Top 5 Best Longboard Wheels for Dancing in 2023

Dancing on a longboard involves a combination of freestyle moves, fancy footwork, and smooth maneuvers, making it a challenging and engaging activity. However, you need the right set of longboard wheels to make the most of your dancing sessions.

Longboard dancing is a skillful discipline, a visually flowy technique that involves balancing tricks and cross-stepping, so the wheels should be superbly durable and smooth to offer sound performance. 

This article has reviewed the best longboard wheels for dancing, which are the top 5 options in 2023.

Best Longboard Wheels for Dancing

Here are the top 5 longboard wheels for dancing in 2023,  along with their features, specifications, and performance analysis:

1# Cloud Ride Cruiser

Cloud Ride Cruiser Wheels

Is anyone in the longboarding game who doesn’t like to be an expert dancer on the longboard?

Indeed, no one is there because dancing on a longboard is a dream of every beginner and professional player. What are the features of these dancing wheels of the longboard? They come with a high-grade urethane formula with a 70mm circumference, making your board more upgradeable.

Moreover, these best-cruising longboard wheels have a hardness is 83A, considered the happy duro for a smooth ride. In addition, the wheels are relatively easy and not too soft, as this feature is best for longboard dancers to make a flowy and consistent journey confidently.  


  • Perfect for dancing and cruising
  • Stone ground surfaces and floors
  • Smooth ride due to responsively lubricated wheels
  • Durable wheels provide great grip for cornering


  • Not for sliding on rough surfaces

2# Rayne Envy V2 77a

Rayne Envy V2 77a

So what do you think about Stella Mondo as a part of the dancer longboard?

Rayne Envy wheels are made with super and high rebound urethane, perfect for gripping and controlling the square inner lip. In addition, the wheels are meant to perfect cushion for your setup and provide great balance and grip. 

Mark Barfield is a regular user of these wheels for his longboard because he is a pro racer and claims that there is no other option to opt for dancing longboards.

It is recommended that when you add new wheels to your longboard, it is also a good idea to have a pair of bearings to have a smooth and comfortable ride.


  • Highly comfortable ride due to responsive wheels
  • Smooth ride even on rough surfaces 
  • Best for dancing longboards
  • Best features at a reasonable price


  • Not ideal for downhill longboards

3# Good Clear Orange Square-lipped wheels

Good Clear Orange Square-lipped wheels

If you want the best pair of wheels made with high-quality urethane, gold square-lipped Square Orange would be the best option. With the 70 mm durometer, you can freely go down the roads and streets easily and comfortably without hesitation. 

Moreover, get new spacers and bearings to enhance your dancing ride’s overall performance and feel over rough terrain. The wheels have features like a fast, superior, and soft grip with the brand-new DNA formula. 


  • Highly spinning wheel due to lubrication
  • Smooth experience for carving and cruising
  • Enhance overall feel and comfort


  • Not for rougher surfaces

4# Orangutang Caguama Wheels

Orangutang Caguama Wheels

Proportionate in all the right places and aspects, Caguama wheels are made with voluptuous urethane to offer grip comfort, speed, and momentum. The same supportive core is as lightweight as the brands mentioned above and is compatible with many dancing longboards. 

So you’re looking to go even bigger?

The wheels are the most highly performing product because they combine traction track technology and innovative tripcodes to control a massive yet lightweight longboard. So the product is the best option for longboard dancing and the next level of other tricks.  


  • High strength due to durable material
  • High durometer offer great stiffness 
  • Heat resistant urethane


  • Not recommended for downhill commuting

5# Orangutang Cage Freeride Wheels

Orangutang Cage Freeride Wheels

If you want more fantastic grip and plenty of momentum, the cage is the largest in our center’s dancing wheel lineup. Gently rounded edges, beveled sidewalls, stone ground contact patch, and beefy core ensure consistent and smooth rides. These are the features that make it different from other brands. 

The wheels are made with a peachy thane formula, which offers high durability and buttery drifts. In addition to being tall and slender, the cage wheels roll fast and slide on rougher roads as well. However, they provide exceptional durability and reliable traction thanks to their quick and fast longboard dancing performance.


  • Highly durable material to make it long-lasting
  • Great traction and control on rough surfaces
  • Lightweight easy to fix and assemble


  • Not for steep hills


Can I Use My Freeride Wheels for Dancing?

While freeride wheels can be used for dancing, they are not the best option. Freeride wheels are more complicated and have a smaller contact patch than dancing wheels. This makes them more suitable for sliding and carving rather than dancing.

Do Wheel Bearings Affect My Dancing Performance?

Wheel bearings affect the overall performance of your longboard, including its dancing performance. Bearings with a higher ABEC rating provide smoother rides and faster spins. However, the ABEC rating is one of many factors to consider when choosing approaches.


When opting for longboard wheels for dancing, it’s essential to prioritize grip, shock absorption, and smoothness. Wheels with a soft durometer rating and a larger contact patch are ideal for dancing. Additionally, investing in high-quality bearings can enhance your dancing performance. 

To sum up, choosing the right longboard wheels for dancing is a personal decision that depends on your preferences, riding style, and experience level. Whether you prefer grip, speed, slide, or sound, you should have a perfect set of wheels. This article has helped guide you toward the best longboard wheels for your dancing style. Happy shredding!

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