Can You Do A Kickflip On A Longboard? How to Do It?

While cruising down the streets and carving up hills is fun, many longboarders also like to challenge themselves with tricks. One of the most iconic and challenging tricks in skateboarding is the Kickflip. But can you do a kickflip on a longboard? Let’s explore.

Now, let’s move on to Can you do a kickflip on a longboard? To perform a kickflip on a longboard, you need to kick the tail with your back foot while jumping and flicking the board with your front foot. 

However, the timing and amount of force required will be different than on a regular skateboard due to the longer board and slower speed.

What is Kickflip?

Firstly, let’s define what a kickflip is. A kickflip is a super longboarding trick where the rider flips the board 360 degrees in the air while simultaneously performing a jump.

What is Kickflip

The trick uses the foot to kick the skateboard’s tail while jumping, causing the board to spin.

Which types of longboards are preferred for a kickflip?

Kick flips are traditionally performed on regular skateboards that are shorter, narrower, and have a concave shape. On the other hand, longboards are typically longer and wider with a flatter shape, making them more stable for cruising and carving but less suitable for tricks.

Doing a kickflip on a longboard is possible, but it’s much harder and requires more skill and practice. You need to adjust your technique and timing to perform a kickflip on a longboard.

Tricks to Do a Kickflip On a Longboard

The first step to performing a kickflip on a longboard is to find a suitable longboard. Look for a longboard with a kick tail, part of the board that angles upwards at the back. Kicking the tail to spin the board will give you more leverage.

Tricks to Do a Kickflip On a Longboard

Next, practice your foot placement. Unlike regular skateboards, longboards have more space to work with, so you can position your feet closer to the trucks for more stability. 

However, this will also make it harder to kick the tail, so experiment with different foot positions until you find what works.

How to do a kickflip on a longboard

Performing a kickflip is one of the most popular and challenging tricks in longboarding. 

It requires a lot of practice and patience to master. If you’re looking to learn this trick or improve your technique, here are some pro tips to help you:

  1. Foot placement: The placement of your feet is crucial in performing a kickflip. Place your front foot near the middle of the board, angled slightly towards the front trucks. Place your back foot on the tail side of the board, with the ball of your foot hanging off the edge.
  2. Pop the tail: To start the trick, use your back foot to pop the skateboard’s tail toward the ground. This will create the necessary momentum for the board to flip.
  3. Flick the front foot: Once the board begins to pop up, use your front foot to flick the board with a quick and sharp movement. This will spin the board 360 degrees in the air.
  4.  Jump and level out: As the board starts to flip, jump off your back foot and level out your board with your front foot. Keep your knees bent and your body centered over the board to maintain balance.
  5. Catch the board: Once it completes its rotation, use your feet to catch it and land back on it. Bend your knees to absorb the impact and maintain control of the board.
  6. Mastering the kickflip: Like with any other trick, practice is key to mastering the Kickflip. Start practicing on flat ground before moving on to ramps and other obstacles. Focus on perfecting each step of the trick before putting them all together.
  7. Film yourself: Filming yourself can be a helpful tool in identifying areas where you can improve. Watch your footage and analyze your technique to see where to adjust.
  8. Wear protective gear: Skateboarding can be dangerous, especially when attempting tricks like the Kickflip. Always wear protective gear to prevent injury, including helmets, knee and elbow pads, and very important wrist guards.
  9. Visualize the trick: Before attempting the Kickflip, visualize yourself successfully landing the trick. This can help build confidence and improve your mental approach to the trick.
  10. Stay relaxed: While performing the Kickflip, it’s important to stay relaxed and not tense up. Tension can make it harder to control the board and increase the risk of injury. Stay loose and let the board do the work.

Where to Practice a Kickflip on a Longboard?

Start by practicing the kickflip motion on flat ground. Get a feel for the timing and motion of the Kickflip, and experiment with different amounts of force and foot placement.

Where to Practice a Kickflip on a Longboard

Once you feel comfortable, try the Kickflip while moving slowly on your longboard.


What type of longboard is best for doing kickflips? 

A shorter and lighter longboard with a kicktail is best for doing kickflips. These types of longboards are more maneuverable and easier to flip.

What are the steps to do a kickflip on a longboard?

To do a kickflip on a longboard, follow these steps:
1. Begin by riding on your longboard at a moderate speed.
2. Place your back foot on the kicktail and your front foot in the middle of the board.
3. Pop the kicktail with your back foot while simultaneously flicking the board with your front foot to make it spin.
4. Jump and allow the board to spin beneath your feet.
5. Land on the board with both feet and ride away.


While doing a kickflip on a longboard is possible, it’s much harder and requires more skill and practice. Longboards are designed for cruising and carving, not for tricks. If you’re interested in learning tricks, consider getting a regular skateboard. But if you’re up for the challenge, remember to practice safely and wear protective gear.

Overall, longboarding is a fun and exciting activity that can be enjoyed in many ways. Whether cruising, carving, or attempting tricks, have fun and stay safe.

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