What Is the Best Way to Ride Downhill Longboard

No one is perfect in any game being a beginner, especially. All cannot be professional in any game without having practice and consuming time. So when you plan to dive into longboarding and are passionate about it, be aware of the ins and outs of the game.

When I started longboarding, I didn’t even know about the brand, which was the best in practice,  and many more aspects like these to know the best way to ride downhill longboard. 

So if you want to know how to do downhill longboarding,  stick yourself to the basics of the game in this blog.

What Is Downhill Longboarding

Downhill longboarding is an exciting game in which the longboard shape is featured for someone looking to get high speeds while riding down steep hills.

The most difficult tip to learn for longboarding is downhill on it. It is hard to learn as compared to freeride due to the involvement of descending on the sloped surfaces. You should not do the downhill trick if you are not confident about it. So it is better to opt for an accurate hillside and keep pushing back up.

In the case of the downhill, you can reach on being too sloped, so it is better, to begin with the bottom of it. When you feel comfortable and confident, doing this trick without losing control will challenge you.

Moreover, longboards come in many shapes. Some models are cut down from the mouth side, the end of the board is called the tail, and the front is known as the nose of the longboard.

How To The Longboard Downhill In the Best Way

If you are a beginner, you should be aware of some particular aspects and tips in longboarding. Knowing how to learn downhill longboarding will make you a professional without getting injuries and risks of damage.

There is a wide range of tips like protection, protecting gear, opting for the right board and place, learning to ride, pushing carving, kick turn, and many more.


Protection is the top tip to learn for longboarding downhill. For this purpose, the place for downhill longboarding should be big and wide enough to longboard easily.

Like in college corridors and narrow streets, playing a game is not a better option.

Protecting Gear

As downhill longboarding can be dangerous, it is better to use protective gear like helmets, knee pads, and special gloves and shoes.

learn for longboarding downhill

Especially for beginners, when it comes to shoes, it is better not to opt for flip-flops and the same footwear for longboarding. So it will be a good option to ditch shoes or ride barefoot.  

Get The Stability

Once you have learned about putting your feet right on the board in the right place, it’s time to get stability.

A paved path with a smooth and even surface will be the right option to get it easily and comfortably. For that purpose, shifting your weight back and forth and bending your knees will be the right way.

Opt For An Accurate Board

There is a wide variety of longboards for beginners, like skateboards and longboards. It is easier to learn tricks on skateboards than on longboards because downhill longboarding is only meant for riding long distances.

Moreover, there is a wide variety of longboards like downhill longboards, carving longboards, cruiser longboards, dancing longboards, commuter longboards free ride and freestyle longboards.

Pushing For Downhill Longboard

Pushing on the longboard comprises placing the back foot while riding for long and big distances. This style or tip can be done easily on flat and smooth surfaces.

Pushing For Downhill Longboard

In this trick, you have to balance yourself on your front leg and lift the back foot from your longboard. When you turn your front foot forward, you can stabilize your body better.

Moreover, bend your knees and shift the weight on the front leg. Doing this will help to lower your back foot towards the ground and not move your hips.  

Carving with Downhill Longboard

Carving in the longboard is the next step ahead to pushing and can be done while riding on the longboard in a straight direction on slightly inclined, sloped surfaces and flat surfaces. Practicing carving means taking turns in the shapes and patterns like S.

When you are riding on the slopes moderate the speed by carving as sharp as it can be possible.

So while carving, try to push the knees in the forward direction, bend your knees, and lower the center of gravity. In this way, you can push the butt in the backyard direction, thus paying attention to the weight on the heels to perform heel-side carving.    

Rolling With Down Hill Longboard

After getting the basic tips and tricks in longboarding, learn the static mode and start moving for downhill longboarding.

Rolling With Down Hill Longboard

For that purpose, find the sloped and inclined places, parking, or driveway, opt for the board, and gravity will roll it. Rotate the shoulders and place the front foot in the forward direction; lower your back foot to increase the momentum on the board.

Braking With Downhill Longboards

Learning to brake for downhill is similar to learning to ride and is also important. The easy way to learn to brake is to put your right foot slightly on the ground, leading to friction between the ground and the sole of your footwear.

This will result in you slowing your speed and stopping at the end. The most important thing in braking is to ensure touching the ground.

Lifting your toes while braking is the best way to keep them from bumping into any crack when you are scrubbing down to brake.  

Simply on your longboard

This is the easiest tip to learn on the longboard downhill. In this trick, to control your balance on the longboard, use your front foot to gain more momentum.

Your foot should be on a 45-degree angle in the board’s direction, and your back foot should be perpendicular to the board.

Concentrate on the wheel board

In addition, to look for the proper size of the deck, skill level, and type of board, you should also consider the wheelbase of the board.

It is better for the beginner to choose the long boards with wider decks and trucks and longer wheelbases. The increased length of the longboard will offer an easier ride and more stability.

Bend your knees

While braking and riding downhill, it will be safe to bend your knees for better protection.

This tip will offer to lower your center of gravity to stand with stability and firmly on your longboard. This will also reduce the risk of falling, and your legs will play a part in suspension for your safety level.

Benefits Of Downhill Longboarding

  • It helps to stabilize your joints and muscles.
  • Improves the awareness and balance in the body.
  • It helps to develop coordination and concentration.
  • Prevents back and joint pain.
  • Compensate for the imbalance.
  • It helps to improve posture and strengthen the core and back muscles.


What does a longboarder mean?

An individual who rides on a longboard, like on a flat, narrow board with wheels fixed underneath the board, is referred to as a longboarder.

What is LDP in longboarding

LDP or long-distance pushing, pumping is a trick or discipline of longboarding used to gain more traction in Singapore and is growing on-trend.

What is pumping on longboarding?

Pumping is a technique and special trick in longboarding that accelerates without the rider’s feet leaving the board.

How long do longboards last?

The best-made longboards with strong construction can last up to 2 to 4 years or more. At the same time, skateboards with good material can last up to more years.

Final Verdict

So this was all about what is the best way to longboard downhill. The longboard is a fantastic, trendy game similar to freedom, relaxation, and community. The innovative game needs more creativity, strength, core, balance, and attention to keep yourself away from injuries.

So anyone from beginner to professional can learn downhill longboarding best if they adopt the essential tips and tricks and practice for them by sparing more time for a passionate and exciting game.

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