5 Best Drop Down Longboards

If you are a newbie in the world of longboarding and especially want to step on dropdown longboards, it would be an overwhelming decision. But don’t worry; from choosing trucks and wheels to the right deck for your style and learning rock drops to kick plips, there is much to discuss and consider. The best dropdown longboard comes with natural control and stability, as significant dedicated dropdown longboards offer stability but are not ideal for just starting longboarding. 

In addition, a significant drop down longboard is featured with the massive wheels with a combination of spacers and risers that offer a high level of clearance between the wheels and roads. So, a down longboard is a type of longboard with mountings dropped through and a little bit closer to the ground to offer comfort to all skill-level players. 

Therefore, if you love longboarding with dropdown longboards, look for my perfect list of the best ones with the specifications, pros, and cons in detail.

#1. Yocaher Drop Down Pro Longboard

Yocaher Drop Down Pro Longboard

Yokaher longboards stand on the top of dropdown free-ride longboards as they take the longboarders’ cruising experience to the next level. The longboard features a deep deck with a concave shape made with 9-ply maple wood, offering a centered balance in the centre. The wheels are soft yet durable, with a 78 A durometer for a smooth and fast ride. 

Moreover, the board’s complete front profile shows deck and truck construction for rugged use and increased versatility. Its full side view provides an outstanding balance due to its low height to the ground. Speedy cruiser longboard wheels feature a high-quality urethane formula, thus making them perfect for cruising down the beach. 


  • Sturdy construction with nine plywood
  • Precision components to maintain stability
  • Affordable products at reasonable prices and quality
  • Pre-assembled products to offer comfort 


  • The dropdown deck makes it weak

#2. Yokaher Professional Speed Dropdown Complete Longboard

Yokaher Professional Speed Dropdown Complete Longboard

Yokaher professional longboard is specially designed for those who want to ride for stability and comfort. Its dropdown deck offers the rider a low center of gravity for high-level maneuverability since the foot platform is lower than the trucks. With no flexibility, the board can get high speed and is ideal for downhill longboarding. 

As dropdowns, longboards are wide but with a little curved dropdown between the nose and tail. The model is perfect for those who want to learn longboarding tricks like weaving, dancing, carving, and sliding. The trucks of this board are mounted on top with cutouts around the nose and tail to help remove the chance of getting a wheel bite. 


  • Dynamic designs high quality
  • Heavy-duty trucks with 180 mm hangers
  • Abec 7 chrome bearings
  • Tall concave shape for stability


  • Non flexible board

#3. Retrospic Tidel 42 inch Drop Down Longboard Skateboard

Retrospic Tidel 42 inch Drop Down Longboard Skateboard

Retrospic longboards are well known to offer increased stability and high performance on almost every type of terrain. Its low deck provides optimal balance and is constructed with durable Canadian wood ready to roll. Any skill-level player can ride easily and comfortably, knowing that the board can bear anything you throw on it.

The dropdown option is best because it can roll seamlessly over bumps and humps with the 70mm durable wheels made with polyurethane and high rebound bushings. re=verse kingpin trucks are attractive features with precise 9 ABEC bearings for fast rolling and less pushing. 


  • The low neck offers an optimal balance
  • Extra gritty and abrasive
  • Reverse kingpin trucks for fast-rolling
  • High rebound bushings


  • The board is noisier due to the street wheels

#4. Amrgot professional Downhill longboard

Amrgot professional Downhill longboard

The dropdown option is one of the best in the product line because of its sturdy and durable construction. It includes 8-inch aluminum trucks with carbon steel kingpins to take your ride to the next level. Besides, the wheels are best to offer quick response from the ground, ideal for commuting, ramps, skate parks, pools, and other smooth surfaces or even rough surfaces. 

The attractive design with a simple printing process and bright colors greatly satisfies the rider who loves longboarding. The layout of the longboard is durable and sturdy because of the mediate concave deck and nine-layer maple wood decks, making it ideal for any tricks.


  • High-rebounded polyurethane wheels
  • Ground metal finish for increased grip
  • Bright and clear printing graphics
  • Sturdy, super durable decks


  • Not available at any store

#5. Playshion longboard

Playshion longboard

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly longboard PlayStation, a longboard will be the ideal option, as it’s made with 7-ply maple wood and bamboo layers. It comes fully assembled for immediate use. You will enjoy a rode board with increased maneuverability. 

The board features 7-inch aluminum trucks and polyurethane wheels that can quickly and comfortably roll on rough terrains and bumps. The ABEC bearings offer a fast speed at higher speeds and are perfect for beginners to learn carving, cruising, and commuting. 


  • Strong and pliable deck
  • Soft polyurethane wheels for fast speed
  • Super gripped wheels and shock-absorbent
  • Lightweight aluminum trucks


  • Hard for pushing

Buying Guide For Drop Down Longboards

There is much to discuss regarding longboarding with dropdown longboards, from mountain bombing to campus cruising.

This buying guide will teach you everything you need about dropdown longboards. 


The trucks in a longboard offer smooth turning and provide axles for the wheel.

Reverse kingpin trucks are the most well-known option in dropdown longboards. At the same time, standard kingpin trucks are also best for smaller longboards.

Combining wide kingpin trucks with a more stable base is best for higher speeds and cornering. 


Any longboard’s extraordinary drop-through is considered durable if made with seven-ply wood, pressed, and glued together to create a stable and comfortable platform for the rider. They are available in various sizes and shapes, but most come 8 to 10 inches wide and 30 to 40 inches long. 


Wheels are an essential part of longboards; no board is workable without this component. The wheels are mounted on longboards on the truck axles and offer housing for the bearings.

The dropdown longboards will be the best if they come with softer wheels to provide a smoother ride. They usually fall between 64 to 80 mm in diameter for best performance. 


Look for the types of longboards best suited for rough surfaces and bumpy roads. 

The market has many dropdown longboards with smaller counterparts best designed for dancing, cruising, commuting transportation, and many more tricks. 

These include:

  • Longboard cruisers
  • Longboard dancers
  • Longboard commuters
  • Longboard carvers
  • Longboards for freestyle


Bearings are the parts of wheels that are fitted into the wheels and allow them to spin freely. All types of longboards use the same universal industry standards in wheels and bearings, as they can play an essential role in making them fast. 

So opt for the options made with durable bearings to roll smoothly on almost all types of terrain.


Are longboards better?

Drop-through longboards are ideal for riding styles because they are perfect for zipping through the neighborhood. They offer a more robust grip, making your ride easy and comfortable.

Are drop down longboards suitable for downhill?

Dropdown longboards are not a good option for downhill because these boards become quite unstable at a faster speed. 

Can you slide on a drop-through?

As slide initiation is a smooth transition on all drop-through decks, thanks to their lower centre of gravity, much lower than a pintail, you can easily slide your dream goals much faster on drop-through longboards. 


Ok, now you have found your dream dropdown longboard, as each board comes out with the best drop-through longboards mentioned above and has innovative and unique features to satisfy the needs of all skill-level riders. 

It is best to consider your wishes and conditions and opt for one of the best drop-through longboards. 

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