How to Push On a Longboard – Learn Pushing Tricks

Most beginners and even professionals need to be aware of the skill of pushing on a longboard. It is also an excellent way to opt for a proper longboard to master pushing a longboard. After that, you must practice balancing and positioning yourself while quickly pushing on a longboard.

So the simple answer to how to push on a longboard is that you can quickly push on a longboard by balancing your board and finding the correct stance. Therefore, the initial and most crucial factor when skateboarding is your stance. If you are goofy, the right foot goes on the board while your left Leg will propel it forward with force.

For regular skaters, put your left foot on the deck and use your right to push off from a stationary position.

How to Push on a Longboard in 5 Easy Steps

Pushing on a longboard requires skill and practice. It may not seem very safe when you first start, but with some patience and dedication, you can be a pro on pushing like a pro.

Start slow

Don’t push at full speed immediately. Begin with tiny pushes and gradually increase the distance and speed of your inspirations as you become more comfortable.

Push On A Longboard

Balancing on a board

One of the most crucial skills to p[ractice for pushing on a longboard is how to balance on one foot while changing the angle and direction too.  Luckily it is a skill that you can master by skating frequently. However, there are many tricks to improve. 

Like one-foot balance, such as bending one leg and extending the other midair, it should be on the front side and behind you. 

Use your body weight – Put your weight over the board when pushing off the ground to maximize the power of each push. This also helps to keep control while riding.

Keep your center of gravity low – Make sure champs keep your center of gravity low and balanced. This will help you maintain control and decrease fatigue from pushing long distances.

Find the correct stance and position

As there are two variant types of longboard riders, regular riders and the second is goofy ones. So if you are a regular rider, you have to ride on a board with your left foot pointing in front, while if you are goofy, you will ride with your right foot in the front.

Pushing on a longboard

So it is essential in longboarding for pushing, which needs to shift the momentum from one foot to another. This is the most proper way to find position and stance in pushing with a longboard. 

Keep a consistent tempo

A consistent rhythm when pushing is essential to maintaining speed and control. It would help if you focused on staying in an even rhythm rather than random bursts of energy that can throw off your balance and cause you to lose momentum.

pushing longboard

Start Longboarding

As with any sport or activity, practice makes perfect. Dedicate some time to learning the fundamentals of pushing and stay focused on improving your technique each time you ride.

Longboarding Pushing Styles – What They Are?

The four main styles of pushing on a longboard are basic, slalom, freeride, and downhill.


This is the most common style for pushing on a longboard. It involves simple forward and backward steps in an alternating pattern. With this technique, focusing on keeping your center of gravity low for efficiency and control is essential.


The slalom style is excellent for building speed with each step. The goal is to make tight turns to maintain momentum while navigating through obstacles.


Freeride pushing requires more power than other categories but provides an exhilarating ride as you build up speed down hills or around curves.


This style is the most extreme and involves pushing faster than any other skateboard. Staying safe while going downhill requires many super duper skills and practices.

No matter your longboarding goals, there is a style of pushing that will fit your needs. Practice each until you are comfortable before taking on more challenging terrains or bigger hills.

Longboard Pushing Tips for Beginners

Practice makes you perfect when it comes to mastering longboard pushing – here are some tips to make the best out of each session:

  • Wear protective gear such as a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads for safety
  • Focus on increasing your distance and speed gradually. Don’t rush
  • Find a flat surface to practice pushing on first, then explore more challenging terrain when you’re ready
  • Make sure your center of gravity is low for balance and control
  • Keep a consistent tempo – focus on exact steps rather than random bursts of energy.


How do you push on a longboard without losing balance?

To maintain balance and push on a longboard, you must push with your back leg and leave your front leg on deck. Keeping yourself straight on the deck will be best if you do it with your front leg.

How do you push harder on a longboard?

On the front of the longboard, you will push with your back foot and have more control and a better riding style. In this way, you will quickly have foot braking, and you can push evenly on your front and back foot. 

Do You Push With The Front Or Back Foot On The Longboard?

To have optimal control, it is essential to place your front foot on the tip of the board and push off with your back foot. This will not only provide you with a better style but also allow for more efficient braking due to its more straightforward application.


After following these tips, you should better understand how to push on a longboard and be ready to take it to the next level. Always practice safety and wear protective gear when learning to ride a longboard. Good luck and have fun, champions.

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