Do Longboard Wheels Need Spacers?

You might have experienced many problems in the rotation of the longboard wheels; thus, there is a hindrance in the movement of a smooth ride. Sometimes, the wheel hardly spins and revolves if the axle is tightened too much.

The question arises here: do longboard wheels need spacers? Maybe yes. Longboard wheels typically require spacers for optimal performance and safety. Spacers serve an important function by creating a small gap between the two bearings inside each wheel. This gap ensures that the bearings are properly aligned and that the wheels can spin freely and smoothly.

When longboarding, riders often execute sharp turns or slides that put significant lateral stress on the wheels. In these situations, the wheels can experience sideways movement, known as wheel bite, which can cause them to rub against the deck or the trucks, leading to instability and potential accidents.

Why does Longboard Need Spacers?

  • They serve the special aim of keeping the wheel working perfectly.
  • It holds the central axle to keep it in the perfect place.
  • Helps the wheel to work smoothly and even way.
  • It takes the pressure off the tightened axle.
  • They also help distribute the bearings’ weight, making the wheel spin even better.

Why Bearing Spacers Matter

Within the wheel on an 8mm axle between the two bearings bearing spacers are present, as they ensure the inner races of the bearings are accurately lined up.

The reason why bearing spacers really needs in longboards is that when these spacers are aligned and fixed correctly, the outer races and balls are also aligned. 

However, when the longboard wheels rotate, this alignment becomes critical to ignore the unwanted friction in the wheels of a longboard. Due to using spacers, you have to align the two bearings on the axle so that the tightening force on screwing the axle nut is transferred through the spacers and bearings. 

Why Bearing Spacers Matter

Moreover, the wheel’s bearings will be perfectly aligned if the proper-sized spacers are fixed, thus creating the fastest spin with minimal friction.

Common issues in Longboard Wheels Without Spacers

Riding a longboard without spacers in the wheels causes a bunch of problems. If you face any of the following problems with the longboard wheels and experience an uncomfortable ride, it is best to install spacers between them.

Loud bearings

In addition to the side-to-side play, the winner of the longboard bearings is victim to increased pressure which can result in more critical issues like bearing explosion.

Chattery wheels

When the longboard wheels are in contact with each other from not being tightened all the way while sliding your longboard. Ultimately, the best longboard wheels will jump around from one side in the middle of the game. T will cause extra vibration, noise, and uncertainty which can shake the rider off and have no fun.

Longboard Wheels Without Spacers

Bearing explosion

This will happen when the wheel bearings fall apart and fail to work. The problem leads to the wheel flying from your board and the wrong time. Spacers are o good solution to resolve this issue. 

Minimum optimal roll

The main function of the bearing spacers is to help them spin parallel with the wheels because, without them, the bearings will be rolled skewed and fight with each other consequently and do not offer the best rolling speed wheels you can get anymore. 

optimal roll wheels

Built-in style spacers

Some companies are making things easier for people using them around. This includes the longboards’ wheels with built-in spacers and speed rings to enhance performance. This means you don’t have to deal with installing and putting in a longboard wheel loose parts. 

If the wheels of your longboard have built-in side spacers between them, you don’t have to handle them with average bearings spacers and speed rings, as everything comes in the package provided by the company. Some built-in spacers on the wheels are Zealous bearings, Bones Rce Reds, and Dragon Built bearings.

Built-in wheels with spacers do not help in the performance efficiency of the wheels in terms of spinning, but it makes the wheels faster and easier than spacer configuration and standard bearings. 

The only drawback of the built-in spacers in wheels is that they only function well if designed to accommodate them. The most well-known spacers, scooters, kids, rollers, kids, and rollerbladers are available in the competitive market.

How do you install spacers in bearings?

There is only a critical tool by which you can fix spacers in the wheels. Installing the spacers in the bearings is essential, as it is very easy to ruin the delicate seals on the bearings. 

How do you install spacers in bearings

Damaging the sealants can affect the bearings’ performance in many ways. This is due to the tolerances being very tight in the bearings. A seal placed in the bearings can come in contact with the moving ball bearings, thus causing a lot of friction.


Do longboard wheels need washers?

Washers need to be placed on wheels to make the equipment last longer and can improve the speed and performance. 

Do spacers slow down the speed of longboard wheels?

They do not affect the speed and performance of bearings but keep the two factors for long-term working. 


So it is clear that by installing and fixing spacers between the bearings of wheels, you can get the prolonged life and working of wheels, bearings, and trucks of a longboard. It leads to outclass performance and reliability in longboard working even and smoothly.  

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