Do Longboards Break Easily

A big hello to all the champions of longboard insiders. So, As we know, longboards are an increasingly popular form of transportation and recreation. But, a common question among riders is whether longboards break easily.

Longboards, like any other type of skateboard, can break under certain circumstances. However, whether or not a longboard breaks easily depends on several factors, including the quality of the board, its construction, and how it is used. Read on for information on what you need to know to ensure your board is as durable and safe as possible.

Strength Of Longboard Materials

The materials used in the construction of a longboard can have a significant impact on its durability.

The most commonly used woods are maple and bamboo, which have potent properties that help them resist breaking and splintering. Composite materials such as fibreglass or carbon fibre are sometimes used to increase strength and stiffness.

Types of Materials Used to Make a Longboard

The type of materials used to make a longboard can also affect its strength. The deck, or the top surface of the board, is usually made of wood or composite material. The trucks are metal, while the wheels and bushings are usually plastic.

Make a Longboard

Impact Testing

Many companies use impact testing to measure how well a longboard can handle the impact. This involves dropping weights on different board parts to simulate real-world impacts and gauge durability.

Companies often publish the results for their boards so riders can get an idea of how well their board will hold up to regular use.

How to Make Longboard Tough

Riders can make sure their board is as strong and durable as possible. Keeping the board clean and dry reduces the chances of damage from moisture or dirt buildup.

Regularly inspecting for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or splintering, helps ensure that any potential weak spots are addressed before they cause an issue.

Applying protective waxes or sealants on wood boards also helps reduce water absorption, which can weaken wood over time.

Weak Spots

While the materials used in longboards are generally substantial, certain areas may be prone to damage or breakage. The most common weak spots on a longboard are around the trucks and wheels. If a board is not correctly mounted or the mounting screws become loose over time, it can lead to cracking or deformation of these parts. Components such as bearings or bushings can wear down over time or break if put under too much stress.


Regular maintenance is critical to ensure your longboard remains durable and maintains its strength. This includes checking all hardware for tightness, inspecting the board for any signs of wear or damage, and cleaning it regularly.

Additionally, if you take your longboard on extreme rides or perform tricks, you should ensure that all components are in good working order before each ride.

What To Do If I Broke My Longboard

If your board has been severely damaged, it is best to take it to a professional for repair. Repairs may include replacing damaged parts or reinforcing weakened areas with additional materials depending on the type of nature and extent of the damage. 

What To Do If I Broke My Longboard

An experienced technician should be able to assess whether your board can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced entirely.

Average Life Span Of Longboard

The average lifespan of a longboard will depend on the materials used and how often it is ridden. Generally, with proper care and maintenance, most boards can last anywhere from two to five years. Taking good care of your board and performing regular inspections can significantly extend your longboard’s life.

With all that in mind, it’s clear that while longboards can break easily if they are not adequately cared for or maintained, they also have potent properties that make them very durable when given proper attention.

Which Type Of Longboard Breaks Easily?

Low-end longboards made from cheap materials or poorly constructed may break more easily than high-quality boards. Additionally, boards that see extreme use, such as those used for tricks or downhill rides, may be more prone to breaking due to the higher stresses they endure.

When deciding which type of longboard to purchase, it is crucial to consider both quality and intended use to select one that will hold up well over time.

Which Type Of Longboards Are Not Easily Breakable

When selecting a longboard, be sure to consider both quality and intended use, as they play an integral role in the longevity of your board. High-end boards crafted from superior materials are far more durable than those made with inferior components.

Additionally, if you plan on using it regularly but not for extreme or aggressive activities, your board should last even longer due to fewer stresses. Investing in the correct board now will save you time and money later.

Are longboards durable?

Yes, longboards are generally very durable when given proper care and attention. High-end boards crafted from superior materials are exceptionally sturdy and can last many years with the correct maintenance and upkeep. 

Therefore, it is crucial to consider both quality and intended use when selecting a board to ensure you get the right one for your needs and riding style.


Are longboards more stable than skateboards?

Longboards are typically more stable than skateboards due to their larger size and wider wheelbase. This makes them ideal for cruising around town or navigating rough terrain, as they can provide a much smoother ride with better control over the board. 

Can longboards go on bumpy roads?

Yes, longboards are suitable for use on rough or bumpy roads. The wider wheelbase provides more stability, and the large wheels help to absorb some of the shocks from bumps in the road.
However, it is vital to be aware of your surroundings when riding, as loose rocks or debris could cause an accident if not avoided.


ENJOYED THE GUIDE CHAMPS? So, In conclusion, as longboards can break easily if not properly maintained and used, they are still solid and fragile. So, the best longboard can provide years of enjoyable rides with proper care and maintenance. Be sure to check all hardware for tightness and inspect your board regularly for signs of wear or damage to ensure its longevity. Thanks for reading. You are all super duper champions.

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