How Far Can You Travel on a Longboard?

Before knowing how far you can travel on a longboard, you should know many terms of this game. This includes long-distance pushing, long-distance longboarding, long-distance pumping, and their disciplines in a thriving way. 

Longboards can usually travel 50 miles a day in 12 to 15 hours. So to get a more detailed answer to this question, I am here to guide you as I have been in this game over the years.

It is all about covering a very long distance in the shortest time, mainly through kick pushing with the combination of pumping and pushing. 

How far can you go on a longboard?

Cruising and downhill longboarding are two basic tricks and styles that come to our minds regarding longboarding.

How Far Can You Travel on a Longboard

Longboard-pushing longboarders produce a very passionate bunch with powerful performance and dedicated goals same as triathletes and marathon runners. 

Long distance pushing

Casual LDP longboarders enjoy riding on their longboards across or between the towns. On the other hand, severe LDP longboarders train themselves to build up their speed and endurance and measure their performance constantly by participating in challenging athletic events. 

Moreover, looking at fascinating longboarding styles, challenges, and equipment integral to long-distance longboarding is necessary. 

Key skills to cover long distances on longboarding

One of the most explosive endurance is long-distance longboarding. The pushing motion, stance, and posture are essential for getting high efficiency that plays an important role in covering long distances. These aspects will offer much comfort for long distances and take you far to destinations. 

Kick pushing

To cover long distances, the biggest challenge is to build up the ability to kick push with less effort, efficiency, and maximum speed by avoiding exhaustion and stress over far distances. 

Moreover, reducing wasted movement as much as possible is essential to create a high pace over the run for a longer time. For longer distances, pushers continuously search for subtle increases in efficiencies linked with the speed gains to travel with a smooth ride. 

Kick pushing

In addition, riders begin with small kicks to get high speed, with big stronger kicks to maintain pace and speed. Tricks like switch pushing are also essential for far traveling contrary to same foot pushing to speed the effort across. 

Endurance training

Traveling for a long time cannot be done without practice and endurance training. Long-distance longboarders agree on the best way to create endurance to retain the given pace on longer distances day by day.

This is the most effective way to increase the speed to cover long distances over months of training. 

Many gym routines and tricks offer effective cross-training for long-distance areas. These workouts include deadlifts, big muscle exercises, squats, bench presses, dips, row pulls, lat pulls, shoulder presses, leg curls, and shoulder side lifts are the best ways and exercises to improve stability. 

Set up characteristics for long distances Longboarding

You can easily cover long distances on any longboard that comes with specific properties in common.

Trucks and wheels

LDP longboarders commonly opt for rental trucks reputed for excellent pushing longboards. Some opt for regular-sized, 180 mm trucks depending on the decks’ width. 

On the other hand, other longboarders prefer to run with narrower trucks so the wheels can stick out with less risk to go on for pushing hard. 

So, a classy set-up with reliable wheels and trucks is the best option to cover long distances on longboards. 

Decks and shapes

For long-distance pushing, the main thing is to consider the deck that rides as low to the ground as possible to kick with your foot that reaches the ground with less knee flexing. 

long distances Longboarding

So the best type of deck for long-distance pushing is the dropped deck. The combination of drop through the mount and dropped platform can lead to low-riding boards for pushing. 

Another aspect of the smooth ride for extended distances on the longboard is the deck with a slightly concave shape for tucking your foot if you want to go pushing over long distances for small foot pockets. 

Ending Lines

So from the facts and features, it is clear that a longboard can travel long distances very easily due to the best wheels, trucks, decks, and wheels. It all depends on the structure of the longboard with reliable, good features. On the other hand, if the game is not good, it can stop in the middle of the game. 


How far can I go with a longboard?

Regular long-distance longboarders can cover up to 50 miles in one day. 

Is longboarding an excellent way to get around?

The purpose of longboarding is to get you around in different places. Longboards are a great way to go around as they do not need you to place too much effort to cover the distance with fast speed,

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