What is the Best Noserider Longboards?

Have you ever watched a surfer effortlessly walk their board, toes teasing the very tip, and thought, “How do they do that?” That’s the beauty of noseriding. It’s more than just a trick; it’s an emblem of surfing’s soulful connection with the ocean.

A mesmerizing blend of balance and flair, noseriding is one of longboarding’s most iconic moves. But, like every art, it demands the right tool. In the vast sea of surfboards, finding the best noserider longboard can be like looking for a wave in the desert.

But don’t fret!

Here’s a fresh take on the best noserider longboards of 2023 to help you chase those noseriding dreams.

Whether you’ve been surfing for ages or you’re just getting started, there’s a board out there with your name on it.

Best Noserider Longboards

1) Yocaher Lowrider Skateboard Longboard

Yocaher Blank /Checker Complete Lowrider Skateboard Longboard

Its most distinguishing feature is the elongated and rounded nose of a Yokaher noserider longboard, which offers plenty of surface area for the surfer to walk up and perform nose-riding maneuvers. These noserider longboards often measure 9 to 10 feet or even longer, which is longer than regular shortboards. The additional length improves stability and permits effortless glides over the waves.

In addition, these longboards are a little wider than conventional shortboards, which enhances their buoyancy and stability. Additionally, the wider surface makes it simpler to distribute weight and maintain balance while nose-riding. Furthermore, a Yocaher longboard has a broad, rounded tail that adds to its stability and aids in keeping the board moving over slower waves.


  • Angle view of the truck
  • Perfect concave
  • Quality wheels


  • Very expensive

2) Magneto 40-inch kicktail Cruiser Longboard

Magneto 40-inch kicktail Cruiser Longboard

With a 40-inch deck length, the Magneto 40 Kicktail Longboard strikes a solid balance between stability and maneuverability. As the name implies, the board has a kicktail on the tail, making it simpler to maneuver, making turns happen faster, and allowing the option of doing tricks like kick turns and manuals.

Furthermore, the deck is made of premium maple wood, which combines strength, adaptability, and responsiveness. The deck usually has a mild to moderate concave form that aids in locking in the rider’s feet and improves control and stability when riding.

To ensure a solid grip for the rider’s shoes and to facilitate precise foot placement and enhanced control, grip tape is applied to the top of the deck.


  • Smooth ride
  • Responsiveness
  • Sturdiness
  • Giftable


  • Limited warranty

3) Step Down Drop Longboard

Step Down Drop Longboard

Step down and drop the longboard. The symmetrical deck shape allows riders to do tricks and ride in both directions comfortably. Drop-through mounting involves putting the trucks through the deck instead of on top of it, creating a lower platform closer to the ground. As a result, the center of gravity is lowered, increasing stability at high speeds and facilitating pushing and sliding.

The most catching features of longboards include high-quality materials like bamboo, maple, or a combination of the two used to build step-down, drop-through longboards. These substances provide a nice mix of toughness and adaptability.

A mild to moderate concave may be present on the deck, which aids in keeping the rider’s feet in place during slides and turns and improves control.


  • Spacious
  • Responsive wheels
  • Fast speed
  • accelerated


  • Not for downhill

4) Hawkeye longboard

Hawkeye longboard

Durable materials like maple wood, which offers a good blend of flexibility and strength, are used to construct Hawkeye longboards.

The deck shape can change depending on the model, although most Hawkeye longboards feature a traditional pintail or kicktail design. Kicktails allow for more straightforward maneuvering and acrobatics, while pintails are fantastic for cruising and carving.

Grip tape is typically applied to the top of the deck to give the rider a firm grasp. Hawkeye longboards are equipped with dependable trucks, which are frequently built of aluminum alloy and offer stability and responsiveness while riding.

Depending on the model, Hawkeye longboards may come with medium- to large-sized wheels with various durometer ratings. 


  • Durable board
  • Responsive
  • Fast speed


  • Limited warranty

5) Atom longboard Electric B -10x Terrain Longboard

Atom longboard Electric B -10x Terrain Longboard

Usually built of maple or a blend of maple and bamboo, Atom’s drop-through longboards offer a balance of flex and durability for a comfortable ride. Atom’s drop-through decks frequently have symmetrical designs that make it simple for riders to perform tricks and ride in both directions.

Moreover, by mounting the trucks through the deck, a lower platform that is nearer the ground is produced. This design has enhanced stability, simpler pushing, and smoother slides.

To give the rider’s foot a safe and non-slip surface, grip tape is applied to the top of the deck. Aluminum or a combination of materials that make robust and responsive trucks are typically included with Atom longboards.


  • Durable 
  • Well made
  • Responsive wheels
  • High-grade performance


  • No warranty


What distinguishes nose rider longboards from other types of surfboards?

Their primary differentiating feature is the extended and broad nose of noserider longboards, which enables surfers to place themselves on the front end of the board quickly. They can pull off chic tricks like the “hang ten,” in which they ride a wave with their toes dangling over the board’s nose.

What benefits come with using a Noserider longboard?

Nose Riders provides a nostalgic and classic surfing experience, appealing to individuals who value the origins of surfing.

Both novice and expert surfers can enjoy them because of their length and form, which make them sturdy and simple to balance.

Who benefits most from noserider longboards?

The finest surfers for noserider longboards are those who want a more relaxed and fashionable surfing style. They work well for novice surfers who wish to learn the sport and intermediate to experienced surfers who want to improve their nose-riding abilities and enjoy the fun of traditional longboarding.


Rounding off our journey exploring noseriding’s captivating world, one might still ponder, “What is the best noseriding longboard?” The answer often lies in the blend of individual preference and the ocean’s unique dance. As with any art, the artist’s tool—here, the longboard—plays an instrumental role.

So, as you continue your search and ride those endless waves, may you find the board that resonates with your spirit and lets you glide effortlessly over the ocean’s embrace. Until we meet again, keep chasing those sunsets and noseriding dreams!

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