Does Longboarding Help with Snowboarding?

What do you think? Is it a YES OR A NO? Let’s dive into today’s lovely topic. So, longboarding has become a popular pastime among young and old skateboarders.

It is seen as an alternative type of transportation, recreation, and even competitive sport. While longboarding may not be the same as snowboarding, it can still help improve your skills on the slopes! This guide will discuss how longboarding can help you with your snowboarding technique.

What is Longboarding?

Longboarding is a type of skateboarding that typically uses longer boards than regular skateboards. They are usually between 35-60 inches long and up to 8 inches wide. The extra size provides stability and more power for turning, allowing riders to ride faster and perform tricks more easily.

What is Longboarding

What is Snowboarding?

Snowboarding is a winter sport similar to skiing. It involves using a snowboard strapped to the rider’s boots and standing sideways on the board while navigating through various terrain.

What is Snowboarding

Snowboarders use their weight, body position, and momentum to carve turns or perform jumps and tricks in the snow.

How Does Longboarding Help with Snowboarding?

Longboarding can help improve your snowboarding technique in several ways:

They provide an excellent platform for learning basic skills such as carving and pumping. Since the longer boards are more stable than regular skateboards, riders can focus on their technique without worrying about losing balance or tipping over.

Longboarding can help with agility, balance, and board control. The extra width of the board helps to teach riders how to shift their weight to turn quickly and maintain their balance on uneven terrain.
Longboarding can be a great way to hone your jumping technique before hitting the slopes.

A rider’s ability to jump and maneuver on a longboard can be directly applied to snowboarding.

Similarities Between Longboarding & Snowboarding

Although longboarding and snowboarding are two different sports, they share many similarities. The most obvious similarity is the use of an inclined board. Both sports involve standing sideways on a board with both feet strapped in.

Longboarding & Snowboarding

Other similarities include the following:

  • Using body weight to turn and maneuver.
  • Developing agility, balance, and control.
  • Honing your jumping technique.
  • Understanding how to pump across flat terrain.

Differences Between Longboarding & Snowboarding

The most significant difference between longboarding and snowboarding is the terrain. Snowboarding takes a much steeper gradient than longboarding, meaning riders must be extra cautious about maintaining their balance and momentum.

Another difference is that longboards typically feature softer wheels than snowboards, which helps to provide a smoother ride. Finally, snowboarding requires specific clothing and equipment, such as thick outerwear and bindings, whereas longboarders don’t need any special gear or clothing.

If I know longboarding, can I snowboard?

Having experience in longboarding can help when learning to snowboard, but it is not guaranteed. Longboarding will give you an understanding of board control and balance that can be directly applied to snowboarding, but many techniques and skills are still unique to the sport. 

It is important to remember that while longboarding and snowboarding share some similarities, they are ultimately two different sports with their own rules, techniques, and challenges.

Does longboarding help with snowboarding?

Longboarding can be a great way to hone basic skills such as balance and board control that are essential for snowboarding. Longboards also provide an excellent learning platform for jumping and maneuvering before hitting the slopes.


Enjoyed the guide, Champions? WOOW!! So, whether you’re a beginner or a fully experienced snowboarder, longboarding can help improve your technique and prepare you for the slopes.

With its longer boards, more excellent stability, and ability to teach basic skills, longboarding can help riders of all levels hone their techniques and become better snowboarders.

It is important to remember that safety always comes first when it comes to skateboarding and snowboarding, so make sure you wear the appropriate protective gear before taking off.


What are the similarities between longboarding and snowboarding?

Both sports involve standing sideways on an inclined board with both feet strapped in. They also share many other techniques, such as using body weight to turn and maneuver, developing agility, balance, and control, honing your jumping technique, and understanding how to pump across flat terrain.

Is longboarding easier than snowboarding?

Longboarding is generally easier to start with as it requires less equipment and specialized clothing. However, snowboarding can be more challenging and has the potential for higher speeds and a greater variety of terrain.

Is snowboarding losing popularity?

Snowboarding is still a popular sport and attracts new riders yearly. However, there are indications that the sport has seen a slight dip in popularity over the past few years as other extreme sports have become more popular.

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