboard Wheels For Sliding

Yellow Jacket Premium Abec 11

Yellow Jacket Premium Abec 11


Despite being a more recent name in the longboarding world, Abec has swiftly become well-known for its selection of reasonably priced, excellent sliding longboard wheels.

They are manufactured with premium urethane material for a smooth and predictable glide and come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate multiple riding styles.

Besides, they are super easy to lock out these wheels, have round lips, classic thane, and reflex thane, making them a decent sliding option. They are available in various sizes ranging from 62 mm to 72 mm. Center set free rides can be resolved to cone or can be reversed, and you can slide with them down to the core after flipping down.


  • Easy to control and kick out
  • Center set freerides
  • Very durable
  • Both reflex and classic thane


  • Can be chattery

Sector 9 Butterballs Wheels

Sector 9 Butterballs Wheels


Have you ever wondered why Sector 9 butterballs are famous for sliding longboards?

It is due to the proprietary sliding formula used in the wheels to change into all-terrain longboard wheels that offer the traction and drift they require. So you don’t need to invest in the extra sets of wheels for different riding styles. 

Moreover, these cheap longboard wheels have a large cored durometer 80A 70mm that boosts a contact patch of 38mm. The wheels are moderately complex/soft and tall, and the contact patch is a little wide. The wider contact patch in the wheels is best to little more to launch your slides. 


  • Longlasting
  • Extra set of bearings
  • Balances traction and slides 
  • Flipped well


  • Not fastest

Metro Motion Magenta Wheels

Metro Motion Magenta Wheels


Metro Motions is one of the finest longboard sliding wheels ever created and a business that formulated the 70mm to 78mm durometer. The wheels are not built to lighten fast slides but are reliable for low speeds. They are chattery and loud when going on more rugged, rough roads at quicker speeds. 

Moreover, you can flip them after coning and squeezing out more life even though the wheels are not easy to break in and leave nice thane lines when you skate in sunny weather.

With this reliable durometer, you can feel a smooth ride with controlled speed, as these wheels are one of the durable options for sliding on rough roads. 


  • Quite controllable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Hook up easily
  • Slide nicely


  • Not too fast

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels


This company is an acronym for rider-approved designs as they are specially made according to the ambitious riders.

When it comes to sliding with longboards, you cannot get the best option other than this. With solidly constructed cores and more extensive profiles, the wheels can withstand without deforming and ovaling. 

Moreover, they have a feature of sturdy core that offers high-speed acceleration, and you will experience hard-pressed-to-find wheels with more consistent slides. Its increased wheel profile width sacrifices a fast speed, but this does not mean they are slow wheels. 


  • Effortless kick outs
  • All-purpose wheel
  • While and blue color
  • Consistent buttery slides


  • Affordable but not the cheapest

Abec Flash Backs wheels

Abec Flash Backs wheels


Abec 11 flashback wheels have rounded profiled lips and have classic thane. In contrast to freerides, these wheels have a side set hub, and in riding slide, they are as buttery as any other sliding wheel model.

At the same time, these wheels are not grippiest but respond urgently when turned up for more traction.

Flashback wheels can slide better, but you cannot core them. These wheels have round lips, but for skating, these wheels are best to opt for because they have features to meet the needs of riders without offering injury. 


  • Classic thane
  • Longlasting
  • Various duros available


  • It cannot be flipped

Factors to Consider Before Buying Sliding Longboard Wheels

Riding Style

Take your preferred riding style into account before buying sliding longboard wheels. Certain riding styles are better suited to particular sliding wheels. For increased speed and stability, wheels with a more robust durometer grade might be what you want if you prefer downhill racing.

If you love freeride sliding, softer wheels with a rounder edge are great for smoother glides.

Individual Preferences

In addition to your tastes, your budget is a crucial factor in choosing the best-sliding longboard wheels. The wheels’ size, shape, and color all impact how you feel about the ride in general. Select sliding wheels based on your unique style, personality, and aesthetic preferences.

Longboard Deck Type

When choosing sliding longboard wheels, it’s also crucial to consider the type of longboard deck you have. The sort of wheels that fit differently depending on the size and shape of the deck. Check the manufacturer’s requirements or speak with a longboard specialist to ensure compatibility.


Costs for sliding longboard wheels range from low-cost alternatives to expensive models. Before making a purchase, decide on your price range, and if longboarding plays a big part in your lifestyle, consider investing in better wheels.

Shape and Size of Sliding Longboard Wheels

The design of your sliding longboard wheels can significantly impact your riding technique. It’s preferable to begin with a wheel shape if you’re a novice because it offers a smoother ride and is simpler to steer.

As you gain experience, you can swap to a more square or beveled shape for more accessible slides to hold and control.

Size of Sliding Longboard Wheels

Your riding style also depends on the size of your longboard’s sliding wheels. Larger wheels are better for downhill riding since they offer more stability and speed.

Conversely, smaller wheels are more agile and maneuverable, better suited for technical riding and sliding.

What are the Best Materials for Longboard Wheels?

Urethane Wheels

Urethane makes up the majority of sliding longboard wheels. They are robust, bendable plastic with excellent grip and slips for controlled glides. Urethane wheels come in various durometers.

Ceramic Discs

The ceramic wheel is a more contemporary style of sliding longboard wheel that offers exceptional durability and no heat buildup during long rides.

What are the Best Materials for Longboard Wheels

Due to their distinctive ceramic and resin construction, these wheels are ideal for technical sliding and downhill racing.

Iron Wheels

The most resilient kind of sliding longboard wheel is made of steel. Thanks to their robust steel core and urethane coating construction, they offer the most power and speed for downhill racing and freeride sliding.

Steel wheels are not advised because of their higher durometer rating.


A material’s hardness or softness can be determined using the durometer scale. It is frequently used to gauge the hardness of longboard wheels and has a scale of 0 to 100. The more complex the wheel, the higher the number.

Durometer scale

To choose the best-sliding longboard wheel for your riding style, it’s vital to consider the wheel’s durometer rating. For instance, a wheel with a soft durometer rating of 75A–85A is appropriate if you love freeride sliding.

If you prefer downhill racing, a wheel with a durometer grade of 85A to 95A is more suited for speed and stability.


What distinguishes sliding longboard wheels from traditional longboard wheels?

Longboard wheels that slide are made especially for sliding and freeriding because they strike a balance between grip and slip. While focusing on grip and stability, regular longboard wheels are made for cruising, carving, and commuting.

Do pricy wheels always reflect performance and quality?

For beginner riders opting for cheaper longboard wheels is a good idea. While at expert and professional levels, expensive options offer much more usefulness in the longboarding game. But a pro longboarder can get loads of benefits from more costly wheels. 


By reviewing the best longboard wheels for sliding, I decided that Sector 9 reels with the 70mm to 80A formula are one of the best wheels for skating longboards. The bearings of this wheel brand are the finest in their features and performance. 

Not only do they slide on most hard and rough terrains, but they can roll smoothly and incredibly in any situation. Because best-value longboard sliding wheels are not always the best option for performance, Sector 9 is the best without any exception.

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