Best Longboard Surfboards 2023 – Top Listed Reviews

Surfing, indeed, is one of the best sources of entertainment and fun. It grants us an escape from the concerns of daily life and opens up a gate to a new realm of being. Unluckily, the world of surfboarders is not all about to be cut off from life itself either.

With the advancement of technology, life gets more and more overwhelming, as do the designs of the best longboard surfboards. So if you are a passionate longboard player of longboard, you must know about the best models of surfboards to meet your requirements.

1) Magneto 40-inch Kicktail

Magneto 40-inch kicktail

The kicktail cruiser board is innovatively constructed with durable and reliable material to cruise and carve around town. The deck of the board is made with hard maple core and bamboo wood, as Kicktail is aimed at making cruiser boards with super functions to meet the needs of all types of riding styles.

Besides, these longboard trucks are constructed with 7 aluminum, allowing you to glide smoothly on urethane-made wheels.

Despite all these features, the top of the deck is featured with a sand grit finish that is replaced by grip tape, thus showing off the beautiful bamboo deck. In addition, the logo is burned into the top and bottom of the deck using laser technology, as it is a nice, stable deck without much flexibility. Thus, you can enjoy a super smooth board to add to your longboarding gear.


  • Multiple riding styles
  • Cruise with style
  • Well known brand
  • Aluminium truck’s soft urethane wheels


  • No warranty

2) Wavestorm Classic Longboard Surfboard

Wavestorm Classic longboard Surfboard

Wavestorm  Classic is one of the top-rated surfboards as it is a soft top board; some argue it is the first of its kind. Being a best-selling longboard brand and well-performed model in the United States of America, the classic board is 8 feet long and easy to learn surfboard tricks and techniques as it is easy to handle due to its lightweight. 

Moreover, Wavestorm features a 3 marine stringer with a strong EPS core and crosslink top graphic deck skin with a textured grip. Besides, the HDPE bottom slick offers stiffness to maintain the deck shape. The board is manufactured with strong bolt thru components and textured traction pads to provide a smooth and comfortable ride for all levels of riders. 


  • Durability
  • Comfortable ride
  • Responsive
  • Removable ankle leash


  • Limited warranty

3) Wavestrom 15 Anniversary Edition Soft Top Surfboard

Wavestrom 15 Anniversary Edition Soft Top Surfboard

With its 8-foot length and triple stringer construction, the Wavestorm Surfboard has a foam core that is strong, rigid, and integrity. The board is treated with a UV-inhibiting graphic deck and a high-density slick bottom for rigidity. In addition, the surfboard has a tail pad for better leash and foot traction. 

Furthermore, the board has multiple fin sets, including a single set of 7.5 fins with closure plugs that offer drawn-out turns and speed. To improve the surfboard’s performance, it is featured with multiple sets of fins with better setups for more maneuverability and to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride to the user.


  • 7.5 fins
  • Multiple fins set
  • Best for beginners
  • Well performed


  • The wrong color was mentioned in the package

4) Thorson Surfboard Aero 7 Surfboard

Thorson Surfboard Aero 7 Surfboard

Thurso surfboard is one of the top-rated longboards with a great volume and is great for flotation and driving. The board is an extremely durable heat-laminated board made with a process that cushions and seals the board from top to bottom. This feature makes this model more stable as compared to regular glued surfboards. 

Among all options, due to its durable and stiff EPaS core, this model is the best for beginners to surf with ease and comfort. The deck has 3 marine-ply stringers, so it has greater longitudinal strength, controlled flexibility, and rigidity.

Therefore, the stringers run parallel to the rails down the board and are cut with the rocker profile.


  • Stiffness and speed
  • Well performed
  • Textured traction
  • Stability and glide
  • Longitudinal strength


  • No warranty

5) Wavestorm Classic Soft Top Foam 7

Wavestorm Classic Soft Top Foam 7

The surfboard has a soft foam construction with a strong EPS core and a 3-stringer system. The board has a soft WBS water barrier, a skin cross-link top deck, and high-density rails.

Besides, the package includes removable bolt-through fins, a traction pad, and an ankle leash. The quality foam core in the board is tested against harmful dyes and contains no harmful urethane, toxins, or chemicals. 

In addition, wave strom longboards are manufactured with clean water and heat to expand the real size of cores. The rounded boxy rail and generous volume are ideal for drive and flotation. Volume is very helpful to keep riders above the water’s surface, allowing for less drag and buoyancy to offer a smooth ride.


  • Most responsive
  • Well performed
  • Smooth ride
  • Fast and accelerated


  • Very pricy

6) Giantex Surfboard Detachable

Giantex Surfboard Detachable

One of the innovative products of Giantex is the Giantex surfboard, a nonslip board with three detachable fins and an arc linear design.

It is a foam surfboard and is the best surfboard to control speed and direction, offering greater flexibility to deal with different levels of wave direction. Furthermore, as the board is made with an arc linear buffer design, it is best to provide stability in moves during surfing.

In addition, a longboard is a good example of a high-quality board because of the support of two fiberglass center stringers. As the board is featured with good impact resistance, it is hard to deform its shape, making it ideal to use for longer. A scientifically designed safety leash offers great traction to increase safety and stability. 


  • Durable material
  • Well responsive
  • Strong buoyancy
  • Ideal for long-term use


  • Weight is ridiculous


How do I make my surfboard less slippery?

On the top of the deck, a good coat of wax makes it less slippery and will offer you the traction you need to surf on a longboard. So, it’s the best option to get rid of slipping at different water temperatures. 

What are surfboard blanks made of?

Polyurethane is a plastic material used as a foam to construct surfboards. Polyurethane is the most common and well-known type of surfboard core, wrapped with polyester resin to give it a smooth finish. 

What is the difference between a surfboard and a surfboard board?

As the name suggests, the soft board has a soft top deck, but the traditional surfboard is made with either polyurethane or expanded polystyrene foam. It is covered with polyester or epoxy resin. 


Selecting the best longboard surfboard is critical and impossible, especially if you are a newbie. Of course, starting research for the best models of longboards that are the most ideal ones to meet your skill level and needs will benefit you like crazy.

On the other hand, you should also find the boards that fall under scrutiny, as they will affect how quickly you progress and how well you are on this trick in the later stages of surfing. 

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