Is 36 Too Old to Learn Longboarding? What Age Should I Start?

Most of the time in your life, you might think that you are getting older to learn longboarding in the best possible way because so many older riders have never dived into the game before their 30s. In this case, you might not be so active, your body would not be so flexible, and your body can’t take impacts like at 20 years old. 

Is 36 Too Old to Learn Longboarding?

So here, the most common question is, Is 36 too old to learn longboarding?

The simple answer is that you are never too late and old to learn a unique sport, at least when you have reasonable health and are still in physical shape. So there is no specific age to learn, whether you are twenty, thirty, forty, or even forty. 

Longboarding in the thirties

Thirty is the age when the age for Longboarding starts to matter. It’s a little early for hair to grow out of your ears, but you must take some safety precautions. I was in my thirties, and I got hurt and injured while falling. 

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Learn To Longboarding At 36 Or 50 Age

The tips I am sharing with you are valuable from my experience and observation. 

Learn to Longboarding At 36

Gear up with protective accessories

Safety accessories like helmets and gloves with knee caps are the best option to prevent getting hurt and injuries. Because as you get older, it is harder to recover from injuries due to falling from a longboard.  

Not only should you wear the things mentioned above, but you should also think about knee pads, wrist guards, padded shorts, and elbow pads. 

You might also go for butt pads. You can get a few hits, but you cannot be recovered like a 20-year-old boy. Moreover, you should buy some quality shoes paired with proper cushioning inside to protect your feet from additional hazards. 

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Decent parts and wider boards

If you want to ride on a longboard in 36, start this game on a wider board with decent parts. Make sure to opt for a board between 8.25 to 8.5 inches and independent trucks of 147 if you want more stability. It may take a longer time to get your balance around on a small board. 

Furthermore, wider boards, longboard trucks, decks, and softer wheels will make a big difference. When it comes to wheels, soft and bigger wheels are the best option for longboard at the age of 36. Because these wheels make the balance easy and offer a smoother ride. 

Since hard and soft wheels are a huge difference, beginners should start longboarding with softer wheels. While hard and bigger wheels are ideal for tricks and suitable for comfortable riding. 

Start on a piece of carpet or a patch of grass

This aspect may seem very strange, but it is a great way, to begin with. To be aware of your longboard, start practicing on a piece of carpet or a patch of green. Try to lean forward and backward to get the balance on a board.  

Moreover, practice jumping off and trying to fall to notice what you feel like. Do this trick for half an hour to get familiar with the board. The benefit will be the board won’t take off without you. You can practice this trick even indoors if you have space for it.

Visit skate parks early

Skateparks are a great way to learn longboard or skateboarding, but the drawback is that scooter kids are unaware of this game and do not pay attention. Although, as a beginner, it is tough to follow the rules and get along.

You may also know the rules and regulations, but it is difficult to skate park etiquette if you do not have the right skills. So it is better to visit the skate park early in the morning.

Film yourself and take lessons

To make yourself an expert, it is a good idea to take some lessons and get help from anyone who knows the tips and tricks of longboarding. This guide will give you a good head start; you don’t have to analyze everything yourself.

Longboarding At 36

In this way, you will be professional in basic techniques like, posture, footstepping, bending your knees, and balance in general are the initial areas in which you can start working. 

 Warm up your muscles

Ever since I was 36, I noticed the muscles ache after longboarding. So it is suitable to warm up your muscles before starting routine longboarding or cruising. 

Learn To Longboarding At 36 Or 50 Age

To warm up my body, I recently joined a gym and it takes me to wonders and handles the impacts better.

Best Longboards for 36 years

Here are the best longboards I love recommending to those who have nearly dived into their thirties for the best practice.

  • Longboards for heavy riders
  • Longboards for streets
  • Longboards for beginners
  • Longboards for parks
  • Longboards for transition
  • Longboards for commuting
  • Longboards for cruising 


Can I learn skateboarding at 36?

You are never too old to learn skateboarding if you are healthy and active with good physical shape. So there is no age limit to learning skateboarding.

Are there pro skateboarders who started the game late?

Yes, many professional skateboard players dived into the game at a late age and became experts in it.

How long does it take to learn longboarding?

Normally it takes at least 12 months to 3 years to become an expert player, but the bet is to practice over the months and years. 


So that’s all about  Is 36 too old to learn longboarding?

It is also a fact that if you want to learn longboarding in your early thirties, you should follow the tips for beginners. You are never too old to learn longboarding because all is in your hand. Just ensure the safety and precautionary measures in a good manner. 

Therefore it is a game of fun and entertainment as it is a great way to upgrade your mental and physical health. 

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