How to Carry a Longboard? 5 Quick Ways

Are you having a super fantastic day, CHAMPIONS? Why not make it more lovely with this guide? So, carrying a longboard may seem intimidating at first glance, but with the proper techniques and tips, you can easily manage your board.

Always hold a secure grip on your board close to your body for balance and stability. Consider investing in a board sling or shoulder strap if you carry it long distances, as this will help take some of the weight off your arms and shoulders. 

When using any strap or harness, you distribute the board’s weight evenly across both sides. And most important, never hang it from around your neck – this can cause strain on your neck and shoulders after prolonged use.

How to Carry a Longboard?


Here are some super easy steps to help you figure out how to carry your longboard safely and securely:

1. Get a good grip

When carrying your longboard, ensure a secure grip by grabbing the edges of the deck or wrapping your arm around it like a backpack strap. Use two hands for an even distribution of weight and balance.

2. Ditch the hand straps

Although straps are designed to make transporting boards easier, carrying a longer board may be uncomfortable since they put pressure on one spot in the middle of the board instead of evenly distributing the weight.

3. Be mindful of your posture

Keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed when carrying a longboard for an extended period. If it’s too uncomfortable, switch arms often to give both sides a break.

Also, ensure you can see what’s in front of you so you don’t trip or run into obstacles while walking with the board.

4. Use a board bag

If you plan on taking public transportation or storing the board in a car trunk, consider using a board bag to provide extra protection and cushioning against bumps and scratches during transport.

Board bags also make it easier to carry multiple boards if necessary.

5. Consider a board sling or shoulder strap

Consider investing in a longboard sling or shoulder strap for even more convenience and easy carrying. These can be attached to the ends of your board so you can throw them over your shoulder and free up both hands for other tasks.

Why Should You Carry a Longboard?

Why should you Carry a Longboard

Carrying your board is often the only way to get around if you need access to public transportation or a vehicle.

Furthermore, carrying it allows you to navigate quickly through tight spaces while also giving you the freedom to explore places that are too far away or out of reach when walking on foot.

You can always keep an eye on your board and avoid having someone accidentally take it since you won’t need to leave it unattended.

5 Different Ways to Carry a Longboard

1. Carry the Board Over Your Shoulder

This is the most common way to carry a longboard, as it’s easy and convenient. Ensure you have a secure grip and hold the board close to your body for balance and stability.

2. Carry it with Both Hands

Carry a Longboard

When carrying a heavy board, this option gives you more control over evenly distributing the board’s weight between both sides.

3. Use a Skateboard Backpack or Sling Bag

If you plan on carrying your board longer distances or want an easier way to transport multiple boards at once, these bags are practical options that allow you free up both arms while keeping your hands free for other tasks.

4. Use a Board Strap

This is the simplest way to carry your board since you must loop one end of the straps around your wrist and then secure the other end around your board.

5. Hang it from Your Neck

There are more comfortable ways to transport a longboard, but it can work in a pinch if you don’t have any other options. Ensure you distribute the weight evenly across both sides and be mindful of your posture.


What is the best way to carry multiple boards at once?

Using a skateboard backpack or sling bag is the best way to carry multiple boards at once. This will allow you to free up both arms and keep your hands free for other tasks while still being able to keep an eye on all of the boards. Ensure the bag is packed correctly so it can be smooth and comfortable.

Can I carry my board without holding onto it?

Yes, you can use a board strap if you need both hands free. This will allow you to securely fasten one end of the strap around your wrist and the other around your longboard so that it hangs safely by your side while freeing up both hands. Ensure the board’s weight is distributed evenly across both sides when doing this.

What other options are available for carrying a longboard?

Several other options are available for carrying a longboard, such as using a skateboard backpack or sling bag, hanging it from your neck (though this is not recommended due to possible strain on your neck and shoulders), or using a board strap.
Each option has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to consider what best suits your needs before deciding. You can also use both arms to carry the board if you need to transport multiple boards simultaneously. Whichever method you choose, ensure that the board is secure and that you have a good grip on it for safety and stability.


Happy by the guide, CHAMPIONS? Following these tips, you should be okay with mastering the art of carrying a longboard. With practice, you’ll be able to quickly and safely transport your board wherever you need to go.

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