10 Best Longboard For Heavy Riders 2023 with Reviews

People of various ages and sizes love the exhilarating and common sport of longboarding. However, finding the ideal longboard that can offer stability, toughness, and support can take a lot of work for heavy riders. The best longboard for heavier riders is examined in this post, along with helpful advice on picking the best one. 

This blog seeks to assist in choosing the best longboard for heavy riders, making educated decisions, and maximizing their longboarding experience.

Let’s review the product details of the best longboards for heavy riders, including their specifications, pros, and cons.

#1 Landyachtz Tugboat Captain longboard

Landyachtz Tugboat Captain longboard

The Landyachtz Tugboat series has a small, stubby deck, perfect for sailing and commuting. The deck is typically constructed from premium materials, such as maple or bamboo, which provide longevity and a smooth ride. However, the Tugboat series is generally a bigger and shorter board, measuring between 30″ and 32″ in length and 9″ to 10″ in width. 

Moreover, all sizes of riders can use it because of the wide deck’s considerable stability and foot space. The deck shape often features a little concave to hold the rider’s feet in place during rides securely.

The nose and tail may feature a kicktail shape to improve maneuverability and tricks. These advanced and innovative features make this model different and set it apart from the products of all other competitive brands. 

In addition, these specifications make this longboard ideal for heavy riders and place it at the top of our list.


  • Compact size for high maneuverability
  • Stylish and unique UV Bengal graphic design
  • Durable construction ensures longevity
  • Versatile for various riding styles
  • A responsive feel allows for quick turns


  • Not the best choice for heavy riders due to potential flex and stability issues.

#2 Bustin Boards Sportster

Bustin Boards Sportster

Typically, the Bustin Sportster Elements has a drop-through deck composed of premium materials like bamboo and fiberglass. This design offers the ideal blend of adaptability, robustness, and responsiveness.

The width of the deck is typically between 9.5″ and 10″, while its length runs from 36″ to 38″. These measurements provide a foot platform that is comfortable for riders, especially those with heavy weights, and add to overall stability.

Bustin Sportster Elements’ deck frequently has a radial concave, which makes a cozy pocket for the rider’s feet and improves control during slides and maneuvers. The distance between the trucks is referred to as the wheelbase.

With a typical medium wheelbase, the Bustin Sportster Elements offers an excellent compromise between stability and maneuverability.


  • Unique deck design combines drop-through mounting
  • Suitable for various styles
  • The spacious platform accommodates different stances
  • Crafted with durable materials


  • The longer length might affect maneuverability for sharp turns

#3 Sector 9 Meridian longboard

Sector 9 Meridian longboard

The Sector 9 Meridian’s drop-through deck design typically provides a comfortable ride with improved stability and easier pushing.

High-quality materials, such as maple and bamboo, were used in the deck’s construction to provide a suitable combination of strength and flexibility. Sector 9 Meridian’s deck measures about 40 to 41 inches long and 9 to 10 inches wide on average.

Besides, these measurements give riders plenty of room for their feet and help make the ride steady and comfortable. The Sector 9 Meridian’s deck frequently has a modest radial concave, which makes a cozy foot pocket for improved control during slides and maneuvers. Additionally, the deck may have symmetrical elements that allow for riding in both directions.


  • Sturdy and durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Ideal for downhill and freeride styles
  • Drop-through truck mounting enhances stability
  • Spacious deck provides ample foot space
  • High-quality wheels and bearings contribute to a smooth ride


  • Longer length might make it less maneuverable for tight turns.

#4 Arbor DropCruser Flagship

Arbor DropCruser Flagship

A drop-through deck is a typical feature of the Arbor Drop Cruiser Flagship, which offers a lower center of gravity for increased stability and usability. The deck is constructed using environmentally responsible and sustainable elements like bamboo and maple, which combine strength and flexibility well.

The Arbour Drop Cruiser Flagship’s deck measures about 38 to 40 inches long and 9 to 10 inches wide.

Moreover, these measurements provide a foot platform that is comfortable for riders of all sizes and adds to overall stability. Shape: The Arbour Drop Cruiser Flagship’s deck frequently has a light radial concave, which creates a cozy foot pocket for better control during slides and maneuvers. Additionally, the deck may have a small place for standing at a comfortable level. 


  • Suitable for both cruising and downhill
  • Low center of gravity and deck shape
  • Crafted with quality materials for long-lasting
  • Spacious deck offers comfortable foot placement
  • High-quality components


  • Carrying might be less convenient due to the board’s weight

#5 Globe Big Blazer longboard

Globe Big Blazer longboard

Globe longboards typically have a solid, long-lasting deck made of bamboo or maple. Depending on the model, the deck’s shape and flex pattern may change to accommodate varied riding preferences.

The Globe Big Blazer longboard’s measurements will vary depending on the model. Globe’s longboards typically measure 36″ and 44″ long and 8.5″ to 10″ wide.

The deck forms available from Globe include pintails, drop-throughs, and kicktails. The Globe Big Blazor’s particular shape would depend on whether it was used for cruising, carving, freestyle, or downhill riding. High-quality trucks are typically included with Globe longboards.


  • Smaller size makes it easy to carry and maneuver
  • Quality construction ensures a comfortable
  • Suitable for riders of different skill levels
  • Maneuver through city streets with ease


  • Not designed for high-speed or advanced downhill riding

#6 Omen Barbarian Longboard

Omen Barbarian Longboard

The deck design of an Omen Barbarian longboard sets it apart from other models. The center of gravity is lower on the deck because it is lower in the middle than the trucks. This style improves stability, making it perfect for heavy riders for rough riding and high-speed cruising.

Omen longboards are well known for using strong materials like maple or bamboo to ensure strength and longevity throughout the board.

In addition, Barbarian longboards have big, supple wheels and larger wheels improve stability and ride quality, especially when traveling over uneven or bumpy terrain. Compared to ordinary skateboards, Omen longboards often have wider trucks, which are the metal components that attach the wheels to the deck.


  • Ensure control for heavy riders
  • Symmetrical decks for more stability
  • Highly competitive at a fair price
  • Wheels and deck quality are superb


  • Not for rough roads

#7 Arbor Oso longboards

Arbor Oso longboards

The deck of the Arbor Oso was probably constructed using sustainable resources, including bamboo or maple. It may feature a top-mount or drop-through construction, offering stability and a pleasant location to put your feet.

Arbor longboards feature a unique shape that is intended for carving and cruising. The Oso might have a broad, slightly concave deck with flared wheel wells to avoid wheel biting during tight bends.

Moreover, Arbor is well known for using Paris or Gullwing trucks on their longboards. These trucks are excellent for carving and cruising because they provide stable turning. The Arbour Oso may be equipped with wheels from Arbor’s line or other well-known manufacturers. These best wheels are probably soft and substantial, offering a comfortable ride and good traction on various surfaces.


  • Buttery smooth even rode
  • The amber color adds a nice touch
  • Pintail helps to remain stable
  • Hard bushings for heavy riders


  • Not for long distances for heavy riders

#8 Global BIG Blazor

Global BIG Blazor

Look at the deck’s construction, size, shape, and elasticity in global Big Blazor longboards for diverse riding styles; different decks offer varying degrees of stability and responsiveness. Check the breadth and substance of the trucks, as, in general, wider trucks offer more stability, especially for heavy riders and downhill riders.

Further, consider the shape, durometer, and diameter of the wheels in this model, as there are many variations. Smaller, harder wheels offer more control for tricks and slides, while bigger, softer wheels offer a smoother ride and handle rough terrain better. The ABEC rating and bearing quality are the best for heavy riders for performance and smoothness. Consider the grip tape’s design and quality for the best foot grip and control.


  • The widest point is excellent for heavy riders
  • Great for beginners and heavy riders
  • Very stable and responsive


  • The lack of concave makes it dull

#9 White Wave Bamboo longboard

White Wave Bamboo longboard

One of the best longboards that comes with a unique design incorporated with additional durability and stability in rides, especially for heavy riders. The board is made with 9 ply wood with multiple layers of Canadian maple and bamboo for high flexibility and tensile strength. 

Furthermore, I find this model ideal for heavy riders as it features transparent grip tape and heat-resistant transferred graphics. Unlike most longboards for heavy riders, the Board is innovative because of silicon carbon sheets. This brand lets me appreciate the design of natural wood in the longboard.

These best longboard sets of heavy, high rebound 70mm urethane wheels can bear the weight of heavy riders well. So with these unique features, I feel very confident knowing how sturdy the decks and trucks of these boards are. 


  • 70mm wheels are best to bear the weight of heavy riders
  • Bamboo and Canadian maple for extra durability and flexibility
  • Transparent grip sheet for the real look
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum trucks


  • Loose hardware
  • Wobbling wheels

#10 Atom drop Deck longboard

Atom drop Deck longboard

Atom longboards are best for ultra-low riding styles, ensuring maximum stability and making them suitable for carving and downhill. The board is highly durable and prone to some level of wear and tear while commuting around towns. As the shape offers a unique perimeter, it gives 9.6 inches of leverage into heavy turns by removing the risk of wheel bites. 

Despite the abovementioned features, the deck is constructed with full maple laminated sheets with 245-millimeter axles.

In addition, equipped with an ade lip profile and millimeter super rebound urethane wheels. Moreover, the Atom longboard is well known for its efficiency, and it comes with reverse kingpin trucks, making it ideal for heavy riders.


  • Laminated deck for increased stability and control
  • Highly reshaped wheels for better grip and less shaky rides
  • Quality 80 S  grip tape for ideal cruising
  • 245 mm axles for increased turning capacity


  • Clicking noise due to bearings

More FAQs

What defines a heavy rider in the context of longboarding?

In the context of longboarding, a heavy rider is a person whose weight is greater than the average weight range normally considered in the design and construction of standard longboards. Although no set weight restriction exists, heavy riders typically weigh 200 pounds or more (roughly 90 kilograms).

Why is selecting a decent longboard crucial for heavy riders?

For big riders, picking an appropriate longboard is essential because of the additional stress and weight placed on the board. A board that doesn’t fit properly can not offer enough support, which could cause instability, less maneuverability, and potential safety issues.

Are there particular longboard designs that are more appropriate for heavier riders?

Yes, some longboard designs are more appropriate for large riders. Because they provide stability and control, boards categorized as “cruisers” or “carvers” are frequently an excellent option. For heavier people, “drop-through” decks with a lower center of gravity can also be advantageous since they increase stability and lessen fatigue on lengthy rides.

How does the choice of a longboard depend on the rider’s skill level? 

The level of experience a rider has is crucial when selecting a longboard. While more experienced riders might prefer boards with greater flex or specialized shapes for tricks and maneuvers, beginners can find longer, broader panels more forgiving and simpler to balance.


So that is all about the best longboards for heavy riders. Heavy riders can also enjoy longboarding as a great recreational activity if they have the proper gear. Big riders can pick a longboard that provides improved stability, longevity, and overall performance by considering important criteria like board construction, deck width, truck strength, and wheel size. 

For the most enjoyable experience, remember to match the board’s qualities with your riding style and ability level. Heavy riders may comfortably carve through the streets, cruise along picturesque routes, and savor the simple joy of longboarding with the correct longboard.

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