Can You Commute With a Longboard

Looking for ways to incorporate routine activities into a busy life is very difficult. But it is proved by research that we are not as active as we should be, and the injury due to a lot of work out is highly extreme. The recommendation by PHAC proves that 150 minutes per week of exercise is very important.

Can you commute with a longboard? The short answer is yes because commuting with a longboard offers many health benefits, discovering your city, getting more joy and entertainment, improving stamina, and many more. 

Therefore this blog will inform you about how to commute and the benefits of commuting with the longboard.

How to Commute on a Longboard with 4 Easy Steps

Commuting on a longboard is an efficient, reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable way to go from one place to another. More and more commuters will use longboards as a means of transportation. 

So for your ease, below are the tips and tricks for commuting with the longboard, give them a try and enjoy your ride. 

Opt for a right longboard

Longboards are an easy way to go from one place to another and becoming increasingly specialized these days. Some are good for carving downhill, and others can be taken off the road. 

When it comes to commuting, there is a need for very special longboards that are portable, maneuverable, and, above all, reliable. So electric longboards are the ideal ones for longboarding as they come with all those features that are essential for this game.

Use the right type of wheels

The longboards featured softer and larger wheels making commuting easy, reliable, and entertaining. However, the additional cushion and girth can deal better with irregular surfaces and make the overhaul journey more comfortable. 

Commute on a Longboard

However, larger wheels offer increased stability and allow your longboard to go faster. When they are softer, they can handle imperfections, rough road surfaces, and little debris patches. 

Understand the terrain

Longboards cannot understand the nature of surfaces and terrains compared to other means of transportation. While they are great on leveled surfaces and flat terrains and can do more struggle than anything off the road where hills are involved.

So streets are where longboards thrive and move smoother because they are usually flat and ideal for commuting on a longboard. To get an enjoyable ride, you should avoid those areas and surfaces that are complicated, uneven, and covered with sand or mud because these aspects will slow down your longboard. 

Combine your longboard with other modes

Any time comes when you need to put your longboard aside and use any other alternative means of commuting. 

One of the greatest benefits of using a longboard for commuting is that it is easy to transport and can carry it anywhere. Even you can take it on your shoulder, pack it in your bag, anywhere.  

Benefits of Commuting with a Longboard

Many players struggle to find spare time, while some have started to look for commuting on the longboard as a time hack to get in the positive activity for many reasons. 

So let’s dive into the benefits of commuting on a longboard.

Explore your city

Discovering the ways to go for your office with the longboard commuting is likely a very different alternative other than by a vehicle. Although it can be a very cumbersome task to sort out first, finding a new trail slightly off the typical route would be ideal. 

Benefits of Commuting with a Longboard

Some of the best places will be hidden from your access, so get out there on a longboard by commuting and find your new hidden gem. Your family and friends will be happy with your niche knowledge to discover these new areas. 

Wellness and health

Though it is clear that there are countless benefits to jetting to your office and grabbing your board, adding wellness to your body in a routine day workout can contribute to great sleep, improve your mood, and reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Commuting with your longboard can be a significant stress reducer which can be helpful to start your day with a fresh and better mindset and ultimately blow off some steam after a long tiring day.

Find more happiness

With side hustles of many hours and more than 40 hours of work in the week, it is impossible to find enjoyable moments for yourself. Commuting and hopping on a longboard, putting on some music side by side, and clearing your mind are ideal ways to find peace of mind in this busy world. 

As many of us find our increased anxiety and our moods decreased, being active and getting some fresh air to center all in one place at once is a triple threat to lift our high spirits. In warm weather, commuting on a longboard with fresh air incorporates joy and fitness into your daily routine. 

Upgrade stamina

Why Commuting with a Longboard

If workouts and exercises are a regular part of your daily routine, increase your endurance by taking a long commuting route on your longboard. You can do extra workouts to build up your muscles to increase your level of stamina with the addition of a land paddle.

So, that’s all why you commute with a longboard!


Is a longboard a good way to commute?

The purpose of a longboard is to get around in many places. Longboards are the best way to commute because they do not need more effort and force to make them move.

How far can you go on a longboard?

Regular and seasoned longboarders can cover up to 50 miles in one day in 12 to 14 hours. 

Is longboarding the full workout?

Yes, longboarding is a full-body exercise that helps to strengthen the muscles and balance your body on the board with confidence.


So to wrap up the blog, can you commute on a longboard? Commuting on a longboard is very easy with some simple steps given above. There are many benefits of commuting on a longboard, like strengthening your body muscles and offering you joy and entertainment.

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