10 Best Longboard Wheels for Rough Pavement in 2023

I have great news for those enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners who find this fantastic game a little cumbersome due to the satisfactory performance of cheaper wheels on uneven and bumpy roads. This happens when you are going to compromise the quality of your longboard wheels. That is not a good idea, I am sure!

So from now on, you won’t have to bear the issues like experiencing friction and slipping on the rough pavements because I have brought a comprehensive overview of the best longboard wheels for rough pavements with specifications, pros and cons, and a buying guide in detail. 

Therefore, here you go on the reviews!

#1 Cloud Ride Wheels cruiser longboard Wheels

Cloud Ride Wheels cruiser longboard Wheels

Cloud Ride is known for making the best quality and top-rated wheels for longboards and skateboards to make these sports more fun. It pours top-rated untreated into wheels and comes with a wide range of sizes and shapes, ideal for sidewalk cruising and downhill bombing.

Furthermore, the classic formula of the polyurethane cloud ride wheel is well renowned for its buttery slides and smooth rides. The formula works best for freeriding and downhill longboarding on even rough pavements with ease and confidence. 


  • All round urethane formula
  • Offers more control and grip
  • Very responsive on rough roads
  • Great for medium to fast free Ride


  • Not for surfing 

#2 Freeware Skateboard wheels with 60mm Bearings

Freeware Skateboard wheels with 60mm Bearings

The freeware wheels, with innovative specifications, stand apart from other models for rough pavements and are perfect for uneven roads. Wheels with 60mm diameter, 45mm width, and durometer count 83 A make them super responsive, highly accelerated, and fast pacers along any area. 

The package consists of a set of 4 wheels, ABEC -7 high steel bearings, and spacers, which makes the whole look and performance of the wheel very advanced and unique. The wheels are durable, roll well for street skating, and are smooth on skate park terrains. 


  • Perfect for cruising and down hills
  • Rollon smooth and even on rough pavements
  • Very responsive at fast speeds
  • Ideal for tricky riding


  • Due to texture, it gets dirty very easily

#3 Bigfoot longboard mountain cruiser wheels

Bigfoot longboard mountain cruiser wheels

Mountain cruiser wheels are a great product for riders looking to go fast. The size of 78 mm makes it a higher speeder to run on rough pavements and uneven roads. The bigger the size of the wheel, the top speed of the wheel will be to handle. 

Moreover, the softness of the bigfoot is unique; 80 A makes it great for grip and stability at high speeds. An offset core allows it to grip through corners and turns. The company offers multiple colorways with the same size and hardness for different models of longboards. 


  • High-rebounded wheels to offer grip
  • Proud stability through pavements
  • Give stability at higher speeds
  • The offset core offers grip and control on corners and turns


  • Packaging is not good

#4 Freeware 70mm longboard wheels with ABEC -7 bearings

Freeware 70mm longboard wheels with ABEC -7 bearings

Freeware 70mm skate and longboard wheels selection offers unbeatable quality, well-performance rough terrains built with high rebound. The wheels are known for enhanced rolling speed and controls for streets and pack riding. 

In addition, the wheels are better for PU material, ride fast and smooth, and you can go over small pebbles easily and comfortably. They come with ABEC 7 high steel spacers and risers, making them super reliable and durable.  


  • High steel spacers and risers
  • PU material makes them faster and smoother
  • Ofer stability and control on rough roads
  • Pre-lubricated as compared to others


  • Not for downhill riding

#5 Orangutan Caguama 85mm longboard Wheels

Orangutan Caguama 85mm longboard Wheels

Orangatang longboard wheels are the best quality wheels at a reasonable price. The wheels are big and designed for maximum speed, momentum, and comfort for longboard commuting, long-distance pushing, pumping, carving, and electric longboards. The package includes Jehu bearings with integrated spacers, risers, and speedy rings. 

Despite these features, with the large 85 mm durometer, the wheels roll plow over rocks with incredible speed on rocks, rough roads, and pavements. The functional design makes them unique: a 56 mm contact patch with surface skin that offers a confident grip to move smoothly on almost every type of surface. 


  • Happy thane formula to make them grippy and plushy
  • The functional design gives support and grip
  • Fast and comfortable Ride
  • Maximum momentum and responsiveness on rough roads


  • Not very durable

#6 Shark wheels 60mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

Shark wheels 60mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

Shark brand is well known for introducing all products related to longboarding, including wheels with less friction and more speed, even on rougher roads. When the wheels are in motion, create a smoother ride at high speeds. It combines California-made high rebound polyurethane to offer extra range, speed, and comfort.

The most apparent and unique features include more control and slide drip on uneven roads and surfaces. Besides, they are made with a sine wave design, which provides three lips on each wheel, but the traditional style comes with only one lip to offer a super lateral grip to break away smoothly and recover.


  • More traction over various terrains
  • Sliding control and more grip
  • High ped with less friction
  • Produce less vibration and noise on rough roads


  • Not so good looking face

#7 Orangatang Stimulus 70mm freeride

Orangatang Stimulus 70mm freeride longboard Skateboard Wheels

The Orangatang Stimulus wheel is a versatile freeride option for rougher roads, freeride tricks, dancing, and other techniques. The wheels come perfectly sized, with 70mm diameter, as these are large enough to roll over debris and carry plenty of speed on every type of surface. 

The wheels are meant to be still, light, and quick for many tricks and slides. Stone ground contact patches and rounded lips ensure smooth and predictable rides right out of the box and the whole life of the wheel. Furthermore, the real Happy Thane formula is known for plush and fast, with a buttery smoother ride 70mm longboard wheels.  


  • Strong and supportive core
  • Responsive at a higher speed
  • Urethane formula for higher grip and control
  • Versatile freeride wheels with a perfect size


  • The brand offers no warranty

#8 AXDT Skateboard wheels 

AXDT Skateboard wheels 

The package of this brand comes with all the components of a longboard, including skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels, bearings, screws, riser pads, and spacers. However, they have a 100 % good durometer, 5-inch skateboard risers, and a rebound formula that makes them different from others. 

The wheels have 608 ABEC -9 bearings that can continuously rotate 30 S without being loaded. The wheels for skateboards and longboards are the best choice for beginners, as hardness is too high and easy-to-slip infusion integrated molding for a smoother and more comfortable ride.  


  • The package comes with access
  • Risers and spacers for a smoother Ride
  • Responsive at a higher speed
  • Accelerated due to lubrication


  • Packaging not good

#9 I wonder about Discovery skateboard wheels

I wonder about Discovery skateboard wheels

Cloud Wheels company is famous for introducing all types of accessories essential for longboarding, including wheels. These wheels have thicker spokes of the wheel core, which differs from the real ABEC wheel core. For better impact resistance, it is featured with strong composite material. 

In addition to all the features, I want to add more in terms of exclusive patent DFC damping technology, which is best to filter most of the vibration compared to traditional PU wheels, as this is the major innovation in the world of longboard wheels. 


  • Better wheel control on rough roads
  • More shock absorption
  • Exclusive patent DFC damping technology
  • Bigger in size, faster in speed


  • Very noisy wheel on uneven terrains

#10 MBS All-terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS All-terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS all-terrain wheels for rough pavement are the super choice for beginner to professional players. These wheels have opened up a new world for all skill of riders. The super high rebound 100 mm tread makes them ideal for boarders’ quivers. 

In contrast to other wheels, they are made with high rebound urethane, making them super responsive and unparalleled speed. These are the best wheels for rough roads that are added with off-road capabilities in your longboard gears. Thus, you can ride sidewalks, pavement, hard-packed dirt, or short grass.  


  • Cast with high rebound urethane
  • Unparalleled speed on rough roads
  •  Add off-road abilities to riders
  • Best choice for all skill levels


  • Have slight wobble

Role of the Contact patch and wheel width

The wheel’s contact patch is where it meets the ground when riding, and it affects your rideability in many ways.

A larger contact patch will provide more grip but may also make turning harder due to increased resistance from the road surface. On the other hand, a minor contact patch will offer less grip but make turning easier by reducing resistance on the ground.

The width of your wheels also plays a vital role in how you ride, as wider wheels offer more stability, while narrower ones are better for quick carving and technical tricks. Ultimately, it’s up to you to find the type of longboard wheel shape that fits your riding style best.

Cores and Core position

The wheel’s core is the inner part, usually aluminum or plastic. The position of the core can also affect how a wheel performs, with offset cores providing more grip and symmetrical bodies offering more slide potential.

Flat spots, Conning, and Egging

Flat spots, coning, and Egging are common issues with longboard wheels. Flat spots occur when a wheel is worn down and becomes less round, which affects its grip and slide ability.

Coning is when a wheel’s inner lip wears faster than the outer lip due to excessive gripping, making it harder to initiate slides.

Egging happens when the inner and outer lips wear away at variable rates, resulting in an oval-like shape. These issues can be avoided by regularly inspecting your wheels for any signs of wear or damage.

Race Finishing Running Surfaces vs. Stoneground

Most longboard wheels are either stone ground or race finish. Stoneground wheels have a rougher surface, providing more grip and better slide initiation, while race finish has a smoother surface, which is faster but less grippy.

Urethane Rebound, Speed, Grip, and Durometer Ratings

Urethane rebound and durometer ratings are important factors when choosing a longboard wheel.

Urethane rebound is the ability of the wheel to absorb shock, which helps with stability and grip. High rebound urethane provides more cushioning, while lower rebound urethane offers less cushion but a higher speed potential.

Durometer rating measures the hardness of a wheel’s urethane, with higher numbers indicating harder wheels that will last longer and roll faster but won’t grip.

The type of surface you plan on riding your longboard on also affects what kind of wheel you should choose.

On smooth surfaces like pavement or hardwood floors, softer wheels offer better grip for carving, whereas harder wheels provide more speed.

On rough surfaces, softer wheels absorb shock and maintain control, whereas harder wheels will be faster but less comfortable.

Edges and Lips

The edges and lips of a wheel also significantly affect its performance. Wheels with sharper edges provide more grip for turning, whereas rounder-edged wheels offer less gripping power but allow riders to initiate slides more easily.

The wheel’s inner lip is also essential to grip and slide ability. Higher offsets provide increased control, while lower balances offer more slide potential.

Round Longboard Wheels

Wheels are among the most common longboard wheels because they give riders excellent grip and control while cruising on pavement or other hard surfaces.

They create an incredibly responsive ride by providing consistent contact with the ground surface, which helps riders maintain balance as they carve.

However, these wheels do not offer much shock absorption, so they can be rougher when riding on uneven terrain.

Flat-Lip Longboard Wheels

Flat-lip wheels have a flat surface that helps create more contact with the ground and offers riders an incredibly smooth ride.

This type of wheel is excellent for Sliding because they have less grip than wheels, making it easier to break traction to initiate slides. They also provide good shock absorption, so they are great for riding over rough surfaces or cracks in the pavement.

Square-Lip Longboard Wheels

Square-lipped wheels are similar to flat-lipped wheels but offer increased grip due to their sharp edges.

These are great for technical tricks because they allow riders to carve and turn quickly without losing traction.

They are also great for downhill riding due to their increased grip and ability to maintain higher speeds.

Offset Longboard Wheels

Offset wheels have an inner lip that is taller than the outer lip, which helps provide more stability and control at high speeds.

This wheel type is great for freeriding and Downhill because it offers maximum traction but allows riders to break into slides easily.

They also provide shock absorption when riding over broken pavement or rough surfaces.


Was there softer than 78 A?

Softer wheels are rated below 95 A; the lower the number, the softer the wheel will be.

What is a 78 A wheel?

The wheels of the longboard are normally made with urethane, and the hardness of the wheel can be determined with the durometer. So, a wheel made with 78 A is a softer urethane than a harder wheel. 


So, the above said and done, for most riders, this comprehensive guide and reviews of the best longboard wheels for rough pavements would be enough to make the best decision. For any skill-level rider, the apparent design and look of the wheel is the biggest determining factor, as there is a wide range of wheels with many sizes, colors, and specifications in the world of longboard wheels. 

So, if you are still undecided, Orangatang longboard wheels are the best for beginner to professional players. 

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