What’s the Best Place in Atlanta to Go Longboarding?

Well, like all games, longboarding is a game of entertainment and joy and becomes more thrilling if you get dived in this with real places and parks. Kids love to longboard with the freedom and thrill of self-confidence that comes with mastering the skill. 

However, it helps children understand patience, practice, and deal with how to handle consequences. So if you want to know the best place in Atlanta to go, longboard? Historic Fourth Ward Park, Brook Run Skate Park, and Flower Park are the popular skate parks in Atlants for longboarding and are good to try. 

14 Longboard Biggest Park in Atlanta

The biggest skate park for longboarding in Atlanta is Kennesaw, with 40,000 square feet.

Longboard biggest park in Atlanta

It is the initial permanent skate park with featured elements and aspects modeled on a competitive street skate park plaza style and design. 

Best Skate/Longboard Parks for Beginners

A 6500 square foot skate park named Aether and Langford  JT  foot park is catered especially for beginner longboarders, with the lessons taken on Saturdays. The skatepark great for younger kids

The flower skate park has 30,000 square feet Sburbun Park is the ideal place for longboarding for younger kids. It has all the essential aspects and specific hours for ages 12 to younger kids. The place is open from  4 to 6 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and on Saturdays from 9 to 11 am.

A Bit of celebrity Cachet

One of the most famous and well-known celebrity cachets is Historic Fourth Ward Park, which offers world-class longboard amenities and a great playground in Atlanta. It is a place with a multi-purpose athletic field with 17000 square feet is divided into many parts according to different skill levels. 

Moreover, a well-known skateboarder Tony Hawk has contributed a lot to building this advanced-level skatepark.  

Skate a Big Bowl

Skate a Big Bowl

An outdoor skate park in Athens is known as the skate park of Big Bowl because it is a 10-foot bowl with a central feature of 14000 square feet area for younger children for longboarding activities.

Children under the age of 11 are restricted to accompanying adults to take care of them. 

Go with the Flow

The skate park, called Brook Run skate park, is made with concrete bowls and half pipes in a flowing design, a combination of street plazas and bowl streets, and has a 27000 square feet area for longboarding. 

Further, in this unique skating area, the longboarders are bound to sign a contract and waiver, and children age 11 and younger than this age must come with an adult or with their family. 

Deshong Skate park

Deshong Skate park

The place features winding landscapes and twisting street scapes to discover the complete grinding stairs and rails with 100000 square feet covered for recreational activities. 

Bay Creek Skate Park

Bay Creek Skate Park

Having BMX ramps and a skating playground, the park has 200000 square feet of area for beginners to professional players of longboarding. It is one of the excellent parks for all skill levels, with a plaza and bowl area

J/B Williams Park

J/B Williams Park

With ramps and elevated platforms, it is a skate park and longboarding playground with 9600 square feet of area. 

Duncan Creek Park

Duncan Creek Park

In Duncan Creek, the skate complex is one of the largest skate parks and longboarding playgrounds with a 200000 square feet area. It is the most protective and safest place for the game and offers a stimulating environment for community users to practice the most techniques and tricks of longboarding. 

Mountain Park

Skate the flowing bowl and volcano with this 80000-square-foot handrails longboarding area with entertainment, thrill, and joy. 

Ronald Reagan Park

Ronald Reagan Park Ronald Reagan Park

A street plaza skate park has a freeriding skate area in addition to the roller hockey rink. 

Pinckneyville Park

Another best place to ride on a longboard is Pinckeneyville Park which offers a free skating area for all skilled and professional players and a roller hockey rink. 

Settles Bridge park

The longboarding place has a smooth and even bowl with medium and shallow depth with the 10000 square feet and street section. 

Glenloch Recreation Complex Skatepark

Glenloch Recreation Complex Skatepark

It is a recreational place, especially for longboarders and skateboarders, with 4050 square feet accommodating players of all ages and skill levels, whether beginners or professionals. This area is specially designed with input for local skaters. 

Master park

It is the best longboarding place constructed in 2020, with small ramps, pipes, and rails for recreation activities. 

Mckoy Skate park

Mckoy Skate park

The place for longboarding with unique aspects and features has rails, ramps, and pipes.


What are skate parks and streets good for?

Whether skate parks or streets, both are good for beginners to professional players to practice the longboarding tricks and techniques to become the expert in the game. 

What do people do in skateparks mostly?

A skate park is an area built to do BMX, wheelchairs, skateparks, longboarding, scootering, and aggressive inline skating. 

What can beginners do in skate parks?

In the park section, beginners can learn carving, pumping, grinding, coping, dropping in, and many more tricks. 


So the places mentioned above and playgrounds are well known and popular in Atlanta as it is a famous city with many street skating spots and skateparks. These are built-in places for longboarding for thrilling and recreational activities, including longboarding. 

So whether you are a transition skater or longboard for a street skater or bowl skater wanting to jump in fat bars and ledges, Atlanta offers a good variety of longboarding terrains. 

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