Top 10 Best Cheap Longboards 2023: Trusted Reviews & Budget-Friendly Picks

On the hunt for the perfect longboard but working with a budget? Fret not! The longboarding world is teeming with gems that marry affordability with quality.

However, balancing between cost and performance can be a challenge, but that’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ve curated a list of the best cheap longboards for 2023, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice performance for price.

Quality meets affordability as we explore budget-friendly options that will have you riding in style without burning a hole in your pocket. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, it’s time to roll with confidence and discover the perfect ride that won’t break the budget.

Best Cheap Longboard Reviews

1# Volador 42 Cruising longboard

Volador 42 Cruising longboard

The deck of the Volador is 42 inches long and constructed from many layers of premium Canadian maple wood. Because of the stability and comfort the deck’s length offers, it can accommodate a variety of riding styles. Sturdy and responsive trucks are a frequent feature of Volador 42 longboards. 

Moreover, a drop-through or drop-down shape is frequently used while designing decks. Drop-down decks feature a slightly lowered centre section, contributing to stability and ease of pushing. In contrast, drop-through decks have cutout holes where the trucks are installed, reducing the board’s center of gravity for more excellent stability. 


  • Multiple layers
  • Reverse kingpin
  • Supports weight
  • Lightweight


  • Trucks are not tight

2# Slender 42-Inch Drop-Through Longboard

Slender Longboard Skateboard, 42-Inch Drop-Through Longboard

Slender longboards are narrower than traditional longboards due to their slim deck profiles. The length of a thin longboard might vary, although it often falls between 35 and 44 inches, like conventional longboards. The size helps maintain stability when riding.

Moreover, Slender longboards can be pintail, drop-through, or cruiser-shaped, among others. For various riding styles, each form has a different set of advantages.

The deck may have a mild to moderate concave contour, allowing riders to lay their feet comfortably and securely. An innovative longboard’s trucks are probably sensitive and maneuverable, enabling sharp turns and carving.


  • Wide deck
  • Rebound polyurethane
  • High-quality alloy trucks
  • Complimentary colour scheme


  • Tilting for beginners

#3 FISH 41 Downhill Longboard cruiser

FISH 41 Downhill Longboard cruiser

Comparatively speaking, fish longboards are broader and shorter than traditional longboards. The moniker “fish” comes from the characteristically more prominent nose and fish-like tail with a swallowtail or fishtail form. Fish longboards typically have deck lengths between 30 and 35 inches. The reduced size enables more responsive and agile turning.

In addition, a fish longboard has a broader deck than a regular longboard, giving riders a more stable platform to stand on and facilitating manoeuvres. The model is innovative due to its moderately concave shape, which provides a secure and comfortable foot placement during rides.

Like regular longboards, fish longboards are constructed from premium materials that offer durability and flexibility, such as bamboo, maple, or a combination of other woods.


  • For all ages
  • Responsive trucks
  • Powerful roll
  • Durable Canadian maple


  • Wheel biting

#4 Hawkeye 41-ply Ride longboard

Hawkeye 41-ply Ride longboard

To create a smooth and comfortable ride, Hawkeye freeride longboards often have a medium-to-high level of flexibility in the deck. The deck might be constructed from bamboo, maple, or a combination of the two for strength and flexibility.

Symmetrical freeride longboards make it easy for riders to perform tricks and ride in both directions. This balanced design is perfect for riders who prefer freestyle riding and altering stances.

Moreover, a moderate to deep concave may be present on the deck, which offers stability and control for the rider’s feet during slides and maneuvers. Responsive and robust trucks are a common feature of freeride longboards. The kind of trucks used may impact the board’s ability to turn and stability during slides.


  • Firm grip
  • Bear more weight
  • Spacious


  • Design and wheel degradation

#5 Retrospect Rift Drop through the longboard

Retrospect Rift Drop through the longboard

The deck of a Retrospic drop-through longboard is specially constructed so that the trucks are installed through the deck rather than on top. As a result, the center of gravity of the deck is lowered, improving stability and making it simpler to push and slide.

However, the drop-through longboard deck is often constructed of sturdy materials like bamboo, maple, or a combination. It is frequently longer than typical skateboards and could have a symmetrical form for more maneuverability. 

Moreover, depending on the intended riding style and rider preferences, drop-through longboards may have a variety of shapes, such as pintails, double kicks, and others. The deck could have a modest to moderate concave contour, allowing for secure and pleasant foot placement on slides and rides.


  • Sophisticated longboard
  • Standardized bearings
  • Kingpin trucks
  • Great for beginners


  • Plastic goes under the trucks

#6 Wiisham Longboards 42 Pro Longboard

Wiisham Longboards 42 Pro Longboard

Wiisham longboard is one of the innovative models, as the primary board portion of a longboard is a deck, which plays a vital role in a smooth ride. It offers more stability and riding space than a standard skateboard because it is longer and wider.

The decks can be made of various materials to accommodate varied riding techniques, including maple, bamboo, and fiberglass. They can also have varying forms and flex patterns.

The metal T-shaped parts that attach the wheels to the deck of a longboard are known as trucks. This board has more prominent, softer wheels than skateboards, making for a smoother ride and better grip. A durometer rating determines how hard the wheels are; more rigid wheels are better for smoother riding.


  • asymmetrical and huge deck to offer space
  • Made with 9-ply wood for durability
  • ABEC-certified wheels with lubrication and anti-friction
  • Ideal size for all ages


  • Not longlasting

#7 Pinesky 41 8-layer natural maple longboard

Pinesky 41 8-layer natural maple longboard

The Pinesky longboard is one of the top-rated products, as it often offers more stability and riding space than a standard skateboard because it is longer and wider. Longboard decks can be made of various materials to accommodate varied riding techniques, including maple, bamboo, and fiberglass. They can also have varying forms and flex patterns.

You can also attach the cheap longboard wheels to the deck of a longboard known as a truck. They come in various widths and heights, which affect stability and maneuverability and give the longboard its turning ability. These longboards have more prominent, softer wheels than skateboards, making for a smoother ride and better grip. 


  • Use of maple wood on a deck for durability
  • 8-inch aluminium trucks for stability
  • High-quality wheels for a smooth ride
  • Added comfort due to shock-absorbing rings


  • A questionable rating scheme with the unofficial ABEC

#8 Minority maple Drop through longboard

Minority maple Drop through longboard

Typically, the Minority Maple Longboard has a 40-inch-long deck made entirely of maple wood. The qualities of this model include maple wood for strength, adaptability, and the capacity to offer a steady and comfortable ride. To provide exceptional traction and help riders retain better control and stability when riding, the top surface of the deck is covered with high-quality grip tape.

Furthermore, the longboard has responsive, durable 7-inch aluminum trucks. The trucks in this specific model greatly influence the board’s ability to turn and overall maneuverability.

High-rebound polyurethane wheels measuring 70 mm by 51 mm are standard on Maple Longboards. It is excellent for various riding styles since the size and hardness of the wheels give a good balance between speed and grip.


  • Ample wheelbase with 10 inches width
  • Maple deck of 10 inches for durability
  • Low center of gravity, ideal for expeditions
  • Cheap due to overseas production
  • Curve designs are best for carving and turning
  • Easy assembly on purchase


  • Not good for heavy riders

#9 OUDEW 8-ply Canadian maple Drop through longboard

OUDEW 8-ply Canadian maple Drop through longboard

One of the cheapest longboards on the market is OUDEW, introduced by a well-known company. This longboard comes under $100, and it is ideal for beginners; however, after researching, it is an optimal board for starting longboarding as a hobby. The board’s innovative design with deep sea patterns makes it creative and unique in the line of cheap longboards. 

Despite all this. The board is complete in its best features to appeal to beginners, all skill levels, all genders, and kids. Just like the name indicates, longboards are featured with measurements more excellent in length, providing great protection to the rider while cruising. Due to this, the longboard is built to turn quickly at fast velocities and on adventurous rides.


  • Cruising and smooth turning capabilities
  • Vivid patterns and six unique colors
  • Sturdy 9.5-inch maple deck
  • Preassembled and secured board 
  • Fine-grained surface secured with grip tape


  • Heavy and hard to carry

#10 M Merkapa 41 Drop Through longboard cruiser

M Merkapa 41 Drop Through longboard cruiser

M Mercapa longboards are well known for their high-speed performance and everything a beginner or professional rider needs for an even, smooth, and comfortable ride.

From the trucks’ angle to the deck’s shape, everything helps to reach fast speeds with high-grade velocities. In addition, mercaptan offers excellent stability with a low center of gravity on rough roads and surfaces. 

Moreover, the board is ideal for better balance, is easy to use, and has secure placement and footing no matter how fast and far you go on the downhills and snowy surfaces. Thus, it is an excellent choice for new riders at very cheap rates. Versatility is a unique feature of this longboard and gives you the experience of various tricks and techniques. 


  • Made with quality material 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Timeless and classic design
  • Drop-through deck made with ABEC bearings


  • The wheels need a minor adjustment


Do inexpensive longboards have decent quality?

Although low-cost longboards may only sometimes perform as well as high-end models, several affordable options still offer respectable quality. To ensure a better experience, look for reliable brands with excellent user evaluations.

Are inexpensive longboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, inexpensive longboards may make a great first board. They enable you to experience longboarding without making a big financial commitment. You can always upgrade to a board that is more specifically made for you as you gain experience and learn your riding preferences.

How long does the typical cheap longboard last?

The durability of low-priced longboards is greatly affected by their usage and construction quality. With good care, you can expect it to last anywhere from a few months to a few years. To ensure maximum efficiency and safety, frequently inspect and replace worn-out components.


So that’s all about the best cheap longboards, which might be a great way to start longboarding without spending a fortune. Many inexpensive alternatives nonetheless provide an excellent riding experience for novice and casual riders, even though they might not compare to high-end models in terms of performance and durability. When selecting a cheap longboard, prioritize trusted brands, read customer reviews, and concentrate on crucial components like deck material, wheel quality, and trucks.

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