Top 8 Best Pintail Longboards in 2023

When searching for the best pintail longboard for your innovative journey, many factors, such as length, play an essential role in performance and durability. Quality and graphics are necessary to make them attractive and practical too. 

However, the best pintail longboards can be found as a board with a pointed nose and tail, as this is a directional means that it is meant to go in only one direction. Typically, it is mounted with top-mounted trucks, and its deck offers excellent stability and support, thus making it great for carving and cruising. 

So, to get more details about the best pintail longboards, let’s look at great starters.

1. GoldCoast Longboard Span Pintail

GoldCoast Longboard Span Pintail

One of the most innovative pintail longboards in demand is the Gold Coast pintail Span, which distinguishes it from others due to its unique features. It includes the stability it offers at higher speed, seven-ply all-maple plywood construction, and deep transparent black strain. 

Moreover, it’s the perfect board for all skill levels, from beginner to professional players, and tricks like downhill and cruising. The Gold Coast Pintail is an excellent sidewalk surfer; from mellow hills to campus bike paths, the Pintail is an ideal option for you. The bigger and softer wheels grip the road nicely while rolling over cracks and small pebbles.


  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Ideal for carving and cruising
  • Maple construction for a stiff, unyielding ride
  • Clear grip tape 


  • Not for steep hills

2. Santa Cruz Skateboard longboard Dot pintail

Santa Cruz Skateboard longboard Dot pintail

Santa Cruz pintail longboards are the best option for adults saving small pintail shapes on a nine-ply deck with bullet 160 mm reverse kingpin trucks and slimeball wheels. The package is easy to use due to being pre-assembled and ready to ride. 

In addition, Santa is a complete longboard for beginners who want to get better at carving, longboarding, and cruising. It is comprehensive in setup for smooth skating on the roughest surface and unparalleled control at higher speeds.


  • Bulletproof trucks
  • Pintail design for a smoother ride
  • Unparallel control on high speeds
  • Excellent cruiser for beginners


  • Not for down hills

3. Globe deck skateboard 3G Bar

Globe deck skateboard 3G Bar

Regarding completion in every aspect and feature, the G 3 bar sGlob skateboard is the best to go for as it is a premium board with premium construction, more pop, and is most long-lasting. The board is characterized by the Canadian maple 7-ply wood resin base, 7 deck premium decks, grip tape, and wheels, making it a fast pacer and well-performed. 

As the Globe brand is well known for introducing hard goods like skateboards, longboards, cruisers, and pintails designed in Los Angeles to meet the requirements of longboarders of all skill levels, it is also launching new outlets in other cities.

Their products’ increased durability is an apparent feature due to decks pressed using epoxy resin glue.


  • Full concave shape for stability
  • Resin maple wood to offer durability
  • Polyurethane wheels to increase speed
  • Upgraded black grip tape


  • Trucks are not so reliable

4. GoldCoast Skateboard Classic Turquoise 

GoldCoast Skateboard Classic Turquoise 

Gold Coast pintail longboards got their name from the place of Gold Coast, and now, due to its popularity, they touch the high of the sky for making the best products at reasonable prices. It got a high level of fame due to making precise designs, professional finishes, trendy shapes, and premium quality materials. 

The board has a superior structure, faultless design, compatibility with other committees, attractive looks, and antique features, making it different. Because other multi-feature and flawless boards can cost you much, Gold Coast longboards are classic and timeless due to the above-mentioned features.


  • Float shape to offer more stability
  • Durable due to soft Canadian maple
  • Die cut and printed grip tape
  • Shred boot wheels for fast speed


  • Warranty not offered by company

5. Joker Hawaii Longboard Skateboard

Joker Hawaii Longboard Skateboard

The brand uses quality materials, including decks, truck bearings, and wheels. A longboard is built to last for years together because of the best quality bamboo wood and fibreglass. The sign on the board is an excellent example of reflecting Hawaii’s spirit and combining natural looks with traditional cultural influences. 

In addition, the 78 A cruiser wheels are made to let you ride with comfort, ease, and smoothness, which will balance the overall board setup. Whether a beginner or a professional player, you can ride with complete confidence on any surface, bump, or road.


  • All parts made by Jucker Hawaii
  • Super smooth riding experience
  • Set up for any skill-level rider
  • Ready to ride due to pre-assembly


  • Packaging is not good

6. Osprey Complete

Osprey Complete Longboard

Osprey Eagl’s twin tip longboard with 42 inches length possesses intricate performance on various types of terrains and work graphics to match its old look. Because of the twin-tip shape, the risk of the bite thus makes it easy for you to do various tricks and techniques with comfort.

Adding in features include the bearings of the wheels that provide a smooth riding experience to you at even faster speeds. The 85A bushings and 80 s grip tape provide extra control and grip while riding along hills and corners, making it perfect for beginner and intermediate longboarders.  


  • Five-ply bamboo deck for durability
  • Streamlined pintail design
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Strong 80s grip tape


  • Not suitable for cruising down hills

7. Shark Wheels Longboard

Shark Wheels Longboard

Shark is a brand famous for making pintail longboards with wheels that produce less friction when the wheels are in motion, creating a smoother ride at higher speeds. Combined with polyurethane and high rebound resins, it offers a board with more grip, speed, and comfort. 

Despite all the features, the longboard is based on its reliability and performance due to more grip and slide control on various terrains. The sine wave design offers three lips on a wheel, providing a superior grip when you want to slide. They break away smoothly and recover easily.  


  • More traction over various terrains
  • Sliding control and increased traction
  • More speed and less friction
  • Abrasion resistant longboard


  • Cheaper wood used

8. Gotcha 36 Inch Dal pintail longboard

Gotcha 36 Inch Dal pintail longboard

Gotcha is one of the top-rated products in the line of pintail longboards and is perfect for freeriding and downhill racing. The board comes with a lean design and the capacity to navigate tight turns, cruise around, and learn to carve.

Furthermore, it provides a sturdy and robust base to riders who are new to this game. It is often used in many tricks due to its stable and predictable ride and performance. The pintail board is best for learning longboarding with ease and comfort due to its unique shape and design. 


  • Designed to be longer
  • Ideal for cruising and carving
  • Ability to navigate through turns
  • Best for freeriding and downhill racing


  • Very expensive

Ultimate buying guide for Best pintail longboards

Unfortunately, getting the pintail longboard with flawless features and premium quality is not easy. But with research and effort, you can get the best option at the best price because so many fair brands and companies offer these products at lower prices. 

So it is hard not to get any issues, but a few things you keep in mind before buying them and save your valuable money and time too. 

Here are some essential factors to count for pintail longboards. 

Height of rider

The height of the pintail longboard riders plays an essential role in the good or bad performance of your longboarding experience. Taller riders will have a higher weight center than riders with shorter heights.

So if you are a height rider, you should opt for a board with a ratio that matches your size. You may also need to understand what the pintail longboards are good for shorter-height riders.

While for short-haired riders, the case would be wholly different and vice versa. 

Weight of rider

In addition to your height, the weight of the rider is equally important while planning to buy a pintail longboard. Your importance is vital in overall flexibility and impacts your ability to do different tricks and maneuvers. 

So heavier riders should choose larger boards while lighter riders should go for smaller ones.

Riding style

Versatility is an apparent feature of longboarding with pintails. Unlike other pintail boards, the pintails with brand names are tuned well for caving and cruising with the feel of surfing in them due to many innovative features. 

So, with a performance-oriented board brand, even simple, classic pintail board shapes would be best for you to opt for any riding style. 


What is a pintail longboard, and what makes it different from other longboard shapes? 

 A pintail longboard is a type of longboard skateboard characterized by its distinctive teardrop or pintail-shaped deck. This shape is reminiscent of a surfboard and is designed to provide stability and control, making it an excellent choice for cruising and carving. 

What are the ideal uses for pintail longboards?

Pintail longboards excel in relaxed, smooth-riding environments. They are suitable for activities such as Cruising, Carving:

What factors should I consider when choosing a pintail longboard?

When selecting a pintail longboard, consider the following factors: weight height, riding style deck, length, Wheel size, truck Setup, and deck material:


With the review of BST pintail longboards, it will be easy for you to opt for the best one. The features that make them different and set them apart from others are the pointed nose with a tail that offers them a unique and innovative shape. 

Pintail longboards are ideal for experienced riders looking for versatile cruising and carving options. 

Happy longboarding with pintail longboards!

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