Best Longboard Wheels For Carving and Pumping 2023

Before you get into any longboard, the part of the game that plays a vital role in the smooth and well-performed ride is the best brands of wheels. No one can deny its importance, especially if you are a rider on a longboard for carving, as safety should be your foremost priority. Protection can be achieved if you opt for the best models of wheels.

So in this blog, I will give you an honest review of the best longboard wheels for carving with their specifications, pros, and downsides. 

So let’s dive into the details of top-rated wheels of longboards for carving. 

Best Longboard Wheels For Carving

1. Big Foot Cored Classic Longboard Wheels

Big Foot Cored Classic Longboard Wheels

Big Foot is the top-rated longboard brand that comes with the best quality longboard wheels for carving. The company that I can’t ignore to mention due to its good performance in making the best wheels and other great stuff related to longboards.

One of their most significant addition to the carving boards is the brand’s cored Classic series, while others are satisfied with the mountain cruisers having larger diameters. 

Moreover, the wheels are divided into three categories: the smallest one is 83 mm, the medium one is 90mm, and the most extensive version is 97mm mark, which is surprising. In addition to this gesture, the wheels are great for softer texture with the durometer at 78A. So despite carving, the wheels are best for downhill longboarding as well. 


  • Soft durometer
  • Larger diameter
  • Suitable for downhill and steep hills
  • Center set core style


  • Not a pleasing design

2. Cal 7 97mm Longboard Wheels

Cal 7 97mm Longboard Wheels

Now I have a new and great option for those who want to have wheels with larger diameters for carving longboards. Cal 7 might not be as flashy and high-ended as other branded wheels, but they are worth the price and performance. Their broad and more extensive durometer sets them apart from other longboard wheels. 

Furthermore, they are an excellent choice for carvers because of the softness with the durometer setting at 78 A. Going to the other innovative features, the wheels are centered set hubs with compromising depth in addition to the spacers and bearings. 


  • Reliable and cheap
  • Wide contact patch
  • Larger diameter
  • Smooth rides


  • Not a versatile 

3. Shark Wheel SideWinder

Shark Wheel SideWinder

It might not be a preference for some riders of carving, but some want to have a set of aesthetically pleasing wheels in those longboards. After all, looking pretty and unique is also part of a fantastic and enjoyable game.

So I am sure everyone wants to turn their heads to Shark Wheels as the option is an advanced and innovative urethane formula. 

Furthermore, the Shark Wheel company is well known for making unusual wheels for all longboards. Instead, the wheels have spherical shapes and; locking rings of the square for a smooth and even ride for carving. Therefore, to get a little into the physics of wheels, the result is excellent in terms of performance and brings you a unique experience.  


  • Great deal on the price
  • Very versatile
  • Smooth ride for carving
  • Unique design


  • Not recommended for beginners

4. Blood Orange carving wheels

Blood Orange carving longboard wheels

Do you know how Blood Orange longboard carving wheels perform? 

To manage the carving tricks, the 82 durometer rating will make the rolling over pavement imperfections and cracked feet better than any other harder wheels Since the wheels are best to absorb more vibrations and shocks while riding for carving. Moreover, the vibration transfer to the bottom of your feet is also less with these branded wheels. 

Furthermore, another benefit of the softer longboard wheels is that maintaining speed is easier and needs less pushing than harder wheels. Also, the wheel is an ideal combination of the softer level at smooth rides, so the wheels are not too cumbersome and big but are still a better option for longevity and stability. 


  • Developed with heavy testing
  • Ample grip and control
  • Stone ground finish
  • Ideal for carving and cruising


  • Not for sliding

5. Arbor BOGART V2 Wheels

Arbor BOGART V2 Wheels

Would you like to know more about the best wheels, especially for carving?

Arbor is one of the greatest brands of wheels that know how to offer the supreme longboarding experience for different types of tricks and techniques. These wheels are made to offer versatile, fast, and smooth rides. This makes them suitable for transportation for college campuses, sidewalks, and city streets. 

So with so smaller diameter, the wheels are best to combine with different types of decks and trucks and can be mounted tight or loose as you wish. The way of use for these wheels all depends on the style you prefer, with the reduced risk of wheel bite compared to the larger wheels on the list. 


  • Reduced risk of wheel bite
  • Maintain speed
  • More manageable 
  • Durability


  • Not for downhill longboarding


Why is your longboard so slow?

If the wheels are still spinning slowly after loosening your axle nuts, you should lubricate and clean your bearings to make them fast.

Can you do tricks with longboard wheels?

It is very important to choose the right wheel size and hardness for your longboarding tricks with an easy and smooth ride. Opt for the larger and softer wheels if you want smoothness and speed in longboarding.

How do I get better at carving with a longboard?

The key to carving is sliding your wheels in each turn, letting you down a little, and controlling things. While practicing, you will find that you can make your carves different to have control and faster speed that you lose with each turn.


So that is all about the best longboard wheels for carving! 

Searching for the best longboard wheels can be challenging, especially when the market is full of many brands. Therefore, knowing the type of unique wheels for a longboarding experience is important. 

If you are looking for longboarding wheels, I recommend going for wheels specially made for carving, not for any other style or trick. I hope the top picks for longboard carving wheels will make you an expert for carving on many surfaces with a smooth and easy ride.

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