How to Cross-Step On a Longboard? – 6 Tips

Cross-stepping on a longboard is the perfect way to maintain balance and control while riding. It’s also a great way to build up speed quickly as you shift your weight rapidly and push off with each step.

The most crucial step to cross-step on a longboard is taking it slowly and practicing regularly. Start on flat surfaces and build up your speed gradually as you become more comfortable with the motion.

Doing any trick on the longboard needs practice, and one should be very careful by following preventive measures like wearing a helmet and other protective gear.

What Is Cross-Stepping?

Cross-stepping is a longboarding technique where the rider switches their feet back and forth in an alternating pattern. This creates momentum and helps keep your balance while riding.

Why Do Cross-Stepping?

Cross-stepping is a great way to stay in control as you shift your weight rapidly and push off with each step. This helps build up speed quickly, allowing you to carve turns and climb hills more easily. It also allows you to anticipate changes in terrain or obstacles, like rocks or bumps, so you can adjust your balance accordingly.

guide on how to cross-step on a longboard

Stand on a longboard

Start by standing on the board with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Make sure you can quickly move around your feet to shift your weight back and forth.

Start slow

Start slow and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable with the motions. Always start crouching to keep balance and avoid falls.

Move forward

When ready, start moving forward by pushing one foot ahead of the other, ensuring that both feet remain in contact with the board at all times. This will give you more stability as you move.

Pushing off

As you push off with one foot, shift your weight to the other and push off again in a cross-stepping motion. This will help build up speed quickly as you glide across the terrain.

Stop on a longboard

When stopping on a longboard, twist your feet to point slightly outward. This will give you more stability and control as you reach a complete standstill on the board without losing balance or tipping over.

Cross-Step On A Longboard

Do more practice

Practice this technique on flat and even surfaces before attempting it on bumpy terrain or downhill slopes.

Is cross-stepping on a longboard dangerous?

Cross-stepping on a longboard does not have to be dangerous if done correctly. As with any sport, practice and caution should always be taken. Make sure you know your limits and take the time to get used to the motion and build up speed gradually.

More Asking Questions

What types of surfaces are best for cross-stepping?

The best surfaces for cross-stepping are flat, even terrain such as sidewalks or skate parks that do not have too many bumps or obstacles. It is also essential to wear protective gear, like helmet and knee pads, when attempting cross-stepping on a longboard.

What kind of shoes should I wear when longboarding?

You should wear shoes with thicker soles for better grip and protection while longboarding, such as sneaker-style shoes or skateboard shoes.
It’s essential to have good traction to keep your feet from slipping off the board, so it is worth investing in some specially designed footwear for longboarding. Lastly, ensure that your laces are tied tightly to avoid tripping hazards.

How can I improve my balance while cross-stepping?

A great way to improve your balance while cross-stepping is to practice regularly. Over time, you will become more comfortable with the motion and build the necessary muscle memory. It can also help to focus on keeping your hips low and shoulders back while riding, making it easier to keep your center of gravity in line with the board.


Always wear protective gear when riding a longboard. Ensure that all safety precautions are followed for a safe and enjoyable ride. Follow these simple steps, and soon enough, you’ll be expertly cross-stepping like a pro!

With practice, patience, and dedication, anyone can master cross-stepping on a longboard. Once you’ve perfected this skill, you can take your riding skills to a super awesome level and enjoy thrilling rides with more control and precision.

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