6 Best Longboards For Adults in 2023

In the opinion of some people, longboarding is a game for thin and smart and if you are one of those who have jumped into puberty and loves food you have heard much more than a couple of times. The fact is that longboards are available in many specifications that can fit any age of adult. 

So let me tell you all about the best longboards for adults, but before you head to the store and grab the one of your choice, you should count the longboard deck, trucks, wheels and riding style that is the most important factor. 

Without waiting, let’s dive into the best longboards for adults in detail. 

1. Nattork Longboard 41X9 inch for adults

Nattork Longboard 41X9 inch for adults

Nattork longboard is one of the top rated longboards in the world of longboard for adults because of its strong layers of sturdy maple wood. Length with 41 X 9-inch longboard comes with 8-ply natural Canadian wood that is waterproof and high density. The board is so durable that it can bear a maximum load weight of 350 lbs with high-speed bearings thus offering super flexibility and effective cushioning. 

Moreover, if you are looking for easy manoeuvrability and stability that makes the rider comfortable to learn downhill and balance. The longboard is fully symmetrical and ideal for cruising, pushing, mellow sliding freestyle riding, pushing long distances and many more. 7-inch trucks made with aluminium give you ultra-elastic support and control on even rough terrains. 


  • PU shock-absorbing ring offers extra control
  • Extremely comfortable for all riders
  • 99A wheels perfect for fast runs and quick turns
  • Fully assembled and ready to ride


  • Grit falls due to extra moisture

2. Whom Longboard 44 inch longboard

Whom Longboard 44 inch longboard

Whom brand is well known for the best designs of longboards for street cruising, commuting, and downhill experiences. The manufacturing process of the longboard comes with a premium 7 layer Canadian alpine hard rock maple paired with a cold pressing process. The cold pressing process goes twice as long as the traditional process with more sturdy , durable and toughness.

Furthermore, its 44 inch length, 6.9 inch kicktail, 10 inch width make it different from other models and stand apart in the line of best longboards for adults. These specifications make it easy for the riders to do tricks like freestyle, dance slide and cruising. 


  • Hard rock maple to make it durable
  • Strong wheels and bearings for extensive street testing
  • Better foot experience for balance
  • Combination of aluminium and carbon steel 


  • Not good for rough roads

3. Magneto 40 inch kicktail Cruiser longboard

Magneto 40 inch kicktail Cruiser longboard

The 44 inch Magneto longboard is specially designed for cruising around the towns as the deck is made with durable maple wood and hardcore. The board features a kicktail that makes this option super functional for all types of riding tricks and techniques. Durability is an apparent feature of the board because 7-inch aluminium trucks allow you to glide around smoothly. 

Despite these aspects, soft wheels paired with spacers and risers to move with faster speed make a board life liner. The top of the deck is made with a sand grit finish which replaces the grip tape thus showing the elegant bamboo deck. 


  • Laser burned and premium sand grit logo
  • Hard maple core makes it durable
  • Best for all sorts of tricks
  • Sand grit finish makes it super elegant 


  • Missing items in the package

4. 31 IN Longboard Skateboard

31 IN Longboard Skateboard

The longboard is the best option to use in parks and a good gift for professional skateboarders and longboarders as this is also a good holiday gift for kids. The board is known for durability and stability due to the high density of 9 layers of maple wood and the non-slip surface is best for power full grip while longboarding. 

In addition, trucks of the board are featured with high-quality thick aluminium trucks and steel axles to bear the great weight of the rider and fast speed for safer ride. The innovative features make this board perfect for all skill levels and for all ages even beginners for doing some stunts and tricks. 


  • Precise wheels and bearings for smooth ride
  • Kick concave design for better control
  • Strong and sturdy due to  maple wood
  • Aluminium Trucks to offer control on rough surfaces


  • Not very flexible 

5. New Olym Longboard skateboard

New Olym Longboard skateboard

The New Olym longboard is one of the best for all skill-level skaters with a 41-inch length. The perfect board with full size is ideal for professionals and even beginners to perform basic and advanced tricks of longboarding. The board is very stable and durable due to 8-layer Canadian maple wood to makes it super gripped on many surfaces. 

The board features high-quality thick aluminium trucks with heavy-duty steel axles making them sturdy and reliable. Drop decks in the board keep your center of gravity low for off-roading and pushing to offer you a smooth and speedy ride. 


  • All in one skate tool
  • Ideal gift for family and friends
  • Super soft bearings offer a smooth ride
  • Provide strong and stable grip due to polyurethane wheels


  • It is not ideal for complex tricks

6. THLB Longboard 41 inches Drop through Longboard

THLB Longboard 41 inches Drop through Longboard

THLB longboard is characterised by innovative features like 7-inch aluminium alloy tucks and ultra-high elastic PU support pads to offer stability and control while riding. The board is best for teenage girls. The 9-layer maple wood offers a significant amount of strength without compromising on flexibility.

Durable and fast wheels made with polyurethane material are known for quick acceleration and controlled smooth cruise. In addition, ABEC 11 high speed carbon steel bearings make the rider precise and stable to enjoy hassle-free journey on a longboard. 


  • Anti slip high friction grip
  • Ultra elastic PU supportive trucks
  • High-speed steel carbon bearings
  • No assembly required
  • Equipped with all in tool


  • Wheels are a bit slow

Buying guide for Longboard for adults

There is much more to discuss for longboards than meets the eye-catching aspect, everything from trucks to wheel decks to riding style you should take into consideration while planning to buy the best longboards for adults.

So I have created a comprehensive buying guide for longboards best for adults. 

Riding Style

Within longboarding there are many riding styles that riders want to opt for having fun and entertainment. So whether you want to cruise or commute. On the way to class, carve or downhill steep hills, different types of boards can take you along with comfort and ease. 

Therefore while planning to buy your best board keep in mind your style and get ready to go.

Deck Shapes

In the longboarding game, the deck shape of the longboard plays a very important role as there are two basic types in this regard in which a longboard falls into, directional and symmetrical or twin deck shape. Both shapes of decks are user-friendly and best for beginner to professional players. 

Longboard-length Wheelbase

The length of longboards, specifically wheelbase, is an important factor to consider because it plays a significant role in the stability and turning of the board.

The longboard’s longer wheelbase offers more stability as compared to a smaller one. While these boards cannot turn as fast and tight as compared to shorter wheelbase.

Longboard flexibility

Longboards come in oodles of flexibility, which are indicated by many factors like board materials, laminations, length, and amount of concave elements. 

Such as softer boards have excellent shock absorbent aspects on rougher roads, and mediums are best to use on bumpy roads as they maintain stability at faster speeds. 

Longboard trucks

The trucks are part of longboards that connect the deck of the board with its wheels thus allowing turning and pivoting on the axle.

The longboard trucks are different from regular boards because of inverted kingpins as they offer better stability and control with side-to-side movements. 

So planning to buy the best longboard is not easy in terms of all these factors to consider. Keep in mind these considerations to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. 


Which type of longboard is best for adults?

A drop-through longboard is an excellent option for adults as it is easier to ride, and the deck is lower to the ground thus making it more stable and easy to control. 

Can adults learn to longboard?

The activity that provides adults with a unique experience and makes life more exciting is a longboarding game. So it is an easy and comfortable sport for adults to learn and ready to go. 

Is longboarding a good form of workout?

In respect of noticeable improvements, longboarding is a unique and entertaining way to burn calories and drop some pounds. 


So to wrap up the blog of best longboards for adults, I would say that longboarding is a game for everyone, no matter if you are an adult who weighs like a kid or the other way around. What needs attention and importance is the specifications, in terms of wheels, trucks, decks, durability, and performance. 

Have the best longboard for adults and face quality trips ahead, build some confidence and ride like a professional.

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