Best 70MM Longboard Wheels in 2023

The appropriate wheel selection is essential for maximizing your longboarding experience. Longboard wheels come in various sizes, shapes, and durometers, and each significantly impacts how you ride. Your ride’s speed, stability, and smoothness depend on how well-designed and durable your longboard wheels are. The wheel’s performance is influenced by its diameter, durometer rating, lip shape, and contact patch width.

The best 70mm longboard wheels, a popular option for longboarders seeking a balance of speed, stability, and manoeuvrability, will be the subject of this article. The advantages of utilizing 70mm longboard wheels, essential things to remember when choosing them, and the best 70mm longboard wheels for cruising, carving, downhill, freeriding, sliding, and freestyle will be covered.

Best 70mm Wheels for Longboard

1) FreeDare Longboard Wheels

FreeDare Longboard Wheels

The FreeDare is a multipurpose wheel that has great speed and grip. While the big contact patch offers stability and control, the rounded sides make slipping easier.

However, the fact that 70mm longboard wheels strike a mix between speed and maneuverability makes them a popular option. While still agile enough to carve and make rapid turns, they are big enough to maintain momentum over rugged terrain.

The 70mm size also enables a broader contact patch, improving grip and stability. The wheels have a simple and easy replacement and give high-grade customization. Moreover, the wheels for cruising and carving are long-lasting and highly durable, offering a smooth and easy ride on small, bumpy roads.


  • Very durable
  • Smooth ride
  • Very responsive
  • Pole vault standards


  • Bearings are terrible

2) Big Foot Longboard Wheels

Big Foot Longboard Wheels

Among all wheels, the Big Foot excels. They are firm enough to slide when necessary yet supple enough to give grip and shock absorption.

The larger 70mm longboard size provides more momentum and speed. This is particularly helpful when traveling over long distances or downhill.

The bigger size makes rolling over cracks, stones, and other obstructions easier. 70mm-diameter longboard wheels provide more stability and control. A more fantastic grip from the larger contact patch prevents you from losing control when driving quickly or slipping out during turns.

This enhanced stability benefits new riders still learning to balance and control their board.


  • Highly durable
  • Responsive
  • Smooth ride
  • Soft wheels


  • Needs extra attachments

3) MBS All terrains Longboard Wheels

MBS All terrains Longboard Wheels

The MBS all-terrain are high-performance wheel that is great for cruising and carving. Its offset form allows smoother slides, while its square-edged lip offers exceptional grip.

These wheels’ rounded lip form permits controlled drifts and soft slides. These wheels are ideal for freestyle riding because of their stone-ground finish, which makes it simple to start drops.

These Longboard wheels are perfect for rolling over uneven surfaces because of their suppleness. A smoother ride is made possible by the 70mm size and adequate cushioning for road shocks and bumps.

This is especially helpful while driving on cracked or uneven sidewalks or pavement.


  • Controlled features
  • High Performance wheels
  • Best for uneven surface
  • Perfect for rolling


  • Not for beginners

4) Cal Longboard Wheels

Cal Longboard Wheels

The Cal longboard wheel has a high-rebound urethane construction for a comfortable ride and superior grip. While the big contact patch offers stability and control, the pointed lips make slipping easier.

Besides, the 78A durometer urethane used to make the cal wheel is soft and provides grip and shock absorption. The rounded edges and offset shape make it simple to carve and manoeuvre, while the offset design allows smoother slides.

A high-rebound urethane substance that gives grip and speed creates the Cal wheel. Its offset form allows smoother slides, while its square-edged lip offers exceptional grip. More stability is provided by the giant contact patch, which makes it perfect for cruising and carving.


  • Larger than expected
  • Longest rolling wheels
  • Smooth slides 
  • Great for cruising


  • Slick wheels

5) IWONDER Cloud Longboard Wheels

IWONDER Cloud Longboard Wheels

These wheels are ideal for freestyle and sliding because of their constant wear pattern and easy slide. The rounded lip profile on these wheels balances traction and glide.

They also have a tough urethane compound that offers a comfortable ride and predictable wear.

Besides, this best wheels’ stone-ground polish makes it simple to start slides. Additionally, they include a center-set hub that promotes uniform wear and reliable performance. Besides, the wheels have a constant wear pattern and smooth sliding.

Therefore, with these wheels under budget, you have a rounded lip design that facilitates a simple sliding beginning.


  • Better wheel core
  • More shock absorption
  • Bigger size
  • Fast speed


  • Not ideal for smaller longboards

How to Choose the 70mm Longboard Wheels

For improving the riding experience and performance of the longboards, some considerations are essential to look for in longboards. Analyzing these aspects makes it easier for riders to opt for the best longboards. 

So, let’s dive into the best features of longboard wheels. 

Durometer rating

The durometer rating describes how hard the wheel is. A higher rating denotes a harsher wheel, while a lower value denotes a softer wheel.

Because they offer more fantastic grip and cushioning, softer wheels are ideal for cruising, carving, and freeriding. Because they are more durable, wheels with greater hardness are better for sliding.

Lip’s size and shape

The lip’s size and shape determine how well the wheel grips the surface. Round-lipped wheels are more slidey, while square-lipped wheels provide better traction. The height of the lip also affects how much grip the wheel offers.

So always look for the shape and lip size of the best longboard wheels. 

Contact patch width

The portion of the wheel that makes contact with the ground is called the contact patch. While a tiny contact patch is better for sliding, a larger one offers more stability and grip. The contact patch’s width also significantly affects how the wheel disperses weight and grips the ground.

More FAQs

What distinguishes 70mm longboard wheels from other wheel sizes?

Your speed, acceleration, and rolling efficiency are all impacted by the size of your longboard wheels. Because they provide a good balance, versatility for different riding techniques, and a smooth ride across uneven ground, 70mm longboard wheels are popular. While larger wheels, like 80mm, are better for downhill and freeriding, smaller wheels, like 60mm, are perfect for cruising.

What does a durometer rating mean, and how does it impact my ride?

Their durometer rating gauges the hardness of longboard wheels. Harder wheels with a more excellent durometer grade are faster, have superior roll speed, and are less likely to wear out. Harder wheels, however, ride rougher and have less traction on uneven surfaces. Softer wheels, on the other hand, offer better grip and a smoother ride but degrade more quickly. Your weight, riding style, and the type of terrain you frequently ride on will all affect the ideal durometer rating.

Are 70mm longboard wheels compatible with all longboards?

To avoid rubbing or creating wheel bite, which can result in accidents, ensure your longboard wheels match your board’s trucks and deck.

Final thoughts

The ideal 70mm longboard wheels ultimately rely on your riding preferences and style. Choose the wheel that best suits your needs by weighing the advantages and characteristics of each suggested model. Buying the best 70mm longboard wheels can significantly improve your longboarding experience.

You may make an informed choice that satisfies your needs and tastes by being aware of the crucial variables when selecting 70mm longboard wheels. So go out there, experiment with some new wheels, and advance your longboarding!

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